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  1. There’s a thread on Reddit about that. The biggest headscratcher was Juice Land. Who the fuck wants a smoothie right now?
  2. My associate attorney lives downtown (Seaholm area) and said they don’t have power there. Good luck.
  3. 78731 ice storm check in. Losing limbs on cedar trees. Haven’t had power since 4:45 am (it actually woke me up - we have an air purifier in the bedroom and the silence woke me I guess).
  4. So I watched Episode 3 again last night (I watch on Sundays, then my wife watches again during the week so I can warn her if there's any really scary/creepy/gory parts). And I think that Frank's voice (played by Murray Bartlett, who is Australian) mimicked the tone/cadence of Adam Scott to have his "American" accent. Anyone else think that?
  5. @phdhorn is @MissingInAction? That's fucking interesting, man.
  6. You arrogant ass. You’ve killed us!
  7. The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco a February alumni game at the Disch.
  8. Fucking great episode though. Holy shit. Did not expect that. Also: Glad to see Armond from S1 of White Lotus have a more dignified death in this series.
  9. I actually had that same thought (that it was Carrie Coon) when I first saw her. Plus its an HBO show, and they love to reuse actors.
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