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  1. And Taylor Hamm only cares about stealing glimpses of recruits' dicks in the bathroom. Creepy motherfucker.
  2. I do recognize that. And embrace it. We do things the right way.
  3. Especially at a school that paid Jimbo Fisher $100 million.
  4. All that empty in their “Hall of Champions!” Seriously, that’s a lot of unused square footage. Nice, clean air. Unblemished flooring, shiny un-streaked glass. It’s like your grandma’s formal living room, except people don’t take their shoes off to go in because it’s not even used for special occasions.
  5. You can't help who you're related to. IIRC, this story/case has been ongoing for over a year. Now, will A&M build them a statue ala JoePed at Penn State? That is the question.
  6. You should have seen when they discovered fire. Too bad it took them longer to discover how to stack logs.
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