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  1. I read lips, but can only see Sark's mouth. He just keeps repeating, "Take the loss, pussy."
  2. According to the video description: "Midnight Yell regularly draws upwards of 25,000 attendees and is regarded as one of the best college football traditions in the nation."
  3. Anyone else remember seeing this when it was posted? I remember feeling at the time that the Texas Capitol had been desecrated.
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/sec/2021/10/15/texas-a-ms-jimbo-fishers-contract-buyout-largest-college-history/6003908001/
  5. From the land of where your nuts hang low and your Horns rise high... FIGHT!
  6. So do those people lose their shit like that every time they watch TV?
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