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  1. Sure why not ANOTHER war. I presume we have Green Berets and CIA spooks there?
  2. She was hotter in The Rock.
  3. Around a third of the post-Endgame Marvel movies.
  4. My ad blockers have been stopping them so far, but I know that’s gonna change.
  5. More enshittening. If I understand this right, Road House got pushed to streaming because…reasons. https://screenrant.com/roadhouse-movie-streaming-theatrical-decision-report/
  6. How many left? When Ukraine’s F16’s are deployed how “free” will they be to operate?
  7. Far and Away, Legends of the Fall. Chick flicks with a good story.
  8. If the butterfly effect is Ohio State plays all their games on my free bunny ears, I'm all for it.
  9. I'm starting to think Russia makes inferior fighter jets.
  10. Technology develops SO fast in war. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2024/02/16/as-the-ukrainians-fling-50000-drones-a-month-at-the-russians-the-russians-cant-get-their-drone-jammers-to-work/
  11. Well it’s kinda hard to follow that one. But I guess I’ll try:
  12. Heck what that little fish. If a shark was made of cherry pop tart I’d eat it whole.
  13. Because a fake government would be more competent.
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