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  1. There’s a song for everything
  2. I'm currently wearing Crocs so I'm dressed for it. Yeah, TikTok and PornHub will do that. Reminds me of Even Flow lyrics... Thoughts arrive like butterflies, he don't know so he chases them away
  3. My brothers and I got stuck in a Holidome outside Chicago on spring Break in the 80s. There was a huge snowstorm and we would go out in the snow while wearing our bathing suits, get snowballs, have a snowball fight inside the building and then jump in the pool.
  4. So is E Jean Carrol in line ahead of the State of NY?
  5. There is a sheikh or Russian oligarch ready to be her sugar daddy just to say he fucked a former FLOTUS
  6. My bet is they do something like create a holding company that he owns the majority stake in but is not an officer. Yeah, they have been filling in for Russia because, reasons.
  7. like putting the decimal in the wrong place. And why should you change your name, he's the one that sucks.
  8. Vanity. They pretend to adore him.
  9. Did Tucker take into account that Russian median household income is like half of that in the US? No. When you take into account the disparity in income then you can see that the "discount" on groceries is not real because of how much of your income it takes as a percentage. Other great things in Russia Life expectancy is about 10 years lower Alcoholism is much higher health care is mush more basic Access to outside information is censored Go to jail for what you say on youtube Conscription to become fodder in Ukraine I've been to Russia (Actually USSR) back in the late 80s on a school trip. The tour guides take you around to the nicest tourist approved places. When you walk across the street and look behind the high cinder block wall and see the slums they get mad.
  10. Just wanted to say Russian warship, go fuck yourself and
  11. Is he going to do it for sporting events too?
  12. Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system. Here's a theory. Maybe all these deaths are from people that were chosen by the lady of the lake but were too drunk and clumsy when that watery tart threw a sword at them. After all, it is called "Lady Bird Lake"
  13. I have a few theories: Car is cleaner/nicer than their house/apartment Car is quiet and decent acoustics. House is noisy, someone in the background is yelling at the kids They have a phone holder on the dash.
  14. Right, Biggest shitheels in Texas starts with 1. Cruz the bad luck charm (Glad he likes the Astros and not the Rangers) and number 2 is Paxton.
  15. If a Jewish Senator is calling out Israel then maybe we should scrutinize a little more. Isn't the Biden Administration ask that Israel allow for evacuation of families from Raffa before the army goes in? Is that a bad policy? WTF, are we trying to create another Putin in the region? It's like republicans are taking crazy pills: Putin bombs apartment buildings - don't let the Ukrainians have anything to defend themselves Civilians are trapped in Raffa - Don't ensure they can evacuate before Israel bombs them These are really the Republican positions on these matters.
  16. Hell this was predicted back in the 2010 Movie Valentine's Day
  17. You’re thinking of the Big XII conference championship She has some skin in the game She is dating a Kelce boy. Someone has to keep up with Jason in the booth.
  18. If he pulls enough Q anon voters from Trump because they think he’s Q I’d be fine with that.
  19. That Kennedy Super Bowl commercial was trippy
  20. Sorry, I was confusing and imprecise. They get more tracking data if you have an account and they can see what you have viewed over time. If it is embedded they get less data and if you purge cookies or watch incognito or other techniques even less. The part about Truths being screenshots and not tracked is true and if we copy and paste screenshots from twitter instead of embedding tweets that would not be tracked here either.
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