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  1. My reading of the translated tweet was that this woman was trying to get the press release about defending cities taken down and she resigned her position in UKR in protest over what the leadership did in condemning UKR.
  2. The Canadians are going to the U.K. not UKR to train UA soldiers on Canadian systems. UK = United Kingdom
  3. Red Wave? Make me think of that time of the month. Is that an ad for tampons?
  4. But you make the waiver claim because you are going to turn it over to the FBI and the 1/6 committee. You also point out that the opposing counsel had illegally obtained plaintiff medical records. If you are in that position after 8 years, 4 of it trying to get through discovery, then you get everything you can possibly be entitled to to hell with the pleasantries.
  5. Wait, which side? Counterpoint: more: https://aggypedia.com/aggy-corps-photos/
  6. Many of the parents, not sure of it being these parents in particular, said they reason they were carrying this out was not for the money but to get Jones shut down so he can't keep doing this. The 4M won't shut him down but... The information from discovery going to the Jan 6 commission could result in criminal charges. Hard to do a show from jail. I don't try cases either but with a Travis County jury they were probably capped at 50M tops and 10-20 would have been a good verdict. Remember we had Gabrielle Nestande Marchbanks drive over a woman while passed out drunk and try to hide the evidence who was acquitted of intoxication manslaughter and only served 180 days in county jail for criminally negligent homicide.
  7. lol I told her she should not use white shoes to mow grass
  8. You're on the right track with knowing this is the secondary drain and the primary is clogged. You are victim of the same thing many people in this thread complain about. It is not easy to clear the clog in the primary drain. Pour bleach down it from up top (Not in the pan, but in that vent pipe sticking up) It probably gets diluted by the standing water in the pipe because the blocks usually form close to the bathroom sink. Other method is to go to the bathroom sink and pull off the connector hose and use a shop vac to suck the clog out. Then pour bleach through it once it is hooked back together. My sinks that drain the AC water are always getting clogged too. It is a horrible setup.
  9. When Trump dies I need to get in on the grift setting up the tour circuit. His followers are as predictable as Grateful Dead fans and should be milked even after he is gone. It will be easy to dupe them into thinking he is not dead but will show up at the next stop along with Elvis, JFK Jr. and Jerry Garcia.
  10. lol, Conference championships since Mack Brown started are not much better.
  11. Nancy is too busy to sit there and listen to this shit so they have a "guest" speaker who occupies the chair and operates the gavel while windbags perform for their constituents.
  12. I thought an appeal could only consider the arguments put up in the trial court. I'm sure there is something to be said for new evidence but there is no new evidence coming to light here, man. Regardless, this will be Bannon's argument at appeal:
  13. My Eero 6 came with 3. 1 plugs in and other two are wirelessly connected for the mesh. you only got 1?
  14. They are talking, just not under oath to the committee. They talk plenty in their echo chambers without consequences for their lies. Think of this poor woman. Who is going to tell her what to think and do?
  15. In the 2000s my dad worked in a non lawyer capacity at a Jackson firm that had a whole department for getting people on disability. I would not be surprised if they are involved. Always sounded shady to me.
  16. They created Parler and Truth Social for him and he goes on OANN that has been dropped by ATT, DirecTV, FIOS and who else? Kinda the same deal
  17. There were at least 3 posts about it on page 1.
  18. you can see the marks from the cuffs over his eye in the booking photo
  19. Traded in Discover points. Bonus is wife and kids can do it easily.
  20. Yeah, best we can hope is he "Epsteins" himself. Hillary can take the blame as usual
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