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  1. Bedlam doesn't have to be lost though. Play the game somehow
  2. Quinn over here on that Jared lorenzen diet
  3. Any chance McNair fires 3 black head coaches after 1 year?
  4. Or even betterest, a time when a coach was sweating his ass off in Florida for Andrew Beck.
  5. Some scuttlebutt y’all are getting a big ten invite. Wait no you’re not. That was just gas. My bad
  6. I’m hoping playing all of the Texas teams means this is our last year. I know I know, “shouldn’t have signed the contract” but some closure would be nice
  7. California allows the same agent to represent both parties right?
  8. https://dailysnark.com/2023/01/30/social-media-is-convinced-tony-romo-nearly-dropped-the-n-word-during-afc-championship-game/
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