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  1. Yea. I hope Rodney thinks he’s got infinite job security. CDC will pull the trigger
  2. Jj will get about 4 mil a year. Lakers are cheap and poor
  3. Thanks but I’ll be too busy giving south Austin’s mom the meats
  4. Lincoln tried to get out of the lsu game
  5. Beal is untradeable. Booker should bring in a few firsts and a couple of rotation guys? There's just no way Phoenix can win it all with Beal/Booker/KD tying up so much money. They aren't complimentary either. The more I play this out, the more I think Ishbia ditches Booker, then keeps the olds and junior for 3 years. IMO, I don't feel like Lebron even wants to win another title. It won't change his legacy. Maybe trade KD after LBJ retires.
  6. Not sure how they fit it under the cap unless they trade Booker, which I've heard can happen. Maybe Ishbia just wants the three year bump in sales and then dump all the olds in 2027? I think KD can play well with Lebron but who knows if there's a desire on either end? They're both old and slow(er).
  7. And why the Suns? Are they gonna trade for Bron or something? I don't think Bron cares to play with Beal or KD
  8. I got a reservation at Dorsia, Friday 6 pm.
  9. If you're American before you enter the restroom and American after you leave the restroom, what are you when you're in the restroom? You're a peein.....You're a peein
  10. Goffs numbers are very similar to Stafford ls post trade. Mcvay just didn’t like Goff This ended up being fake. Joey Gallo is the dad and her bf
  11. Went to neighborhood pool yesterday. This tiny ass dude came in wearing those Kenny power sunglasses. He stood there pretty much the whole time with hands on hips staring at everyone in the pool. I think he was trying to show off what was a shitty ass body.
  12. Yeah, it's one thing that our two bigs are talent challenged, it's another that they are our only two bigs.
  13. Listening to sports talk radio, unanimous praise that Bill was a first class human being
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