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  1. Everyone that works for ketch hates ketch. Also ketch has no integrity. When Jesus was punking him on the saban stuff he wanted him to name his sources. Ketch ended up outing Jesus. No integrity.
  2. Gerry saying ketch is out over his skis on Hill. Ketch is pissed because gerry is beating him to the punch on every cb
  3. Waaaahhhhhh. Arch committed like three days ago. You had a cow because we took a couple of projects.
  4. True. But kyrie crazy. He passed up what 15 million because he wouldn’t get vaccinated.
  5. Holy fuck Wendy is smooth power hungry and conniving.
  6. If I'm reading this right, and I'd like to think I am, Devon Campbell is the same speed as Brockermeyer.
  7. But would a broker push for an fha if a conventional is available? Why would they?
  8. KD, SGA, Chet. I think that's a playoff team but not sure a contender. I don't see KD ever returning there though.
  9. Yea, even with that, I'll submit the entire receipt and just circle what I had. As long as I don't go over per diem (which is also a bullshit rule) they don't care much Yep, there are cheap fuckers out there but if you have money in the bank, what's a couple of 8.95 daquiris. I don't get it but I'm not cheap nor broke. This. Just split it among the group and call out the cheapskates.
  10. Policy. IF the manager had to say something that means approval was needed. I think it's kind of like Subway right? Can't jump to the dressing section?
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