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  1. tonight woodward said it's stuff that's classification is classified that's way beyond sources, methods, or bluffdale we're in to capabilities, technologies, real heavy shit you can try to steal the election you can try to overthrow the government but the one thing you absolutely positively never do is fuck with the boys
  2. we need a companion to aggypedia... surlypedia.com with entries like "bigboy", "sitting", "preacher boy", "porta-potty-girl", and with hundreds of others, likely the first entry alphabetically, this word, you have so masterfully crafted.... Anastasiastic
  3. In the 20th century, Friday before the 0u game was the biggest night of the year in Dallas. ESPN and Fox combined to kill that tradition in 21st century, with Fox adding the insult of using the Big Noon brand for an 11am local kick. Welcome to the party, pal.
  4. utah + byu builds a fortress at the northwest corner of the big12, like the black gate of mordor colorado, arizona and asu can roll the dice if they wish, but there are plenty of people looking for a lifeboat in the east take utah and boise state too, or if colorado wants to wallow in their misery, take colorado state lock down every big market that you can attack the #3 position because you're not moving up - take $10m less per year by sharing the wealth, and guarantee 10-15 years of stability it is certain at this point that there will be big names in the west without a chair when the music stops the 4 corners schools lock in the big12 as the solid #3 kstate, isu, are you listening? yes, klan aggy and purdue don't deserve to make twice what you do, but there is a time to consolidate and lock down what you have
  5. completely off-topic bread story my life path as a type-2 carbaholic was set in motion one day in the mid 70's when my webelos den took the Mrs. Baird's tour at the old factory at Mockingbird and 75 hot loaves pulled apart steaming and golloped with real butter goddamn you Mrs. Baird's winter of '90 or '91 was a polar vortex like last year, and the hot bread smell traveled all the way to lower greenville the 20th century recedes @looch get your ass in gear and publish your 44
  6. are you *sure* you're brethren? how is your testimony?
  7. pefok's goal is cool, but that keeper not only should have done better, it should have been routine
  8. They are weaponizing stupidity. I want the MSM to ask them this question: "Are you aware that 60% of Americans accuse you of weaponizing the stupidity of the remaining 40%?"
  9. let us hope that turns out to be true
  10. of course not speaking of the void, absence, and the number zero, here's a live look at the looch44: https://texags.com/football-recruiting/liucci-44
  11. they might send telco ag back in his place let's keep bizzle
  12. remember, the coro-larry of "it's not a lie if you believe it" is "if it makes sense to aggy, it's by default true"
  13. I know this shit ball. It's called "faith promoting". I'm what The Brethren call an Investigator. I've studied their history extensively. aggy have the same affliction/trait... and it is reflected in the inside-can't-explain-it/outside-can't-understand-it mantra.... when they have an intractable logic problem, they come up with something that doesn't violate their world view, and makes sense to them..... you might call it aggy logic. but the operative term in deseret is "faith-promoting". that's what this novosad/nelson narrative is. it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else. advantage aggy.
  14. national aggy day.... and all quiet on the western front https://texags.com/football-recruiting/liucci-44
  15. sorry, sir. my turntable obliterates your repartee. no future tense for you. you are hereby pronounced guilty of using a chewbacca projection attack.
  16. yo, domer, you are hanging out on our board, so have your facts straight before you post. smu was a stupid dumb choice to try to make a point, and then try to brush it off and declare it a hypothetical. let's flip the turntables.... domer for example wants the benefits of beating every team they play but not paying them a conference share. you will find it in the casebook, because it's not a hypothetical. see how that works?
  17. SLORCH! good to see you buddy. Thanks for the Pasadena support. For avoidance of doubt, you have the opportunity to review your posts and my responses to your posts in this thread and acknowledge your transgression, or we can go another way. Fair warning. Simply apologize and acknowledge you were incorrect and the matter is dropped.
  18. or dipshit tom not taking 3 points on the 9th snap in a row inside the 5
  19. the simulation is becoming unstable
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