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  1. the us could sell out every stadium in the country if the federation got off their ass rather than raking in cheap cash to pad the bank accounts that pay their salary for doing nothing
  2. yes we should our federation specializes in galactic fail we absolutely deserved that result brazil should lose to germany 7-1 mexico shouldnt' lose to chile 7-0
  3. the following is not a defense of gergg..... .... but i wonder if the asskicking from colombia might turn out to be something different than what we first thought it was they might be the best side in this hemisphere this year........
  4. italy advancing as a 3rd could create a round of 16 rematch with england which would be comedy
  5. holybatpost i had no fucking idea it was a tmbg cover
  6. maybe so but scally was my motm got stuck in, dug in, and said "come at me bro"
  7. reyna is being wasted in the scholes role to his credit, he is playing to gergg's direction he needs to interchange with the front line every so often it's like cp popping up on the right and storming down the middle, not just camping on the left
  8. a blue and white version of this would have been legal
  9. us supporters sale was limited to a single section and sold out in 38 minutes conmebol fucked up on that one - they would have easily drawn 5-7k more to this game
  10. i want to see that var analysis with prem/euro tech
  11. venezuela did not win a copa america game between 1967 and 2011 and they were 33 for 145 against before 2011
  12. this should have been a cracking match do we blame trump or biden?
  13. at least it killed the whistles
  14. bbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  15. bird bird bird bird is the word
  16. checking in on wondowlowski's wiki, it does describe the belgium miss he retired in 19, and remains the all-time mls goal scoring leader no mention of a current position in the soccer industry unable to locate a linkedin profile
  17. we have to call them "turkey-eh" so they are now the canadians of asia minor but yes, today should be the day that crinaldo is finally exposed as done and dusted
  18. turk is the future of european football? did rob stone really say that? i didn't catch the voice for certain /shirley
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