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  1. after all of the bowls, including the botched title game, utah finished the 2008 season ranked #1 in the actual BCS calculation
  2. don't forget the most important field trip during your biggest away game in 166 years: https://goo.gl/maps/112A1VReAEkrmHeW6
  3. does that include baptisms of dead-in-the-ground ancestors?
  4. was just about to post that
  5. there is a finite number of teams with broken air conditioning
  6. there is a finite number of teams with broken air conditioning
  7. yes.... but tonight is not the supabole... and the vikings and bills exceed the bungles in lombardi futility
  8. the bungles have won 3 division games in their 55-year history and each time they have won the AFC title
  9. if kaepernick is in the stadium, would aggy sue if he suited up at halftime?
  10. the truck had that angle instantly and didn't run it until after the touchdown sorry 9ers, your 7th-round-qb is not a solid hype matchup for either of the afc QBs
  11. neither of these teams nor does the city hosting this game deserve the grace and power of anita baker at least they only had f-16s, with fuel tanks for window dressing, on a low-speed pass i'll take meteor catching 7 i thought it was better than 90% of the anthem singers they roll out these days
  12. bleachergate would have been forgotten if fertitta hadn's pissed and moaned about the houston campus aggy can buy other schools across the state, slap their logo on it, and there's no protest but god help us if we want to build a world-class international campus in a major city that would create tens of thousands of jobs if the idiots wants to pass on an extra $25m from playing at nrg so they can prove a point by playing at robertson2, whatever i still can't believe mcraven of all people rolled over when they bitched about the houston campus
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa3oD5xXAws
  14. boyd's game winner take slautern to 4th in the 2bundes:
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