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  1. Y'all are really out here drinking 130 proof whiskey neat? That's some manly shit.
  2. Jerry and Stephen really looked at this roster in the preseason, saw exactly 5 OL that belong in the NFL (several of whom have extensive injury histories), and said, “yeah, that’ll work”.
  3. Brought back to earth by a team that is not even interested in winning games this year.
  4. There’s a decent chance that I will never think about Baylor again for the rest of my life. Absolutely nothing of value was lost.
  5. tokamak

    tOSU at ND

    Yahoo shows the line as tOSU -3 lol
  6. Do we have a single receiver that doesn’t have hands made of stone?
  7. This deserves its own thread. We’ve had a bunch of certified bad motherfuckers at RB.
  8. Au contraire... I found a used copy on cassette way back in the day. It was....not good.
  9. Colorado is 3 touchdown dogs at Oregon this weekend, and they'll be 3 touchdown dogs against USC for Wingo's visit. Pretty likely that the hype is wearing off quite a bit by the time Wingo finishes his OV there.
  10. I love how there’s never a security guard in sight during these videos. NFL ain’t give a fuck. They did the math and paying a small settlement every now and then is cheaper than hiring meaningful security. That settlement money is just gonna go right back to jerseys and Mich Ultra tallboys anyway.
  11. He looks like Garrett Gilbert’s grandpa. Crosby (RIP) was the fucking cool one out of that group. I’m sure someone will find a picture to prove me wrong but I bet he wouldn’t have been caught dead with a shithead like Clapton.
  12. Impressive ass whooping. He almost put two different people to sleep with one shot at the very end there.
  13. Obviously we're a long way from it happening, but Baker, Carter, Davis, Cruz, and Kibble would be a wildest dream OL class. If we somehow pull that off, Kyle Flood should be appointed mayor of Austin.
  14. Not that I don't love some enlightened both-sides-ism, but making sure there's plenty of tests available this fall and winter is a reasonable strategy to try to keep COVID from spreading like wildfire. It IS endemic at this point, which everyone understands, but also makes people flippant. "Fuck it, it's just a allergies/a cold, I'm still fine to go to work/school". Our culture of going to work when you're sick is kind of fucked up anyway, and we don't have the mask-wearing culture of Asian countries. If people have a couple tests laying around their house, MAYBE they'll think twice. Or maybe I'm just mortified.
  15. Correct, this appears to be Lewisville's starting OL. From L to R: Devin Love, 2024 3* OL committed to San Diego State Aidan Murphy, 2026 OL Sean Hutton, 2025 OL Malachi Mcclennon, 2026 OL Michael Fasusi, 2025 4/5* OL that we are recruiting heavily Hutton doesn't have a ranking on 247. Murphy and Mcclennon don't have profiles yet.
  16. He just needs Russia or North Korea to start a tour next. And then…
  17. I needed 3 fucking points from worthless ass Pat Friermuth tonight. What a fucking bum.
  18. It’s really weird how our society has collectively agreed to just forget the fact that Tyreek Hill is a fucking garbage human being.
  19. Miss Texas 2022, Averie Bishop, is running for a Texas House seat.
  20. They put all their eggs in the Drake Maye basket this offseason. Problem is, their NIL is flaccid and UNC was able to match.
  21. I'm not watching but I just checked the box score and Bama's QB is 5/14 with 2.4 YPA.
  22. Good thing he's such a great guy
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