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  1. Roach is underselling Catapult a little bit - they're not just a 'scouting service' - they have a whole host of services/products (the wearable tech you mentioned) they sell to the NFL, NBA, College Football, the Premier League and others.
  2. Left to spend more time with his kids - and probably a raise. I imagine this is the kind of thing where he makes his own schedule. No more long nights staying up at the school until 2am on recruiting weekends.
  3. This guy usually gives practice reports over on IT and has a connection to the team:
  4. We talkin about a Class B? A Class B misdemeanor? Not a Felony. Not a Felony. A Class B misdemeanor? Who gives a shit?
  5. Bijan and Roschon. I don't know if it will be second round - but Roschon is going to be a top half of the draft pick. Apparently (per draft twitter and a couple former personnel guys) teams love Roschon and view his limited carries as a plus.
  6. In high school I worked at a Wal-Mart and had the opportunity to watch a woman open a brick of Velveeta, peel back the foil, and walk around the store taking bites off of it like it was a snickers bar. Honestly one of the weirdest fucking things I've ever seen.
  7. Wife is an OB and this handmaid tale bullshit has given us no choice but to sell our dream house here in Texas and look for a better place to raise our kids. Currently looking at the west coast - Corvallis and around Santa Barbara are the first two opportunities we've started exploring - but we're soon to start applying in Colorado and Washington Not ruling out an international move, though we'd have limited options as it would have to be english speaking and pay doctors a decent wage - hello Australia. We've already explained to the kids that wherever we move its likely the house is going to be smaller and there won't be a pool - but that there will be plenty of other things to do and you won't melt into the pavement 9 months out of the year. One 'benefit' of COVID (though I hate to use that word considering what a shit-storm its been) is that my kids have spent a lot more time with their siblings than they might have otherwise and don't really have close friends that will make the move harder. Its pretty crushing thinking about the family, friends, and the great house we just bought a few years ago - but really don't see any other option. I've sat in on the calls with the hospital lawyers and the doctors talking about just how long/how much they need to let the mother bleed before they can step in and save her. Either way all it takes is one MAGA DA who decides he wants to make an example and we'd be wipe'd out financially. Its truly fucked up.
  8. Gerry says Hale told him that he will be at Texas the last week of July - but that Alabama is also trying to get him on campus that weekend.
  9. Cross another one off the list:
  10. Gerry also said that Texas leads right now.
  11. Meh - Gerry posted yesterday after Gullette released his top 3 that Texas was still 'in a really good spot'. I think they still fully expect Texas to be the pick - even if the family does want to go through with other visits.
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