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  1. It’s crazy. Why would anyone think the 3rd assistant with the least amount of experience was the one coordinating anything? Fact is he was the ‘good cop’ on the staff. No surprise the players liked him. Means nothing when it comes to his ability to run a team.
  2. You haven’t kept up. Early was the only one of the assistants who hasn’t known they were leaving for months. He was told the night of the final game and was ‘furious’. They essentially kidnapped him to Austin and forced him to sign that contract against his will. True aggy through and through.
  3. Yeah, if they’re at the point ‘they’re trying to convince him to stay’ - this is over.
  4. Bolden's 2023 Receiving numbers from PFF:
  5. Rocketing up draft boards (at least in the estimation of some well-known and connected draft guys): Dane Brugler's mock has Murphy going at 16 in the first round. https://theathletic.com/5203443/2024/01/16/nfl-mock-draft-2024-two-rounds-quarterbacks/ Daniel Jeremiah's mock has Murphy at the number 11 pick. Calls him the best DT in the draft. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-2024-nfl-mock-draft-1-0 Jim Nagy (heads the Senior Bowl) had said a few weeks back in an interview that he thought Murphy would surprise some people and be drafted much earlier than expected.
  6. Don't you put that evil on Sam Houston - they've done nothing to deserve that.
  7. He visited Florida after telling the coaches he wasn’t visiting Florida.
  8. This. By the time the portal window closed, and the recruiting class imploded, Melk-O was down to something like 60 scholarship athletes. They need bread just to field a team.
  9. Lowest rated of the 5 Florida LBs with 100 snaps.
  10. Worked with Moffitt at LSU. Probably coming to A&M to pass out puke buckets and write the 'lazy players' names in Moffitt's office windows.
  11. Looks like a case of the QB's height being exaggerated and the punter's height being under. Owens is allegedly 6'5" and Kern is reported at 6'3"
  12. Most of those kids are from east Texas or Louisiana.
  13. Correct - Cushing was implicated in the hazing/racism lawsuit brought by former players at Northwestern. https://www.dukechronicle.com/article/2023/08/duke-football-adam-cushing-northwestern-hazing-mistreatment-allegations-race
  14. IT doesn't believe that Butler has any impact on Texas pursuit of Bussey.
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