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  1. I just read the Joe Morgan chapter in Joe Pos’ Baseball 100 the other night, so this hits close to home. pretty frustrating
  2. They haven’t been good from 3 so far They’re 3 of 9.
  3. Really not taking advantage of Johnson on the bench…. And terrible shot selection by k-state wake up guys
  4. Vegas knew Johnson two fouls in the first 67 seconds
  5. Just got power back in 23. Bested my ‘21 mark by a couple of hours. 60 hrs this time vs 58.5 in ‘21. let’s not make another run at this in 2025
  6. I’m going to be without AE power for way longer than ‘21 aren’t I? (2.5 days)
  7. A lot of this right here. I’ve called twice in the last 2-3 years. all the power lines around me are still in the air…. And I got a couple of hackberries removed by the city free of charge in the process.
  8. This was a given yesterday when they first put a number out there. I guess it’s less painful, bureaucraticly to throw a date close to present and then keep shifting it back then to give the real truth
  9. Propane is the way to go /Hank Hill but I just got the last piece I needed this past weekend (thanks to the “hypothetical” icepocalypse a few on here were warning about last week) to connect my generator in to the electric panel best ~$350 I ever spent
  10. But what does any of that have to do with the stadium. Don’t get me wrong. That sounds like a great long weekend but not sold on the ballpark.
  11. I’ll play. retired: Dome. Ballpark in Arlington. Old Busch current: MMP, Minnesota, KC, Yankee, Fenway, Citi, Truist, Citizens, Nats, new Busch, Reds, Brewers, Dodgers, Petco, San Fran Wanting to add a couple this year. Need to check off Globe Life. PNC I really want to do. But not in April and not when the bridge it closed. Wrigley I’ve done a tour, but not caught a game. May try for Detroit and/or Baltimore this year. some thoughts on parks I’ve been to: Fenway is a dump but monster seats are worth every penny. KC is very nice after the remodel a few years back. Sorry 3 Putt, but I seriously gotta question your taste in parks. I haven’t been to the Trop but everyone says it sucks. I have been to Brewers stadium and it’s awful. Built the same time as MMP but feels like it’s 20 years older. I’d equate it to the Alamodome. Just feels like it was built at the lowest cost possible. I’d put Petco at the top of my list with a 3 way tie for 2nd between Truist, Minny and San Fran
  12. I look forward to your edit in 1 minute” ”….aaaand now it’s back off “
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