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  1. Jerruhworld will be 25 years old when this latest deal runs out. that place shouldn’t be a threat the next time this deal comes up for renewal so that’s nice.
  2. Idk what your are talking about that sentence and not having the word “Maldonado” in it is the best possible news of the off-season
  3. Tickets secured for the Mexico Series I sure hope whatever I just paid was denominated in pesos, otherwise…. sorry kiddos, Santa didn’t make it to a Texas this year.
  4. I did not have Jake Meyers as the first guy that the team has gone on record as an “untouchable”
  5. Idk but this post made me remember the Texas Bowl is something like 12/27. And thinking of that, it makes me laugh that the closest Texas A&M got the championship in jimbo’s tenure (or ever) is showing up on StubHub on the sideline we’d occupy
  6. Shhh it’s not like TickPick doesn’t have a crap ton of fees, they just bake it all in to a single price so you dont feel violated at the final step when the checkout price is ~30% higher because of the fees. (At least StubHub now let’s you toggle the setting on to show prices with fees) But none of the sites include taxes until the very end. So for those of us in Texas, that’s another 8.25% that you don’t see until the final step. (And if we don’t make it and you happen to be fortunate to re-sell the tickets for a profit, Uncle Sam is coming for his cut and you’ll be paying come tax time based on whatever tax bracket you’re in) (but all that said, a random sample of same seats on StubHub vs TickPick shows TickPick to be 6% cheaper than StubHub)
  7. And the fees you’ll pay out of the ass on the re-sale
  8. Really regretting only putting a measly $25 on Horns at +1,400 before the Tech game
  9. The prices are factoring in ~55% of the supply not currently being available for re-sale. what I can’t decide —and what I fear—is whether the demand will put even more upward pressure on prices even after those ~40k tickets to the schools hit the market.
  10. It’s college football. What did you expect? yeah it’s dumb, but anyone expecting we’ll just get the top 12 best/highest ranked teams hasn’t been watching this sport for the past….100+ years. (I also would like to understand what clauses are written in to define “conferences”. Certainly there has to be a mechanism to revisit that “top 6” rule when the vast majority of the top 50 teams in any given year are consolidated in 2-3 conferences.
  11. Man Meredith cracks me up every time. I feel like she probably has the same enthusiasm whether scheffler wins at a major or beer pong “I’m so proud of you!”
  12. The helmets behind Herbie are Michigan, UW, Texas, Bama we’re in!!!!!!!’
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