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  1. Not a surprise but Brantley sounds done for 2022. click after ford asked him if he thinks he’ll back this year? ”umm. We hope so. But with each passing day, it looks more challenging.”
  2. He’s a clown/nutcase. does stupid shit like this a lot
  3. How sacrilegious of you to have church on at the same time
  4. Don’t look now but we could have the best record in the AL after play tomorrow
  5. Same for me with unlocator. same on the phone which hasn’t been the case for me in last years and I do believe I saw a deal on mlb.tv for the rest of the year was something absurdly cheap
  6. Ford and Sparks were apparently aware/very confused
  7. Counterpoint: “unforgivable hubris” might as well be the Astros motto since ~2017
  8. Bregs’ kid was born at 7:08 last night odds he was in front of the tv at 7:12 for the first pitch of last night’s game?
  9. Prove he’s not signing “Boston Strong”
  10. I guess you call those people “fans”.
  11. I hear you and agree on some level, but flags don’t fly for accomplishments during the dog days of summer. I do agree with it being rewarding to enjoy the ebbs and flows of ~6 months with you degenerates and other Astro diehard family/friends before the coin flip series of October starts when that 3rd cousin and college classmate you haven’t talked to in 20 years and hasn’t watched more than 2 games all year starts texting and posting about how much time they’ve invested and waited for this moment.
  12. Ding and Ding. But have a feeling these things have a way of trickling out to other interested parties so not sure I buy how much the cost is suppressed by keeping this kind of stuff from being officially announced
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