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  1. That sure sounds like something a guy not getting any money out of this would say
  2. That wasn’t buried. It was a main point in the first article I read on this yesterday.
  3. Right. because there will never be any disagreements between any of them or any concerns /issues on how to divy up what they would control
  4. The big winner is Netflix, next season of Full Swing
  5. You haven’t been paying attention to frittelli lately, have you?
  6. That pitch Also not great They’ve matched our number of hits.
  7. The pop up or the baserunner? hey o
  8. Hard to have high velo when it comes in at only 82
  9. I started Manoah in my H2H league because he has two starts scheduled this week and I thought maybe he’ll finally figure something out and have a decent week you're welcome. Man what a 180 from the first half he had last year
  10. Places I wanted to be: the spot in right field where scraps is places I don’t want to be: within 20 rows of scraps on his flight home
  11. A ball for the first pitch in the 7th and then 9 straight strikes. 5 Ks in a row
  12. Bregman joined J.D. Martinez and Bobby Bonds -- Barry’s father -- as the only players since 1974 to have a grand slam and four walks in a game. And Bregman is the only player in the modern era to draw at least four walks while hitting a grand slam in his only official at-bat, according to OptaSTATS.
  13. So does that mean Texas is home tomorrow?
  14. I’ll never understand that. baffles me every time it happens. But still faster than the time it takes for Odorizzi to get warmed up coming in for an injured pitcher, amirite?
  15. 102.5 is impressive. But 102.5 in that spot in the majors isn’t going to get you very far
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