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  1. Flipping through the record collection looking for something to listen to on a wet and chilly evening in Austin. Easy stop:
  2. This fucking team do we not scout opposing teams arms?
  3. It was 16-0 a couple of days ago. holding the line!!!
  4. Im going to Abreu. Not catching that easy foul pop. Would have been the 2nd out. Instead run ended up scoring on sac fly .
  5. That’s a good pitch. Better swing flashbacks of Howie Kendrick
  6. I assume Pressly gets skipped today if Abreu does his job? or Espada gonna stir the pot and give Hader a day off?
  7. How he hasn’t had a tweaked oblique by now is an epic fail by everyone involved
  8. It’s amazing pitchers don’t even need to try. throw it right down the middle. He can’t hit it.
  9. Spotted at the Orange/white game…. wish casting the jersey I want the Astros’ current #79 wearing next homestand:
  10. How insane is his album release party going to be at the Spoke next Monday? thinking about giving it a look
  11. I keep wanting to see Meyers get more starts, but hard to argue when it feels like everytime I look up Dubon has another multi-hit game
  12. This is the game the pen holds a lead! Please? 5-4 leading after 6 so far this year were 72-6 all of last year
  13. The comments were pointing towards Taco Joint
  14. Beat me to it. 8 game winning steaks aren’t unheard of
  15. Too late. I've acquired a hefty stake and not selling
  16. Tell me you haven’t watched either one of these guys the last 4+ years without telling me.
  17. Gonna take a whoooooole lot longer than 3 weeks/ 50 ABs for them to cut bait on Abreu
  18. Except he has an offense and bullpen (so far) that has his back.
  19. But more important topics are bing discussed
  20. Yeah your first point is what I just came to post Sure, let’s disrupt the best part of this shitty season so far. im not sold with singleton playing everyday but have been saying for a bit that Meyers needs to play more. what happened to this? Earlier in the offseason it was Espada who called Jake Meyers from the winter meetings to ensure that Meyers understood the direction the team was taking his playing time. Meyers said Espada’s alignment with general manager Dana Brown’s announcement made him feel better about what was to come. “The player hearing from the manager carries more weight and more reassurance when he hears it from the manager — 100 percent,” Espada said. https://www.si.com/mlb/astros/news/houston-astros-joe-espada-showing-players-straight-shooter-matt9
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