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  1. Old people do this a lot in my experience. Maybe they don't have any other human interaction in their day to day?
  2. I think I finally got the stink of watching that FSU/Louisville game off me 5 days later.
  3. Yep. And like the OU game, we can't be having bad turnovers. The first one just a few plays in to give OU a very short field. The other end near the endzone. Take care of the ball this game. Margin of error is going to be small. All 4 of these teams will make you pay if you get careless with the ball.
  4. Meatloaf sandwiches slam and go hard, too.
  5. Rangers: 2023 to both questions.
  6. Pretty much. Their best win? Oregon State. Which seems on par with Oklahoma State or Kansas State. That Portland State and Hawaii games sure were tough battles though.
  7. He's turning black and is going to do push ups in the driveway and tell everyone how many millions of reasons he has to live?
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