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  1. Since it's getting close to that time, what are my options to watch the state championship games if I don't have Bally Sports or have access to it. Is there any way to do some trial run just to watch those games? Any way to pay for some other stream who broadcasts? Preferably something I can cast to my tv.
  2. Both shows are terrible. Rhyner is boring as fuck and Corby is a dweeby blow hard. The Freak doesn't do anything well and have no real identity. It was cool the first few days because it was new but I tried to give it chances after that and it delivers nothing. The morning show is 2 guys who don't have any business being frontline hosts. Ben/Skin are 2 suburban dorks who try too hard to be "down".
  3. We also traded Seth Curry for jack shit. Dallas loves to get rid of any scorers they have for absolutely nothing. This front office is maddening.
  4. All looks good... except the drink lol
  5. Absolutely. There's only 3 games that mean something after this weekend. The actual playoffs. I have no idea why people are so against an actual legit playoff system. At least the games would matter towards the end result of the season. Every other division does it. High school does it. Every other sport does it. At a younger age, I did enjoy the bowl season because there was way less and it was cool seeing teams that weren't really on tv. Now, it's easy to see any team on tv. Even the smaller schools. 41 bowls is fucking ridiculous. Only gamblers could enjoy watching those.
  6. So glad I went to school before these god awful drop off lines. Has to be a fucking beating doing these everyday. Also a reason I'll never have kids.
  7. I'm not sure who even found Mike B. I didn't. His page is just public. This board might be too beta cuck for him lol
  8. Go straight to jail. Don't collect 200
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