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  1. Max acting like a baby on the radio to the point the engineer basically told him to shut up
  2. blacklab


    I think I did link it. That was a great story. Ran into it when researching this trip. Joined the forum so I could post then saw the post and thought, this seems familiar. https://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/democratic-republic-of-congo-lubumbashi-to-kinshasa.50799/
  3. hasn't changed. have to move it all out within 10 years with a minimum each year here's a calculator to tell you the minimum each year. https://inherited-rmd-calculator.web.vanguard.com/
  4. Thank god we don't use Crowdstrike. Was woken up this morning by a text from our CTO asking if we use it anywhere. Wondered WTF is he asking that for. Maybe 10% of our staff is on windows, and the only things at AWS on windows are used as remote desktop for large processing by some worker bees. Only reason I kinda knew what crowdstrike is due to looking it up when I saw them as a sponsor of Mercedes F1 and wondered what it was. Less than a month ago I was talking to our dropbox rep and I told him McLaren team was never going to win shit because they have to use dropbox to share files and dropbox is shit.
  5. blacklab


    It was a great trip. I got the route here: https://www.overlandtrailguides.com/post/guadalupe-mountains-adventure-trail Some jackass named blacklab has a comment on that page about the route. Follow the green in the posted map and pretty much any 4x4 can make the trip. I used gaia gps with the map downloaded from there and it worked great. Can't wait till I retire, going to hit up every one of the trails on that website in and west of the rockies. Really want to do the pony express trail. Dirt roads from Salt Lake to Tahoe across Nevada.
  6. There's a thread in CR if you want to discuss hypotheticals around elections and what president elects and congress will or won't do.
  7. I've actually talked about that with my wife. Spend a month in LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Boston, DC, etc... Rent an airbnb for a few days, if it's good offer the owner a set price for the month, go visit every museum, nice restaurant and attraction in the city. I have a cousin who did something similar when she was in her mid 20's. She and her husband lived like hermits for a couple of years, saved up a ton of money, bought an RV and over a year and a half made a big loop across the US, mainly looking for where to move to. They ended up settling in Bend, Oregon.
  8. I haven't deleted a post in this thread
  9. there's a board to discuss moderation, this thread is not the place
  10. Very similar to the OP, mid 50's waiting for youngest to get out of school and this is where we are thinking about
  11. pretty sure the 1982 games were on the spanish station in Dallas at the time as I remember watching them at a friend's house. His mom was from Chile and his dad from Canada and he lived all over south america before moving to Arlington. Went to the USA/Brazil game at Stanford stadium in 94. Fucking dirty ass Brazil took out our best player, got a red card and still won.
  12. haha, holy shit you're right, need my wife to check there
  13. Not my wife but someone's wife Took my kids and some of their friends out on boat today. I was taking one of them home, driving the FJ and towing the boat. Right before you get to their house you go through a cul de sac that has a road that comes from the right that has a stop sign. Lady driving a minivan blows through the stop sign and I have to lock it up while towing 5000 pounds so I lay on the horn. She stops and rolls down her window and starts screaming at me "do you even live here, what are you doing here?" I tell her nicely that I'm dropping my kids friends off and point to their house. She says "well, it's tradition that people coming from that way go over on the wrong side of the street so people coming from..." I cut her off "You have a stop sign, I do not. I have the right of way" her: "you are wrong" me "You have a stop sign, I do not, I have the right of way" She sits there with her mouth open, starts talking about three times then finally starts to drive off when my kids friends mom comes up. Crazy lady waves her down and complains about me and my not following tradition of the cul de sac and how it's supposed to flow. Mom just nods at her. Mom then drives up to me and I say "Hey, I'm not sure if you're aware but I'm making friends with your neighbors!" She laughs and says yeah, some of her neighbors are idiots and if they think that's the way it should be then they need the county to put a stop sign there. She then whispers so the kids don't hear, "Also she's an alcoholic and drunk as a skunk and shouldn't be driving right now" We both laugh pretty hard, my kids pester me the whole way home, "what were you and Mrs. X laughing about?"
  14. At a table in the big o and seat 1 is a dealer, so I ask him and the dealer what happened. They both go silent. I ask if they don’t want to talk about it or they aren’t supposed to talk about it. Dealer in a stern monotone says “I do not want to talk about it”, very much implying he was involved in some way so I dropped it.
  15. Tucker is 12.5% plott hound, 37.5% German shepard, 50% Lab. 100% asshole This was his first trip to the vet. Had to put a muzzle on because he bit the shit out of the vet tech
  16. I was in vegas playing at a tournament at binion's downtown when there was a big commotion at the table behind me. I looked and a big fat old guy was on the ground. I stood up and started to head over to start cpr but thankfully the guy sitting next to me was an EMT and pushed me out of the way. Guy was dead when he hit the floor. Ambulance came, they gave him a few shocks then got him on the stretcher and put a sheet over him and took him away. The whole time his wife was sitting there bawling. She said he'd been having chest pain all week but was going to get it looked at when he got back home. They gave the widow his buy in back, and a small collection from players. Ten minutes later cards were in the air. I'll be up at the lodge tomorrow and find out more about it.
  17. Something happened this week that I thought was less likely than cold fusion or time travel. Got a new battery for my wife's Honda CRV. We're planning on selling the car in a year or two so I just got the cheapest battery I could find at the advance auto parts near our house. $199 for a 440 CCA battery. Couple of years ago a similar battery was around $120. Had a battery go bad in the boat, Interstate 880 CCA. Figured it was going to be around $300. Unbelievably it was only $165 at South Austin Marine. First time in my life something with "Marine" stamped on it was cheaper than a car version of something similar.
  18. Whole time I was watching season 2 I kept thinking, "another fucking storyline? how about wrapping up some others first?"
  19. I've never had a single issue with them. The 2 times I've made a claim I had a number in my head of what I thought I should get and both times they made an offer that exceeded that by several thousand, unlike geico and state farm that I had to fight tooth and nail to get them to pay what was owed. My sister, my uncle, my sister's in-laws are all on it and have never had an issue. Both my uncle and my sister's father-in-law have told me stories about being in a wreck that wasn't their fault, getting the run around from the other persons insurance company, then telling the other insurance company they were going to let their insurance company deal with this, then telling them it's USAA and getting a check the next day. Apparently they have a reputation for being dicks to other insurance companies.
  20. I have USAA and although it's gone up 50% the last two years it's still way way cheaper than anything else I've found. They are also the easiest to deal with insurance company I've ever had.
  21. Never thought I'd get some more sports schendenfreude this week after the baseball coaching drama, but here we are. Max crying and saying it was Lando's fault and Horner agreeing and egging him on
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