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  1. *Disgusting note... Card had 208 yards passing in the 1st half, and finished with 277 for the game. WTF Sark? Also JWhitt was doing great in the beginning. Why did we quit targeting him? Especially after Worthy got dinged up?
  2. Well, picked a bad day to.... Quit smoking Quit drinking Quit sniffing glue Quit doing heroin
  3. I don't know which one it is, but he sounds like Mr. Peabody from the old Bullwinkle cartoons. I want to hurt him bad.
  4. No disrespect but why in the fuck would I watch, or want to watch, tceh more than once a season?
  5. Favres about to go through some things???? When he get convicted, he's going to have some "things" go through/into him I think.
  6. I guess routinely taking bigger and bigger dicks would toughen him up.
  7. Lol, +rep for 2 things, a great story and for killing a fucking armadllo.
  8. Lol, I can relate to that. First time I realized for sure that I had a rotator cuff problem (despite having a problematic shoulder for years) was when I was going to cut up a downed tree in my back yard. First pull on the chainsaw and pow, screamed like a bitch and dove behind the tree before my wife could look out the kitchen window and see me. I rolled around in the grass 4-5 minutes before collecting myself and getting up....... "Noise? What noise? No I didn't hear a scream, it must have been on the television"
  9. Who says putting lipstick on a pig doesn't help? Laughed my ass off, as I had totally forgotten about the insanity in the booth that night.
  10. Eric Fleming says it should be pronounced "Favor", as in Gil Favor you bunch of drovers.
  11. Stoopid sip. Don't yew no that aggy is the richst pro gram in the cuntree and haz more monee than errbody? Weez playin 4DEE checcers birches!
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