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  1. Yeah, sorry. Canadian was pretty, pretty, pretty good. San Antonio gal was sweet, but...did I mention that she was a nice lesbian? Complete with a fucking Subaru (100% serious).
  2. If we had SEALs there, they would have had all their publicists put out press releases
  3. I say this with no shame whatsoever. Kung Fu Panda is one of the greatest movies ever made. It's in my top 10 easily, maybe top 5
  4. I built a studio on my property and was doing the travel nurse rental thing. Well, I still am, but my current tenant isn't a nurse, he's an apprentice lineman, and the union sent him to a local company for a year. He's actually better than a nurse, because he works days and the nurses I had worked nights. Now I can make all the noise I want in the daytime. I had two nurses, one from Canada and one from SAT. Both very nice. Canuck was a smoke show, SA girl is into girls.
  5. I think I may have had this rant before: voting for judges is just fucking stupid. I consider myself a more educated voter than most, and I know jack shit about who to vote for for judge. I tend to read their ads and statements, and vote against anybody that claims to be "tough on crime". I also tend to vote for defense attorneys over prosecutors. And that's dumb, because I have no way of knowing what it takes to be a good judge, and who has those qualities.
  6. Frampton HAS to be a slam dunk, right? Right?
  7. I'd carry chains, but yeah, you'll get there. Pro tip: practice putting the chains on at home. You don't want to try to figure it out on the side of a snowy road while freezing your arse off.
  8. I use autoslash and it beats costco pricing about half the time.
  9. $700 million tends to make ugly men attractive to women.
  10. Richard Lewis is at least 60% dead. Holy shit, he looks rough.
  11. Suzy fucking Green wouldn't wear those ugly fuckers. But, by next week Dotard will claim that he's got the best selling shoe ever...move over Jordan.
  12. I'm sure the non-MAGA drivers are behind it, because if dipshits start turning down loads, rates will go up for the dudes that do take them.
  13. Oh shit y'all. Adam Corolla and Rob Schneider on the same bill? What a show!!! https://www.kennedy24.com/night-of-laughter-la?rdt_cid=4132119415915452113
  14. I'm guessing it was sometime before Spring, 2017
  15. I would have been ok with playing with her old tits
  16. and her husband got a pardon from trump for tax fraud
  17. we're gonna need some photos of that LP. Including serial number, if you can get it. Urban can shred, but my buddies that are fans of that genre say he's gone soft. Too busy fucking that redhead to write songs I suppose.
  18. I was in walmart and they've got a solid selection of "samplers" for a buck each. Nice way to try new stuff
  19. Page has aged quite gracefully. I'll bet that the dude can still pull all he wants.
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