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  1. that's freaky. Any chance you've got weird electrical shit happening at your place? I think you should sell immediately. I know a good realtor.
  2. I found the road to Amalfi to be terrifying. We took a bus to Amalfi, I said never again, and we took a ferry back to the airport.
  3. I HIGHLY recommend this. And, I took the cable car (more like a ski lift) to the top, and when I got there, the only beer they had was fucking Corona.
  4. Doing 2 weeks in the Keys in May, so I should be good.
  5. I have Samuel L. Jackson't voice on my Alexa.
  6. Gil Bang

    The Wire

    Reddick also did great work on "Bosch".
  7. Are they wings, or the drumettes that are sold next to the rotisserie chicken?
  8. Change your handle to "Hollywood", Mr. Hollywood.
  9. just saw this movie, and I offer the following review: STEAMING PILE OF SHIT.
  10. ...which is exactly what a serial killer would say.
  11. Truthfully, unless the house is weird, don't worry about staging it. If the house has a weird or problematic layout, a talented decorator can demonstrate to somebody with less imagination ways to make the home function.
  12. unless her husband is gay, I wouldn't do it. Only let the gays do the staging.
  13. Virtual staging is big out here. I rarely stage vacant houses, but I often Vignette them. It doesn't cost much (a couple hundred maybe) and it makes the house show better.
  14. My girfriend is divorced, and has a son who's married to a woman. That woman is my GF's Daughter in Law.
  15. Just replaced a 20 year old Electrolux fridge with another Electrolux.
  16. I see a "single meat" and a "double meat" in the first photo. I prefer the single and I would eat it all.
  17. Oh fuck that subway line. Get on the JR line, then go upstairs and walk two blocks and walk back downstairs to get on the Tokyo Metro line. Rinse and repeat over an over and over with 4 or 5 different lines. It's a fucking shitshow. Lucky for me; the GF's DIL was our guide, and she's fluent in Japanese. Side note: you go to a restaurant and take of your shoes at the door. If you need to go to the pisser, they give you little wooden sandals. Which is fine, UNLESS YOU WEAR A SIZE 14 SHOE.
  18. Yeah, in my teen years, I fucked more than a few paper towel rolls.
  19. So, you bought an appliance that should work for 20 years, and it's worked for 13. Good for you, I guess.
  20. My tenant in the guesthouse bought a $3,000 LG fridge when he moved in 3 years ago. The icemaker has broken 3 times, and each time it took LG over a week to send somebody out, then another couple of weeks to make the repair. Now, the whole motherfucker is broken. It's stuffed full of food that's rotting. They told him he could have a repair appointment in 7 days. So he's got to live without refrigeration for 7 days. I've lent him my small outdoor beer fridge, and the excess capacity in my deep freeze. I know this, because I work from home, and he always asks me to let the repairman in his house. I had an LG washer. Big sticker on the front says "DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR 10 YEAR WARRANTY". About 2 years in, it takes a shit, and, based on the behavior of the machine, I'm 100% sure it's a motor failure. I call LG. They tell me that for $270, they will come out and repair the machine. I say, "OK, but if it's a motor failure, there's no charge, right?" "It's a $270 fee, and we will fix whatever is wrong with the machine" "BUT THE MOTOR HAS A 10 YEAR WARRANTY" "Whatever is wrong, we will fix for $270 dollars".
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