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  1. so the january stats don't include ratings from a football game played on feb 11th?
  2. i spoke to a couple of producers over the phone last spring but passed on being involved further, like all the others. i get one about every 6 months. dug up the email... initially it was part of a different series. i received this email in 2021:
  3. that's basically what hulu is/was minus the cbs piece.
  4. we've seen what his cabinet/staff looked like late in 2020. it's possible that he actually was smarter than everyone in that group. they didn't set the bar too high. there are certain centrist republicans i've seen in interviews who understand their policies aren't that far from biden's, who have been trying to turn it into "if you vote for joe you're really voting for kamala and we all know what a nightmare that would be". shockingly, it isn't catching on.
  5. and the songs are catchy as hell. great movies do not belong on this thread.
  6. they had a little sliver of opportunity because cbs was the only network not cooperating in hulu's "primetime tv available tomorrow on streaming" agreement. counterpoint - cbs primetime sucks and nobody watches it except olds who watch it live.
  7. msnbc had a guy on the other day (when the ny election was) basically saying that the trump-influenced republican party has been on a historic losing streak on every level since 2018 but for some reason, nobody really wants to talk about it. he rattled them off and it was certainly impressive. newsworthy even. nah.
  8. yeah, it's the basic plot of the west wing. that administration was entertaining, but not at all productive.
  9. poor, white people with red hats.
  10. nope, it's me. and yes, i think it's silly to deactivate access to twitter because you don't like the nazi running it. i hate his fucking guts, but i enjoy the platform, regardless of how much he's trying to fuck it up. it's not like i pay for a blue check. there are probably several companies i "support" that have shitbags in charge. i've been off facebook since 2012 so hopefully this evens me out.
  11. i cruised through mr and mrs smith over the weekend and got an ad for an amazon show before each episode. is that what they meant by ads? i never got an ad mid-show. maybe only movies are like that?
  12. i think there's plenty of chatter on narcos and netflix thread. came out a few weeks ago.
  13. the story from the houston officials (cops and politicians) at the press conference make it sound like she brought the 7 year old in with her, and the kid was killed in the crossfire, so yes, likely by the cops. no idea if it was her daughter or what, as i haven't researched anything other than the 10 min i just watched on cnn on non-mute.
  14. i have no idea if this is a real question, but cnn just had a solid hour+ dedicated to this story and i have no idea what type of coverage it got yesterday, what with the superbowl and such. if it is a serious question - everybody is covering it. as for searching for things on twitter, elon's algorithm likely isn't helping, but search results tend to prioritize posts/comments with a lot of arguing and engagement, and let's face it, the right tends to flood the zone when it comes to shit like this.
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