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  1. passes isn't new, and was basically just onlyfans. now it's onlyfans and livvy dunne and longhorn athletes. seems like an odd fit, but what do i know?
  2. scarcity used to help those keep their value, but that seems to be going away this season.
  3. you're putting forward a scenario where most resources are put towards having a great football team, but then we'll end up with an underachieving basketball team and a middling baseball team? you must have an active imagination.
  4. or gamblers are going to take advantage of their shitty pay and get them to fix prop bets.
  5. evan carter getting passed around like a tijuana prostitute.
  6. good news is it's only 138 minutes. though some people say bad movies aren't longer, they just feel longer.
  7. first ever scripted comedy series? wasn't "the shrink next door" a comedy series? i'm honestly asking, i didn't watch it.
  8. ok, last night i found a 3rd. there's a ww episode in late s4 i think, where there were a group of about-to-be-us-citizens who needed to be moved to an auditorium to get sworn in or whatever, and bartlet goes to say hello. the judge who is doing the swearing in is also hank, the security guard from the office. there may be more, but they are deep cuts.
  9. i saw him the other day... what a loser, huh? ...in a rolls. yeah, i meant me. peak lowell ganz and babaloo mandel. in the late 90's when i was an intern, an executive told me every comedy script that got made for a decade spent some time with the two of them.
  10. when i saw it forever ago at a test screening (there's a thread around here someplace), i said that it was everything you would want a pop-tart movie written and directed by jerry seinfeld to be. not sure what people were expecting.
  11. gil, you have a good memory, was it yours or helen's or susan's wedding i got drunk at? it was all 3 dad, congratulations. well which one did i punch the band leader? that was mine. we have photos. i'm having them blown up for the commitment hearings.
  12. lovely example. the biggest question is about rants (by anyone) or big blocks of text (by anyone). when i see those, i generally skim the beginning and then, you know, scroll past them and go on living my life. if someone takes the time to unload like that, and another person takes the time and reads it, who's the crazy one, honestly?
  13. considering they are not writers or directors, i think it's safe to say they'll be acting in and "producing" the movie.
  14. because we live in communist china.
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