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  1. He is going the Adam Carolla route. Adam is a straight-up wingut now, Bill isn't far behind. They both think woke-ism is the # issue in the country. Insanity.
  2. Jamaica, if they land a few of the many top-level dual nationals, are gonna be a handful.
  3. Arsenal super meh so far, very lucky to not be down 1-0.
  4. Most likely, 2nd most likely is terrorist are generally morons and anciently blew themselves up
  5. Mexico 36 shots. Honduras 3 shots.
  6. I swear they said during the US broadcast they would go straight to PKs. Shrug
  7. They are gonna need add 4 more minutes for all the rolling around on the ground.
  8. What we thinking 9 minutes added@?
  9. You can just feel the Mexico PK coming
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