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  1. I want Nketiah to become super sub so I can get Eddie Money trending.
  2. Smith Rowe sighting! Saka hasn’t been great the first 2 matches tbh.
  3. The entire team, other than Partey and Xhaka is 25 or under. Feels like we are on the verge of a fun few years.
  4. This is fun. What a difference replacing Laca/Auby with JESUS has made.
  5. It will be 15+. But the media will, run out 100+ inside source stories that get refuted.
  6. I’ve only been invested in Arsenal since the RVP days. Last 5 years have been a legit joke. But damn, based on the signings and young guys we have… this squad is extremely rootable. Pumped for the rest of the season, for the first time I became an Arsenal fan.
  7. As much as we make fun of the cottage industry created by right wing nuts, the race to get some crazy trump rumor clicks is ridiculous and absolutely aides his cause. while there is no Tim Poole or OANN left equivalent, the click dorks ruin everything and play into the trumpcuck narrative. Thanks assholes.
  8. STFU about your insider “sources”. You’ve spent 6 years ruining that. Enablers.
  9. We have sources! Who are probably Trump cucks playing you, given what has happened vs what he’s been held accountable for.
  10. As dumb as Trump is, even worse is the click driven media that enables him. These POS are racing to be the ones that have THE story. The more outrageous the more clicks, Then when it turns out Trump wasn’t on tape selling nuclear secrets to saudi, but did something wholly inappropriate and jail worthy people are like well, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Thanks click bait bitches and Louis mecnch and Hugo.
  11. Ted Lange

    USMNT 2022

    Sofa king in for this. https://deadline-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/deadline.com/2022/08/soccer-docuseries-rivalry-between-mexico-america-amazon-1235089536/amp/
  12. So when do we get to the point that Trump and his worshippers switch gears to the “He had to illegally take these classified documents to keep them out of Biden’s hands stage?” A week?
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