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  1. Opportunity presented itself too quickly. She was too busy trying to figure out what he was doing wrong, and how to tell him.
  2. Anyone have the clip of the girl who played running back in the arena league? They put her in for three plays, handed off to her three times, and I think she rushed for -15 yards.
  3. And calling us Ole Piss makes you sound like a fucking aggy hayseed.
  4. Where’s the hell is that fucking roach. He needs to die, and I’m going to murder him.
  5. Hognose. Edit: didn’t see the posts above.
  6. I hated this game before it even started.
  7. What he said^^^^. He’s pre-law.
  8. Grey rat snek. Sometimes the babies can be extremely light in color. Awesome snek.
  9. Picked up little man at FBMS this afternoon. We immediately headed to Kerrville to visit his grandparents. I asked him about the fight that took place on the first day. He said that it “was crazy”. Apparently, a 7th grader and beat the brakes off of an 8th grade bully. After the 7th grader was restrained by admin, the 8th grader ran around and threw a behind the back cheap shot, right into his temple. Fortunately, it didn’t faze the 7th grader. One of my son’s friends was there, and of course, got it on his phone. After a second, I said, “do you have it”? He did. He showed it to me, and even though it was muted, literally everything he described was true about the fight. Little Homesick knows the 7th grader, and they call him Big Thomas. My son, and his friends that I gave rides home to today, claim he’s a gentle giant, and one of the nicest, quietest guys in their grade. There were not a ton of kids around when it happened, which is why I think the admin response time wasn’t immediate. I know this is shitty, but a bully picking on a kid and getting the hard truth isn’t something I completely oppose. It’s just the here and now of the situation that scares the shit out of me.
  10. Agreeing with you means that my alma mater stands to draw the short straw in this scenario. So I will not agree with you sir.
  11. And it sits adjacent to one of, if not THE number one ranked elementary school in HISD.
  12. I’m pretty sure my son had the same teacher last year, as he just started his 7th grade year at FBMS. I’ve received the exact same emails/texts. He mentioned the fight on the phone with me. He also explained that the place is basically a cluster fuck when it comes to supplies, athletic clothes ordered, and technology that they’re still waiting on. The stories he told me last year were thread worthy (but he was also 11 years old at the time, 12 now). I want him out of Houston.
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