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  1. Were you a soccer style kicker? And yes, this dude needs to fry post haste.
  2. Kind of the same situation as the Mueller thing, but on a smaller scale.
  3. Is he in motion or is he stationary? I only ask because it looks like he's trying to rattle his tail which says rat snek. I don't know, anyone else wanna chime in?
  4. Hell of an idea. It worked out like gangbusters when a bunch on this site combined funds to help a total asshole open a bbq restaurant.
  5. “Auburn is a much nicer place than Oxford”? What fucking meth are you cooking?
  6. On my way to San Antonio from Houston two days ago. Yes, this was on I-10 between Mason and Westgreen. So yeah…Katy.
  7. Huh? *wait never mind, got it.
  8. Waste two time outs to run a shuffle pass against a stacked box. FML.
  9. My blood pressure doesn’t need this right now.
  10. Who names their kid Jikes? https://www.rawstory.com/maga-arrested/ It’s a misprint. It’s actually Jake, but during the phone interview, the reporter forgot to ask his girlfriend to spell it out, so she just repeated it, causing the reporter to go on sound alone.
  11. Easy there comrade. Just have slice of apple cake with scoop of ice creams.
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