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  1. If I had a dime for every time I used dead rats, swung by their tails, as weapons. I’d have three dimes.
  2. I’ve done this. It was when I was still in Oak Forest. And, it’s everything that you could ever imagine it would be. The satisfaction was, for lack of a better word, poetry.
  3. Not sure if this should go here, or in the cool shit thread. Dude is quickly becoming my favorite actor. There are interviews with the SF and even Delta guys that coached him at Bragg. Everything they said about him was nothing south of salt of the earth.
  4. I really don’t know how many people I’ve shown that clip. I saw his special when it came out, and when he did that bit, I thought I was gonna piss myself.
  5. I remember wondering why it got so much colder in Oxford during the winter, but the springs and summers playing ball, were twice as humid as Houston, and four times as bad as Kerrville (where I grew up). Pops explained it very quickly to me Xmas break of my freshman year. Oxford sits right on the Amarillo grid line. Sorry, just a nostalgic moment that learned me something once.
  6. Props getting a pic. I locked my brakes just after going through a railroad/creek crossing about a week ago when one shot out in front of me. There was nobody behind me, so I jumped out to make sure I hadn’t hit him. Sure enough there he was, so I tried to urge him in the direction he was going to begin with (tall grass, and collected water). I laughed out loud as he continued to face me, while back slithering(?) across the road with the “COME AT ME BRO” demeanor. Cool sneks, racers.
  7. And it just proves my point. Aggy LOVES David Hasselhoff.
  8. Oh I hated the Colonel, with his wee beedy eyes, “oh you’re gonna buy my chicken”.
  9. Anyone who doesn’t get the Birdcage reference needs to rewatch the movie asap. It’s Idiocracy relevant.
  10. If that’s a GT Performer, I had the exact same bike. Until it was stolen. Fucking Houston.
  11. If nothing else, it’s a hell of a band name. I don’t understand the fighting on this thread. Stats, facts, etc all come into play. Personally, I don’t think we’re it. I look up into the stars at 1am while I’m waiting to turn a hog’s head into pink mist with my THOR Scope mounted .308, and feel like it’s just way too vast for it to just be us. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. But it’s my opinion. And that’s where it’ll stay. If someone gets shitty with me for my point of view on the subject, then that’s adorable. Mushrooms have helped, and continually tend to help reassure my opinion.
  12. WAS is the optimal word here. Side note, bruin, the grammar, wtf? Were you talk-texting on my son’s phone?
  13. Little Homesick and my nephew called me over to this guy finishing off a lizard snack. Little coachie, posed for a couple of pics before turning on the afterburners, and heading to the tree line.
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