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  1. While I agree Thompson continued to get better as the season progressed and has way more upside, the stats comp between the two is really splitting hairs. Podziemski played 12 more games for a slightly better team and got the nod. It doesn’t change anything because we got the better player long term….and really something if his jumper can get to even league average.
  2. I’ve seen everything from WR to edge, excuse me, EDGE. Sounds like an OJ McClintock starter kit. Hopefully we let him settle in somewhere and go if he comes here. OJ was talented as hell, but never stayed anywhere long enough to maximize it.
  3. Second Krazy Jim’s Blimpie Burger. Just a damn good, classic college burger spot. Bill’s Beer Garden is essentially across the street and is great for a couple of drafts after a burger as well. Would highly recommend this for those looking for a low key Friday night before the game. Sitting on the back porch drinking Oberon or sangria at Dominick’s over by the business school is also a very solid September option.
  4. Had 3 backups in the rotation transfer after the season and lost a starting safety to an ACL in the spring. Going after a DT seems odd, but the secondary is definitely warranted.
  5. Yeah, but I think it’s our age.
  6. No, because one of them will think they’ve figured shit out.
  7. These are the type of autocorrects that let me know I’m spending my time in the right place.
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