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  1. I went TCU because those fucksticks got a break when Mack had it rolling (although we did play them out of conference at least once) and got back into our conference just in time for our wheels to fall off. Fuck’em.
  2. Why would you willingly give one of your teams another loss? It’s a guaranteed loss in this instance. It’s not a guarantee for an out of conference game. I hope we’ll continue to schedule big time non conference games in the future, but it’s not a given with our move to the SEC.
  3. Texas and Bama was the second game of a home and home. Georgia and Oklahoma would’ve been the first game with them becoming conference mates next season when the second was scheduled. The conference didn’t want them playing an out of conference game against a conference opponent because they want to control the schedule making to optimize records. It’s not that hard, Paul.
  4. Recruiting Notes 2024: Hear the Lamentations of Their Women Because of the Implication
  5. It was a helluva ride, Charlie. Thanks for the tunes; I’ll use them well.
  6. I think that was Mel Tucker…although it could’ve been Gerry.
  7. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while…and the one you were looking for was Dallas Turner.
  8. For the record, I can simultaneously believe that Dusty is fucking up, and the article timing is bullshit. Those aren’t exactly mutually exclusive. If Chandler Rome weren’t a known cunt, I’d probably have a bit more doubt about the unfortunate timing, but as always, fuck that guy.
  9. Just want to make sure you understood the broom would be in our ass in this scenario.
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