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  1. He (Sainristil) was also a team captain…and the biggest playmaker on that list.
  2. Well, at least we now know where you got your handle.
  3. This warrants an upgrade in violence to the gif I shared on the last page.
  4. Tuve runs into an out, Bregman pops out, and Singleton Ks looking. McCormick leads off. Makes perfect sense….
  5. Wait until we land 3 of the top 4, and then let me know where they end up ranked in the final rankings. (Hint: they won’t all be in the top 4.)
  6. Would be difficult to top the 2000 class of Williams, Johnson, and Thomas if we’re strictly talking from a high school rankings perspective. https://247sports.com/Season/2000-Football/CompositeRecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=highschool&Position=WR
  7. (Discreetly goes to check your performance on the Urban Meyer thread.)
  8. There’s a lot of DTs that are relatively interchangeable in the 2nd/3rd range IMO. I could see any of them going mid 2nd to end of 3rd. Could be Kris Jenkins or Ruke Orhorhoro. Just think they’ll take the one that falls, and I went with Fiske here since he only has one year of film in a P4/5 league. If he was being valued coming out of Western Michigan, that’s probably about where we’d see him go, but it could be any of them at that point in the draft.
  9. My random guess for our Day 2 picks: #42 Edgerrin Cooper, #59 Cole Bishop, and #86 Braden Fiske…just straight up the middle of the defense.
  10. Shit, with that defense they could do that in a home game if they play make it take it.
  11. Now would be a good time for Abreu to stop being fucking worthless.
  12. Probably not the under the radar song you’re looking for, but this was my first thought.
  13. It’s not just that they gave Apple a broadcast…it’s that their broadcast fucking blows every fucking time. It should be at least a little better by now.
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