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  1. True…and why everyone here with gout is on allopurinol. Fuck giving up booze and bacon when there’s a simple, safe, and cheap fix.
  2. It’s so weird because casting fucking crushed the Phoebe role.
  3. I thought it was the Willies in the mid-eighties, but they only got close in 1985 (McGee had 18 while Wilson had 21). Would’ve never gotten the answer.
  4. Al, I think a big part of the disconnect is that you’re looking at through the lens of the administration instead of as a general fan. The fans that don’t really give a shit if the school makes more money do care if they don’t have to listen to a semi-educated dipstick on a regular basis. There are lot of big cities here that attract a ton of graduates from all of these schools. We interact with them in a way that I’d imagine is drastically different than your experience in Iowa. While the delivery lacks decorum, it’s not wrong IMO. Most of our fans harbor those feelings toward the schools listed…we’re also fanatics here. For the most part, everyone here is extremely informed compared to the general population when it comes to pretty much any sports topic.
  5. Username does not check out apparently….are you sure you aren’t from Schulenburg?
  6. Depends on where the extra 2” is located….
  7. Haven’t been keeping up with the thread, but for fuck’s sake, this booth is such a fucking beating. I’m sure it’s already been said, but I needed to say it. Fuck Fox and putting this booth on any Whitesox games.
  8. I know it’s a Houston chain that expanded, but the Tiger Chinese Cuisine at 10 and De Zavala is pretty solid. Best Chinese food I’ve had living on the NW side of SA.
  9. A third shoulder might look too suspicious. If you take the contract to help the team, better make it an ankle. Docs have gotten too damn good with knees.
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