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  1. Y’all gotta get over Chris Beard. If you’re serious, you’re being stupid and if you’re trolling, it’s not even funny.
  2. Yeah, he plays both sides of the ball. Was better on defense this past year. His offensive production was super pedestrian.
  3. The Fresno argument never made any sense, he took that team to the tourney and it’s the only time they’ve been there in the last 20 years. They’ve only been there 6 times in school history and one of those appearances got vacated.
  4. Yep. So much of this tournament is just about good and bad luck.
  5. Epps is awful, but Amik Robertson was a dawg. Really good college player. If I’m remembering correctly we showed some late interest in him out of high school, but ultimately didn’t pursue along with every other P5 program. Kid still made his way to the NFL from Louisiana Tech despite the 5’8 height.
  6. They always try to get cute with these rankings, it’s so stupid. There are not 4 better players in the state than Colin Simmons. Hell, you can make the argument there aren’t 4 better players in the country.
  7. I love how this team can win in different ways. Shot lights out in round 1 and made 13 threes. Only made a single 3-pt shot tonight and won with Disu being a bully inside. And to bounce back like that after that Penn State run. I’ve seen many Texas teams in the past collapse in moments like that. Kudos to Terry and those kids.
  8. FDU is literally the shortest team in the country and didn’t even win their conference tournament. This is the most hilarious upset ever.
  9. aggy with the worst performance of any team that played today. Couldn’t even make Penn State a little tired for us.
  10. I don’t know what Donovan’s NBA future is, but I do know that if/whenever it’s over he will be able to get any available college job he wants. He has no reason to jump at the first big offer now while he’s still an NBA coach. The offers aren’t going anywhere. He can get a Texas caliber job any year it’s available.
  11. I’m not justifying anything, I’m just not living in lala land. Thinking we’re gonna get Donovan to leave his NBA gig is stupid. And if we’re keeping it real, it’s probably easier to money whip coaches in lower revenue sports because not everyone pays big in those places. Football is the better comparison, because like Mens basketball, pretty much all of the big time programs pay out the ass. I think CDC will figure it out, and whoever is here next year will do well. I’m just not penciling in one of the 3 or 4 huge names that keep getting floated out there.
  12. Beard was a layup hire, he was a Texas alum stuck in Lubbock. The basketball coaches you named are not a comparable situation.
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