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  1. Most people who don’t like the NFL do so because they hate all the riggers.
  2. HenryJames


    Dirty’s, imo.
  3. Someone’s never seen Up.
  4. That balloon was my Harambe.
  5. Hopefully someone tbones @CooterBrown while he’s on his way to the gimp HEB to buy rice from the deli.
  6. Light at Comal and MLK is still out so hopefully they’ll get it fixed before the baseball game today.
  7. Traffic lights out on Koenig from at least Lamar to Airport. And it’s foggy.
  8. HenryJames


    Nothing but respect for MY president.
  9. She spoke at the mayor's press conference this morning.
  10. Mayor is having a press conference. Talking about how this is personally affecting @Brisketexan.
  11. History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.
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