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  1. TikTok will only be available in charter schools.
  2. Do we know for sure it wasn’t one of Trump’s lawyers?
  3. Wonder why it closed? They closed a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Dude with the jacket is like we’re gonna need a bigger boat.
  5. Ten years from now: Anecdotal, but every single R I know has 10x the contempt for [Democratic President] than they did for Biden. It’s not even close. Biden is spoken about more like Obama.
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/hyundai-pauses-x-ads-nazi-content-platform-rcna148414
  7. In 2023, Sapp graduated from Texas Seminary Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Sports Management. The conferment of his degree allows him to be hired by Head Coach Deion Sanders and work as a Colorado Buffaloes football team staff member.
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