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  1. That sounds like a you problem, he would kill it in Philly
  2. “Grown adults that hold grudges like this are weak minded pieces of shit” Harry, buddy, you are so close it getting it.
  3. Same, it mostly reads as typical spring fluff. Everybody saying what they know they are supposed to say. But…if I want to buy in to the koolaid a bit, I can believe that he’s a young, immature kid with crazy talent who has had everything come pretty easy to him until last year. Last few years have been crazy with him skipping his senior year of HS to get paid, then with all the transfer drama and the actual football part sort of took a backseat. Then, he was faced with real adversity and some failure for the first time ever in his football career. It was probably eye opening to realize that this isn’t all going to be just handed to him. Good on him if he actually took that setback and rededicated himself to being great. And that would bode very well for us this year.
  4. A lot of it is the ego of NFL coaches I think, and the fact that they don’t really have a lot of respect for the coaching players have received up to the point of being drafted. They see an elite package of skills like Richardson has and think once they are working in their system and given the right coaching, all that potential will be unlocked. I get it to an extent, and it’s happened, if infrequently. I was certain Josh Allen would be a bust based on his underwhelming college career, but Dabol was able to develop him. It’s really tempting to chase that crazy upside vs. going with someone who’s always going to be limited physically like Bryce Young. At the same time, Young is likely a better QB now than Richardson will ever be.
  5. Oh, he’s going top 10 for sure. Probably top 5. He shouldn’t, but some team won’t be able to resist themselves. Josh Allen’s development will be pointed to, never mind that Allen was much better in college.
  6. This has always made me laugh about that year. It was their first year in the SEC, their roster was full of players recruited by Sherman and they were running an Air Raid offense coached by KK. The most success they ever had in the SEC was when they were the most like a Big12 team.
  7. It’s pretty funny that Rojo tested relatively weak in the vertical considering hurdling a defender going low was one of his go-to moves.
  8. Lily and Niloofar (Nee-loo-fahr). We call her Niloo about half the time. If any Farsi speakers are reading, the similar meanings actually wasn’t intentional. There was a non-zero chance we were going to go with Bijan if number two was a boy.
  9. My wife and her family immigrated to Texas from Iran when she was like 6. She has in interesting perspective, went to school entirely in the states but still remembers Iran. Her family life obviously remained pretty steeped in Persian cultures while she was mostly able to “pass” for being Western. She jokes everyone in her high school always just assumed she was Mexican until 9/11, then all of a sudden people became much more curious where she was from. Raising our kids to understand and appreciate two cultures as been fun. So far our oldest (6yrs) seems proud to talk about being Persian and embraces Iranian New Year and the food and music she’s been exposed to. Hopefully she never feels too othered by it. I’m curious about what you immigrant families have done with your kids names if you come from countries with different languages and the common names may look different in the states. For our oldest daughter we used a name that’s common in both cultures, but for our youngest we went with a more Persian name. We got some push back from my family who think it’s “weird” and hard to say, which fuck that. She’s your granddaughter, you can learn to pronounce her name (and it’s not hard to say). I hope one day she really loves her name, but I also realistically know there may be times in school where it’s tough for her.
  10. Really smart move for a three star to get out in front of being labeled “bread”
  11. Not a lot of growth potential in the TexAgs org chart I guess. Started as one of three founders 25 years ago and she’s worked her way up to…Admin Specialist.
  12. Christ, it’s not my opinion that the Mavs were shopping him. It was widely reported by NBA writers, including Mark Stein. Of course those guys just have sources that they use, you, an internet poster who doesn’t know shut about fuck are probably right. And look, I hope he has a great second half of the season, wins 6th man of the year and is a huge part of a title run. I’m a Mavs fan, that would be great. But you rushing back to this thread thinking you could dunk on me because he had 13 points and 3 rebounds is another embarrassing post in a thread littered with embarrassing posts by you. Ok, done cluttering this thread going back and forth you. Feel free not make a post about how overqualified he is as a third option every time he makes a three for the rest of the season.
  13. I didn’t catch the game last night, but that must have been the most impressive 12 minutes of all time
  14. I don’t know, maybe? It’s kind of an interesting question. Lebron’s entire career focus has been becoming a global brand. Probably even prioritized over being the GOAT bball player. I don’t feel like I’m personally owed his authentic self. His public facing persona is more of a business than anything else and he’s so blatant about it that I’m mostly fine with that. I’ll never feel like he’s my favorite player like some other guys who are more real with fans, but I don’t hate him for it. I get why some people do. All part of the game.
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