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  1. The ones in Missouri always offered cherry and butterscotch dipped cones, but the “Texas” or “That’s what I like about Texas”-subscribed DQs were hardliners on chocolate dipped only. I was somewhat surprised that the Mayfield DQ on Manor Rd (east Austin north of 51st) offered cherry and butterscotch. I went to a DQ last year in Humble or Kingwood that offered this disgusting looking blue cotton candy flavored dip for cones.
  2. I assumed a nickel of every Blizzard purchased goes to Baker Mayfield’s family and that is how those retards managed to live on Lake Travis.
  3. Is this still shot the best defense of poor play? 3 seconds off the clock since snap, no OL or DL within a foot or two of him, looks like every defender still has an offensive player between him and QB, and Jordan Whittington is standing there wide open.
  4. The Texans will become the all time Rooney Rule champions if they hire Demeco next. The “Texans are racists!” narrative will have to change into “you know why they have hired the most black coaches? Because they have also fired the most black coaches! F’ Bob McNair and his noodle brained son!” I’m all for young aggressive coaches, so bring on Demeco and some hotshot OC. Still wouldn’t take a QB this draft. The Bucs’ inability to run the football cost the Texans some draft position today on that Browns pick.
  5. I think they’re better off for next few years with Holgo than Tom Herman or anyone else they could get. Holgo is a poor man’s Leach. Slamming Red Bulls during the game, slamming coeds at the after parties.
  6. UGA gets in over the LSU that just beat them in the SEC championship game and that UGA did not already beat in the regular season? That would be a golden hammer of Thor driving home the unacknowedged point that conference championships mean nothing. (It would be different if LSU had 4 losses, but it would be 2 loss LSU vs 1 loss UGA)
  7. A lot of WR screens that worked. It doesn’t take 5 star QBs or >$1mil in NIL to hit those passes.
  8. Dave Aranda does kind of look like Baraka
  9. The color guy Louis kept yelling that it was lateral, and not backwards, therefore incomplete. The rules guy Matt Austin had to keep trying to interrupt to finally say a sideways lateral is treated like a backwards pass (fumble, not incomplete). I’m not sure Louis understood what he said.
  10. Shovel. Saying shuffle sounds like the Louis announcer arguing during that Ole Miss fumble review that a sideways lateral was an incomplete pass.
  11. They had some good Thanksgiving episodes, like the Indians in the lobby. But I always loved what Bartlett told Josh at the end of the Shibboleth one: ”They've made it to the New World, Josh. You know what I get to do now? I get to proclaim a National Day of Thanksgiving. This is a great job.”
  12. He is his mother’s son.
  13. Forgive my ignorance of rural Mississippi and Alabama culture, but why would Kiffin leave for Auburn? I assume Ole Miss can pay him, he’s already installed his system and recruited players, and from best I can tell Oxford is a (relatively) nicer place to live.
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