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  1. Do you have a sponsorship program for the poors? I’d like to cash in every shaggy/surly HH beer I never drank. TIA
  2. 1. Don’t be scared 2. Sugar Bowl vs Washington would be a de facto home game.
  3. I love storm trooping, but why are we the visiting team?
  4. Sports and Hollywood are stupid that in both, if someone commits a certain level of non-jailable crime, or says or does something not acceptable under current PC standards, there is an expectation that they must be fired (in addition to any criminal or civil punishment they face). In most cases though, the person can jump right back in after feigning a remorseful apology and have success with a new team/employer. Really, the entity that suffers most is the former employer that was forced to fire the dirt bag talent when society/media has little issue with them immediately resuming their employment elsewhere.
  5. Has @hookem17 let the coaches know they need to skull fuck Oklahoma State?
  6. We should have made the Big XII logo on the field a tear away, so the SEC logo could be revealed as the clock ticked down to 0:00 😂
  7. I believe most aggy shit themselves about the prospect of playing Arch in upcoming SEC games.
  8. Then the refs will have to default to “zero holding calls or late hits against OU” that they’ve lived by for 20+ years of conference play.
  9. A few weeks ago some team made a bizarre (IMO) choice to go for 2 and it made me think of whatever stupid philosophy Mack adopted for a few seasons. I couldn’t remember exactly until Mack did it last night. Down 17 to Clemson, they scored a TD. Logic says kick the xp and be down 10 because: a. you’re down two scores regardless b. a TD+xp+FG will tie it c. If other team gets a FG, 2 TDs for you would win it vs. if you fail a 2pt your 2 TDs would tie in this common scenario d. Sometimes fluky safety shit happens in college ball, so take the gimme XP now and possibly attempt the 2pt later. Nope, Mack goes for 2, and doesn’t get it, so he’s down 11 and would’ve had to go for 2 AGAIN just to tie it when he could’ve kicked two xp’s. I remember some Mack loyalists on shaggy used to defend this shit with logic of “go for 2 now; if you make it you can kick xp later for the win and if you don’t make it you can go for 2 again later to tie!” That’s stupid, if you want to be aggressive and play for the win, you can go for 2 on your next TD. If you zealously believe 2pt conversion odds are >50%, have some balls and go for 2 after every TD.
  10. He tries to compensate for poor decisions by overuse of profanity.
  11. If the 2024 uniforms don’t look like this (preferably with a white helmet), it’s a major fail.
  12. Will Anderson has been a top 10 guy at his position this year, maybe top 5, according to the advanced stats. He's an absolute monster in the making. Yeah, I like Anderson and am glad he’s on the Texans. I also think Caserio overpaid based on everything that came out after the draft. They could’ve given up #33 or next year’s #1, but they didnt have to give both. AZ wanted out of the #3 spot.
  13. How many JC Penney catalogs did you get crusty in the early 80s?
  14. Pirate Mike sees what you did and thinks you’re a classless clown
  15. Would’ve been nice to get Sauce and either Jordan Davis or Garret Wilson/Chris Olave in the 2022 draft though. Whiffing on Stingley and aggy guard then overpaying for Will Anderson makes the Watson trade feel empty. Effectively, Texans gave up Watson and their #33 overall pick in 2023 for Kenyon Green and Will Anderson.
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