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  1. She could phase into The Daughter and be omnipresent, and that’s how she talked to Rey in ROS, somehow.
  2. Everyone load up the neg cannons for @Bevo?
  3. But hey, at least we still have Abreu under contract for two more years! I’m bringing the kids to MMP today to hopefully see either an Astros win or wave goodbye to Dusty and Maldy.
  4. Craig Way said the refs told Sark that the spot of the ball is not challengeable. WTF? Isn’t every TD or first down review a challenge of where the ball was spotted?
  5. I think Filoni made her look too young in the first flashback. In the cartoon she was a teenager. The clone wars lasted about 3 years, and at the end of it she defeated Darth Maul. In last nights episode, she looked about 8 years old.
  6. So he was just a hallucination after Ashoka’s near death experience, and not some kind of post-Vader soul spirit reaching out from the great beyond?
  7. Not just that UH lost, but lost to Rice. Holgo is getting shit canned.
  8. Agree it wasn’t white knighting IMO. I’m a non-lawyer with similar questions. I always thought one person’s word against another with no additional evidence was difficult to meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” threshold for a criminal case, but in a situation like this would likely lead to civil suit victory (or more likely a settlement). His first criminal trial resulted in a hung jury, with 10/12 jurors saying not guilty. The case got a lot of publicity, it doesn’t sound like there was much if any new evidence, but this time it flips 12/12 say guilty. Makes you scared in case it was ever you that got falsely accused of something how fast your life and liberty could be over with the wrong lawyer or jury.
  9. I rewatched World Between Worlds and the Rebels finale last night. I forgot that Palpatine had the Jedi temple wall from Lothal moved onto Thrawn’s Star destroyer when he tried to seduce Ezra to open the portal again and join his parents. The wall kind of crumbled, but I wonder if Ahsoka and Anakin can open it up from their side and just pop out on Thrawn’s ship in the other galaxy. They might as well open up a portal at street level of Coruscant year 18BBY to catch a falling Mace Windu, and then maybe grab a couple more old Jedi before beating the shit out of Thrawn.
  10. Why did they cast a (possibly chubby) Indian guy to play Ezra, and why did they not de-age him for the recording that Sabine watches? Ezra was ~16 at the end of Rebels and this video looks like a 30 year old computer science postdoc that enjoys playing d&d at his friend’s mom’s house.
  11. If Ahsoka is so righteous to sacrifice Ezra to avoid another war, she should have no problem using one of those world between world portals and hopping into Coruscant during Episode III and stopping Anakin’s fall, the republic/Jedi fall, and creation of the Empire. Or she could just go back and kill baby Sheev Palpatine on the toilet. FIN
  12. If Quinn had Travis Hunter to throw to he would have looked much better. Oh, and also against the pathetic froggy defense...Gare isn't in FW anymore. My sarcasm meter is broke. Ewers has a $1 million NIL receiver in Worthy plus whatever Whittington got paid to stay, and the other highly rated WRs and TE playing against Rice, and you’re saying playing @TCU is an easier matchup for Shadeur Sanders because Travis Hunter is on his team?
  13. After the dust settles with whatever happens to WSU and Oregon St., can the BigTen and Big12 conferences finally correct their names or pick names not based on number of members?
  14. It doesn’t mention that he was one of the many 5-star freaks that got the classic Mack Brown “I don’t play young guys, gotta bleed for the program!” treatment. Dude should’ve started from Day 1 somewhere on defense.
  15. Yeah I bet it will be like in the Obi Wan show, where they de-age Hayden and have one or two flashbacks of their mentor-apprentice relationship. If Anakin couldn’t be bothered to come back as a force ghost to help his own kid during Eps. 7-9, why would he appear to Ahsoksa? I hope Filoni strays from his MO of wasting the better part of a few episodes with filler that may or may not circle back two series from now. We only get 8 episodes so let not a minute of screen time go to waste.
  16. If only there were two (or three) incredibly force sensitive heroes with Jedi training and no love for the Empire she could call for help…
  17. This site never has a lack of white knights. No need to curse at Arizona. They did Colt a favor by making him a free agent rather than getting him killed on an intentionally terrible team, and Colt would win more games than Dobbs/Tune. They want Caleb Williams (or his draft rights to trade) to pair with the Texans first rounder, and the extra third, fourth, and fifth round picks they’ve accumulated for the 2024 draft. If an average to good NFL team doesn’t have a young backup QB they are interested in developing, he will catch on. He may be happy to call it a career.
  18. I drew the Space Cowboys for our 7u fall ball team.
  19. She got the Brett Farve surgery.
  20. He enjoys the scent of Amy Adams Seaskunk’s undercarriage
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