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  1. Yeah welcome to this thread. Instead of Anakin (and maybe Grogu?) being some one of a kind miracle (with influence by Darth Plagueis or Sidious), we have lesbian witches splitting zygotes to create twins without pronouns, and the new canonical backstory is Darth Plagueis was voyeuristically watching it all from the cave with his man boy, and stole the witches’ intellectual property to create Anakin.
  2. My wife lived less than 10 minutes from the campus for a year while working a biotech job. That area seems exactly like what you would imagine some shit suburb town in New Jersey would be. You can find good pizza/italian. 30 mins from NYC if that’s your thing. At least the football tickets should be cheap.
  3. I haven’t made it past ep 1 yet, but I see they are hiding her in sweatshirts and mom jeans.
  4. First thought was same, that she was virus infected by Butcher, Victoria Newman, ???. Now I’m wondering if the meds, which she said fucks with her heart, lungs, and immune system, might get passed via breast milk to Homelander, weakening him enough to beaten physically or affected by the virus.
  5. Damning criticism from the seven.
  6. I think I’m still rooting for Homelander just for the entertainment purposes.
  7. Top of my newsfeed on ESPN app this morning. What, Bronny had a great game? Oh 2 points in 25 minutes of summer league.
  8. Won’t the Blue Jays trade us Vlad at a discount just to spite the Yankees and Orioles? 🙏
  9. When they paired Waze with ChatGPT to run the electrical grid, SkyNet was born.
  10. Too bad Blake Hinson isn’t a team player and winner.
  11. Why not? Disney needs to consciously make inferior shows to balance out good ones?
  12. Auntie Beryllium was a child of the bomb
  13. Is McCullers contract not guaranteed? Or is it medical insured so the Astros could have cut him a year ago and got 50% of his money back?
  14. I try not to watch Lebron in any format, so I’m basing most of my 2024 opinion on Ime Udoka calling him a bitch boy then Lebron crying about it. A couple posters said he was All NBA talent, does that mean top 5? It looks like he was #13 in ppg, #20 in fg%, #29 in 3pt%, #32 in rpg, #6 in apg, #20 in steals, and #97 in blocks. Looks like only top 5 category is #3 in most turnovers per game. In the insane NBA where every marginal star gets a max contract, he probably deserves one as much others, but he’s not as important to the NBA or society as a whole as he thinks he is. If he wanted to thank the Lakers (and their fans) for drafting his shit son and putting on all these staged press conferences pretending Bronny has earned it on his own, or if he actually cared about winning, he might have taken a contract less than $54m/year. D2O said he earned it for all the money the Lakers have made the past few years…ok but the Lakers still have a salary cap and it’s a team sport where you need more than Brow and old man Bron and 4ppg in college Bronny.
  15. Lebron has more money than any basketball player not named MJ, is old AF and on his last leg, and conned one of the most historic franchises into drafting his shit son and giving him a 4 year contract. He could afford to take a contract that reflects his current talent and have the team sign one or two other great players and try to make another run or two with his son on the squad. Nah bruh give me those max dollars dawg after I extorted you to draft my shit son and leaked that I’d take less money. As the thread title says, Fuck you pay me! - Lebron
  16. I’m not as negative as Bill and completely agree with his post. Fuck Lebron, Rich Paul, and the Lakers. Someone wasting a pick would not only have been a hilarious troll, it sends a message that they can’t manipulate the entire league like they’ve tried so many times (and usually succeeded). Lebron still walks around arrogantly thinking all Americans should give a shit what his thoughts are on every subject, basketball or otherwise. If the Lakers legitimately wanted Bronny or Lebron and Paul had that much power over them, the team drafting Bronny could’ve got something better than a late 2nd round pick by trading him to LA.
  17. Who’s going to jump in and take Bronny before the Lakers at #55 just to fuck with them and Lebron? It would be a nice dessert to the Schloss hire.
  18. We could offer to take Springer and his remaining contract along with Vlad?
  19. Looks like the type to say “Aw shucks ma’am would ya mind if I fingerbanged you as long as I wash my hands first and then maybe finish with a cuddle?”
  20. I hope that lady reporter is like 6’4” or else Reed’s true height is like 5’10”
  21. We traded one first rounder and a swap of Nets picks for two first rounders and and two swap options related to Phoenix but pushed the capital down the road. I think Htownhorn flipped 2025 and 2026. 2024 Brooklyn's pick (#3 overall) 2025 Get the worse of HOU/OKC but can swap it with PHX 2026 No first rounder (Our pick goes to OKC unless in top 4) 2027 Own pick but can swap with Brooklyn and also get PHX's pick 2028 Own pick 2029 Best 2 picks out of HOU, PHX, and DAL
  22. Can we interest PHX in a Dillon Brooks+Tate for KD trade?
  23. Sol definitely knew it was Mae by the way he hesitated and asked where her sister was, not where Mae was. Darth Steve also knew it was OHSA that he found. That wookie must be a real bitch or was drunk AF to go down like that. If these Jedi are indicative of standard issue Jedi in the late republic, it’s no wonder Obi Wan and Anakin shot up the power rankings so quickly.
  24. Do all the Big10 schools play baseball? Maybe Aggy can opt out and claim some ghost victory.
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