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  1. I took the American flight direct from DFW to Auckland in December and it’s fantastic. I go to NZ a couple times per year for work, and it makes such a difference not to have to connect. if you’re there in summer, probably my best pro tip would be to spend the extra cash (maybe $1500 I think it was) to get a helicopter to take you around Auckland and then out to Waiheke for a day of drinking at a restaurant on the beach. Hard to top a day like that.
  2. Yeah I’m a Rice grad also and don’t love this. At one point this year we had Jim McMahon’s kid playing qb and Christian McCaffrey’s brother at WR. I was diggin that. Not this ass clown.
  3. I lol'd. I grew up in Woodway and know exactly which HEB and local streets you're talking about. RIP Mike C
  4. Credit to the Northern teams this year. Very lopsided. I say this every year, but it's nice to play all the championships at home. I know this triggers some folks on here, but would be nice to move the final games around the state. ....and I live in Highland Park, by the way, so not a homer for GHA, Austin/San Antonio or the RGV.
  5. Actually the Houston bottom middle is Katy Seven Lakes, not Klein Collins.
  6. Yes I agree. However one fact that those outside of Houston may not know is that North Shore as a school is 70% Hispanic.
  7. North Shore is brutalizing Atascocita. 38-7 in the 4th. I have to say I didn't expect that, given North Shore lost their QB a couple months ago and has somewhat struggled to score points against the better teams. Last time they played Cita they won 16-13. Assuming Westlake takes care of Brennan, next week will be a great game with North Shore. Both teams have shown some vulnerability this season....neither is invincible this year.
  8. It is quite a benefit not to have to run through the DFW/Houston gauntlet in the playoffs to maintain a healthy squad for the last two games.
  9. One of the top up-and-coming offensive minds in football supervising advanced practice drills
  10. The prior pic to the "Take me now, Quinn" photo from Saturday. Incredibly short fingers on the gal. Nevertheless, would bang.
  11. ….and this is with Quinn being injured for several games.
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