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  1. Interesting. He seems to be in an inbetween place of wanting to be a head coach but also wanting to enjoy life in Austin with his wife and kids living on the lake. Would be great if he chose to stay and the next coach wanted him on. I’d assume it would be a similar role he had this year. The recruiting aspect will always be a question with him. His name holds a ton of weight and does some heavy lifting for him but does he want to continually put up with the bullshit that comes with recruiting 15-17 year olds? As a head man you can delegate some of that but if you are an on-field assistant you have to do it.
  2. It’s sad there were certain people involved in decision making or who had influence that couldn’t get over TCU doing that in 2010.
  3. I don't think Kendall ever said that. The whole premise of his comment on the radio show was based around him being asked if any jobs would be coming open and him saying "I would keep an eye on the Texas job. From everything I hear, they are likely going to make a move"
  4. Because I'm sure the radio will be where the scoop is given on this coaching search.
  5. Well, that strategy made a lot more sense until Jay Johnson was asked in a press conference a week ago if Texas contacted him and Kendall Rogers went on radio shows dropping Jim Schlossnagle by name as a replacement Texas desired. Keeping Pierce has done very little to quite the noise and prevent distractions. I guess no one at the CWS has been directly asked but we are kidding ourselves if we don't think everybody knows what is happening at this point.
  6. A&M has 1 true starter (Prager). They don’t like to start Cortez and Aschenbeck so that leaves them very thin with starting options. They’ve used openers several times the last month or so. If they win this one tonight without using Aschenbeck and with Prager set to throw Monday, they will be in the drivers seat of this tournament.
  7. None of that is from a paysite. He caused numerous issues that the baseball department was having to deal with. That’s all I say. Mitchell is a good dude and glad he found success.
  8. Kentucky has been living right all year. Won a TON of close games. Team ERA just below 5.00 and a .287 team batting average. They seem to win in the margins. NC State is even more glaring. Hit .290 as a team and has a team ERA of 6.09.
  9. Why did other guys develop the last 2 years then? It sucks he regressed but it happens in baseball. Tulo couldn’t fix him in 2022 and Longley couldn’t fix him last year. There was a lot of off-field crap going on with Daly too. His dad was insane and apparently treated people like garbage associated with the program (players, coaches, admin, etc.). Daly needed a reset somewhere else.
  10. Also, I've been wrong before but this Vitello noise seems to be coming from people just hoping it will happen more than him being a serious candidate being mentioned behind the scenes. Jimmy Sexton is his agent so I'm sure he's loving this potential Texas opening.
  11. I get what you are saying, and almost all college rosters have holes, but the overall construction of the team has been way off for years. In the last 3 recruiting classes, including the portal, the only two pitchers heading into next year who have contributed meaningful innings are Max Grubbs and Ace Whitehead. That is a horrendous hit rate. More alarming is the poor feel Pierce seems to have for what is at his disposal. We've had to replace our closer midseason 3 freaking years in a row. We opened 2023 with Chris Stuart as our closer and 2024 with David Shaw as our closer. What did he see during the fall and spring to make those decisions? What did he see to make him feel Kimble Schuessler needed to split time with Galvan behind the plate? Why were we playing guys like Jayden Duplantier and Cam Constantine over Peyton Powell to start 2023? He had Mitchell Daly batting cleanup to start the 2022 season and forced that experiment down our throats for a month. As has been discussed on here at length, he always did a good job of playing the hand he was dealt, but he was also dealing his own hand and continually gave himself 2/7 off-suit.
  12. It’s a not insignificant amount for a sport that barely makes money in a good year. Ole Miss would have owed Bianco close to $7 million this year to fire him and it’s a big reason they brought him back. If that was a football or basketball buyout they probably don’t think twice. No idea on specifics but with that OB update, I’m wondering if Texas is maybe trying to get Pierce’s side to agree to a lower amount because of all the off-field shit that was dealt with. I don’t think they can fire him for cause but maybe they are threatening that to get him to take a deal.
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