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  1. Charles ain't gonna like this
  2. There's a good chance you are right, but the guy played about 12 quarters of meaningful football, half of which were against the drop 8 defense no one in this damn program could seem to solve. I can't answer for why they felt the need to continue to trot out Casey Thumbson and then happily helped him pack his bags as soon as they could after the season. Both games in which Card replaced him it was warranted and Card performed better (albeit that doesn't mean much because the bar wasn't set high).
  3. I say this with the caveat that I fully except Ewers to start, but if you believe Sarkisian is an elite QB developer then I have tough time seeing the logic of also believing a redshirt freshman can't improve year over year. I don't care if it's Cole Lourd. Just win games. Please.
  4. At least we can lay this season to rest on August 12th. It was a fun ride.
  5. Brewer. Who then transferred to Utah and took his ball and went home in the middle of the season after he was pulled in like game 2.
  6. They also told their noodle armed QB who was a locker room cancer to get as far away from the program as possible and started a real QB (sounds awfully familiar). Did that contribute do them winning the Big 12? Or was the 10 game turnaround all due to 2 offensive lineman?
  7. Honestly, the only reason I want Card named the starter is to see the reaction from BO&W
  8. Not trying to defend Herman, but pretty much everyone wanted Card. Ryan Day was all over him at Ohio State and he was #1 on their board. Of course they ended up lucking into CJ Stroud anyway because that's the type of luck that program has had lately.
  9. It’s going to come down to the young and inconsistent arms we had last year taking a step forward. I’m thinking of guys like Harrison, Sthele, LBJ, Duplantier and Morehouse. If 2 or 3 of them become dudes (which they are capable of), we will be competing for a conference title. If it’s more of the same from last year, it will be another rollercoaster ride. Offensively we are going to have to score with a different style this year. Less homers, less strikeouts, more chaos on the bases and hitting with runners in scoring position.
  10. Probably means that Thomas is definitely starting out at 1B. Campbell has one OF spot on lock and you have Beyleu, Brown, Fields and Whitehead battling for the other 2 and DH spots. 3 of those 4 are left handed hitters so I’m sure there will be some platooning.
  11. OB is saying he apparently did not have a pleasant reaction to having a boot put on his car.
  12. Texas wide receiver Agiye Hall was arrested by UTPD on Thursday night on Class B misdemeanor charges. Hall was taken to Travis County Sheriff’s Office central booking and was booked at 9:06 p.m., according to data available on the TSCO’s website. Hall was charged with criminal mischief equal to or greater than $100 but less than $750. TSCO listed his bond as $0. Hall, a transfer from Alabama out of Valrico (Fla.) Bloomingdale, committed to the Longhorns on April 19th and joined the program for summer strength and conditioning. During his freshman year at Alabama, Hall played in seven games and finished with four receptions for 72 yards.
  13. Insider on IT is saying Agiye Hall is done.
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