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  1. AT&T Sportsnet (Astros TV home) showed games last year I believe as well.
  2. Correct, I'm too worried about it right now. Small sample size and all. The emergence of Dee Kennedy might hurt him because that will push Thomas to CF more often, with Gasparino shifting over to RF. This leaves Belyeu mainly only DH opportunities, but obviously they are still tinkering with things.
  3. His inability to pull the trigger at times is perplexing. Really good at working counts and taking walks but sometimes he needs to go up there being the aggressor.
  4. Belyeu finds himself in more bases loaded situations than anyone I can remember
  5. Our portal game will get better with the SEC move too. I know for a fact we’ve lost out on a few kids who were interested in coming here but wanted to play in the SEC and we couldn’t overcome that.
  6. The 2018 team had no business making it to Omaha with the roster they had. 2021 and 2022 both had rosters good enough to make runs even with whatever holes we had. We had at least 2 good starting pitchers both seasons and that’s all you need in that format with the off days (ask LSU). Obviously we know what happened in 2021 and 2022 just shat the bed.
  7. Definitely ain’t a midweek strike zone tonight
  8. Been a while since we’ve had a freshman arm to get excited about. Tumis has me excited.
  9. Nik Sanders doesn’t get cheated. I like that about him.
  10. 11.7. And every program has holes. Even LSU. We just watch Texas every game and think it’s isolated to us. LSU fans pulled their hair out at their pitching staff every time Skenes wasn’t on the mound last year.
  11. Interesting that against a lefty starter, Pierce decides to go all lefties the top 3 in the order. I don't mind it because I think all 3 can hit lefties just as well as righties.
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