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  1. He's been solid in the past. I certainly think he's the most plugged-in of any of the 9.95 sites (not a super high bar, but still), although I think Blake Munroe has some good sources too.
  2. A few quick notes from OB baseball guy: A few notes to pass along on the baseball front as we hit the end of a fascinating week on the 40 Acres.I think for War Room, we state some things known. 1. Texas head baseball coach David Pierce has not been officially let go by the university, but there is a sense from the sources that we've talked to that it is only a matter of time before it happens. 2. Sources believe that Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte CDC is running a one-man search for a replacement and and is quickly narrowing in on his guy. 3. Brian O’Connor (Virginia) will not be the next coach, as he signed a 7 year extension today. Likewise, Tennessee's Tony Vitello is not expected to be the guy. Based on information from sources, there is no reason to believe that Jim Schlossnagle will be the next head coach.
  3. Hmmmmm. I’ll take that L. Wonder if LBSU was being cheap with what Tulo was asking for $$ wise for staff and support.
  4. Long Beach will likely be where Longley ends up too as Tulo's hitting guy assuming Tulo gets the salary pool for assistants he needs.
  5. Tulo is close to being named the next coach at Long Beach State.
  6. All it said was the "first shoe has dropped and now on to phase 2". Which is similar to what I heard earlier too. I think there is going to be a lot more clarity tomorrow. I don't think this thing is stretching through the CWS.
  7. Tumis is listed but he’s not throwing this summer. Workload management and hanging back in Austin to get some meat on those bones so he can add some velo.
  8. I've never really understood the different ways universities like to frame departures. It could come out tomorrow that Texas and Pierce are "parting ways," or he is "resigning," and we all know what it really means.
  9. Both Gus and Augie were fired. It got officially announced as a resignation (Gus) or taking a special assistant job in the athletic department (Augie) but both were told to resign or else.
  10. Hard to recruit the portal when you don't have a coach
  11. Yeah, he's the guy who wrote that. Been there for a couple years. Replaced McComas.
  12. Update from OB baseball writer. Not much new but reiterates the decision to fire Pierce was made long ago and outlines why.
  13. A poster posted a gif on one of their baseball threads about something happening right around the time they had that happen on the broadcast.
  14. There are several guys out there I would classify as good coaches but haven’t been mentioned a lot during this process. Mitch Canham is one at Oregon State. I’ve seen a few people talk about him. Andrew Checketts at UC Santa Barbara has had a lot of success and is a pitching guy. Also hosted a regional this year. Rob Vaughn at Bama who just finished year 1 and had a good tenure at Maryland. Of course I would prefer all the splashy names being thrown out, but all 3 of those dudes are youngish coaches with success.
  15. The top bracket is 10x tougher than the bottom bracket. I will fade Tennessee though as their style of play has not translated well to Omaha under Vitello. Even without Montgomery A&M has a good chance of advancing out of their bracket. Kentucky has to come back down to earth at some point. None of their team stats stand out. They just do a little bit of everything and have won a lot of close games.
  16. Nah, offline. Sounds like he gave assurances today to people around the Clemson program that he is staying.
  17. I don’t think Bakich is in play anymore based on what I heard tonight. The Vitello and Schlossnagle stuff continues to be more dreaming than reality. I’m not sure where this search might be headed but if you take it into this weekend you better have a solid ass plan to pluck someone at the CWS because if you wait another 7+ days then hire someone who was available for weeks it’s going to be obvious what happened.
  18. You do know Paul Mainieri retired 3 years ago and isn't an active coach, right?
  19. 19-27 is what my quick math says. Again, not good. But if Sports Illustrated is going to have their name attached to something, you would think it would have been fact-checked before.
  20. I see why SI is in the shitter. David Pierce is 297-162 at Texas, how does that add up to over 550 games? They also have not played 43 games against the SEC and he has more than 16 wins. The record isn't good, but does it hurt to maybe run a Google check before publishing an article online?
  21. If you don't see the gaping holes on that roster I don't know what to tell you. Yes, I would be very pleased to welcome back Gasparino, Belyeu, Galvan and Schuessler from last year. But it gets pretty damn scary pretty damn fast after you get past those guys.
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