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  1. Great fucking hustle by Bishop to get in place and get set.
  2. This is some dumb shit. KSU 1-1 (W 69-66 and L 116-103) KU 2-1 (W 75-59, W 76-56, L 88-80) Baylor 1-1 (W 76-71, L 81-72) 4-3. All but one game we lost was single digits. We also smoked Kansas by 20 twice the last 2 times we played them.
  3. December-January Rick Barnes is a completely different coach than March Rick Barnes. His early season teams are often loose and play good ball. His tourney teams seem like they have a champagne glass shoved up their ass and they're terrified of breaking it.
  4. Watching a Barnes team in the tournament is a lot more fun when he's not on your sideline.
  5. Best I could find was the reporter outside.
  6. MSU is shooting 37% and 50%, KSU is at 54% and 50%. Each team has 3 3's on 6 attempts.
  7. Pretty fun first 6 1/2 minutes. Great game so far.
  8. The single most important thing right now is to emphasize that the cop is wrong when he calls it a "battle rifle". It's a common mistake. He's probably not around guns much. AR doesn't stand for Assault Rifle. It stands for ArmaLite Rifle. I bet he probably calls a magazine a clip too.
  9. Arizona fans going to dread getting a 2 seed from now on. Now it's a pattern.
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