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  1. Said "leader" when hearing multiple mops couldn't clean all the blood. "So what? Get a fucking pressure washer."
  2. Pods

    The Supremes

    Would be a nice contrast between Democrats using the actual American flag as a flag only, while the fascists constantly desecrate the flag with their tacky clothes, thin blue line/grey motifs and Trump on top of a tank.
  3. Explains the floor for both Trump and Nixon's approval ratings. Nixon still had 25% support at the end. Trump's lowest was 34%.
  4. You are right that the Pac isn't technically dead, but you have to consider them at least mostly dead with this kind of TV deal.
  5. Poe is an un-American, fascist boot licker, but he's also one of our longest tenured trolls and y'all are falling for his rope-a-dope schtick. Abbot has done a completely reprehensible thing and pardoned a murdering wanna-be pedo. It is literally indefensible, so Poe is going to troll you to change the topic. Now the conversation is no longer about Abbott, but instead, it's about how big of a piece of shit Poe is. Being a piece of shit is something Poe relishes, so you are getting in the mud with a pig and he's enjoying it. Fuck Greg Abbott. Motherfucker is the former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and the AG. He knows the law and wields it as a cudgel against his fellow Texans.
  6. It's some real smooth brained shit to suggest that a supporter of the No Labels Party is anti-Trump. The entire reason the No Labels Party exists is to siphon off moderate voters to aid Trump and Co. Even for Rex, that's fucking stupid. I mean, vaccines are pretty good and all, but the best thing modern science ever did is telling us about dinosaur dicks. https://www.vice.com/en/article/xd7qnq/we-asked-a-paleontologist-which-dinosaur-had-the-biggest-dick-924
  7. Yep. He's the 2020's version of Alan Colmes. Both of them are smart guys. Fox intentionally gives Juan Williams the same yellow makeup they used to give Colmes, which makes him look weak and sickly. They then set him up to be dunked on by idiots, whose points are more effective the less sense they make, but it all starts with presenting the sickly, weak liberal.
  8. Pods


    Those Boysenberry gummies aren't the best tasting, but they are pretty damn effective. Don't ever have one after brushing your teeth though. It's fucking foul. Are we sure this isn't a viral marketing campaign for a Cheech and Chong reboot?
  9. The best wingman is a puppy. The second best wingman is a cool, hot female friend.
  10. and if we're sharing Driver's Ed stories, I've got a non-bridge one. My first day, about 25 mins in we picked up a girl and the instructor had her get in the driver's seat. It was her last day. She put the car in reverse, gunned it across the street and obliterated the neighbor's stone mail box.
  11. Smart dude. Here I am getting booster shots in my arm like a sucker.
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