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  1. December-January Rick Barnes is a completely different coach than March Rick Barnes. His early season teams are often loose and play good ball. His tourney teams seem like they have a champagne glass shoved up their ass and they're terrified of breaking it.
  2. Watching a Barnes team in the tournament is a lot more fun when he's not on your sideline.
  3. Best I could find was the reporter outside.
  4. MSU is shooting 37% and 50%, KSU is at 54% and 50%. Each team has 3 3's on 6 attempts.
  5. Pretty fun first 6 1/2 minutes. Great game so far.
  6. The single most important thing right now is to emphasize that the cop is wrong when he calls it a "battle rifle". It's a common mistake. He's probably not around guns much. AR doesn't stand for Assault Rifle. It stands for ArmaLite Rifle. I bet he probably calls a magazine a clip too.
  7. Arizona fans going to dread getting a 2 seed from now on. Now it's a pattern.
  8. Nah, they're small town zombies. He'll have plenty of advance notice, because they will be stopping to help, and then eat the brains of, anyone broken down on the side of the road.
  9. "We'll even teach you how to flush the toilet. Hell, take Putin out and we'll throw in a bidet."
  10. Y'all seriously think this fucking coward would drop a nuke? He is clearly terrified of death. He won't let anyone else get within 15 feet of him. He drops a nuke, his allies are all gone and he's a dead man walking. He will not risk that escalation, which results in him personally being targeted. If he was going to drop a nuke, he would have done it on any one of his myriad of bluffs and it would have been when such a decision could have delivered a tactical win. Those days are long gone. When the stupid motherfucker finally realizes he has no chance to hold his gains, he'll do what gives him the best chance of survival. He'll declare victory and retreat to his bunker.
  11. Pods


    Well, moderator. We just say moderator.
  12. Here's the article. This object is quite a bit smaller than the previous Chinese spy balloons. The object was ~40,000 feet, instead of 60,000, which threatens civilian air traffic. We shot it down the same way as the last one, F-22 firing a sidewinder missile. We don't officially know what the object we shot down is yet. The object broke up when it hit sea ice.
  13. Cross-posted from DT, boosted from Reddit.
  14. Boosted from Reddit
  15. Erdogan is a de facto dictator. There is zero chance he'll be threatened in the election. It's rigged. This is about appearing "strong" to the rest of the Muslim world, so he can set up his caliphate, and getting the west to look the other way while he oppresses and murders the Kurds. He's not dealing in good faith. Every time Sweden thinks they have a deal, Erdogan changes the terms and extorts them some more. This is a guy that ordered his bodyguards to attack US citizens on US soil when they had the audacity to protest him. The bigger question is why de facto dictators like Erdogan and Orban are allowed to block near unanimous NATO and EU decisions made by the democracies that actually drive both alliances.
  16. Well, it's a few days since the Rammstein conference concluded, but it looks like the only acceptable outcome has been reached. Du Du hast Du hast tanks
  17. I hope Prigozhin does stick to basements. So many Russians dying falling out elevated windows. It's kind of played out. I want to see one of them die falling up through a basement window.
  18. The Mike Leach offense in restaurant form.
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