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  1. I feel like we're about 80% of the way through the plot for a Cocaine Bear sequel pitch meeting.
  2. Even then, He has a looooooooooong fucking list to get on. I've always maintained that if there is a God, we were his 8th grade science project. He procrastinated most of the assignment time, then spent 6 days furiously collecting data and writing a shit report. Day 7, we were disposed of under His bed. We have been there, alone, ever since. The heat death of the Sun will happen when mom get sick of the mess while he's away at college and throws us out.
  3. That is the tackiest cologne bottle ever, which is saying something.
  4. They have plenty of Coke Cartel money, thanks to American consumer demand. It's the ugly truth that we need to face as a nation. Hard working American Coca-Cola, fueled by American corn syrup, can't compete with sugar powered Mexican Cokes.
  5. Proposition 1 We don't want to pay taxes. Proposition 2 But we also want the state to create a giant law enforcement and military apparatus, big enough to seal a 1,254 mile border.
  6. If Gizmodo says don't get Cybertruck wet, I'd listen. You probably shouldn't charge it after midnight either.
  7. New RNC chair will be Lara Trump. That Lindell/Bannon clip is awesome. Bannon is laughing at Lindell and trying to hide it when the camera comes back to him.
  8. The British monarchy are even bigger thieves than the British Museum. https://www.history.com/news/british-museum-stolen-artifacts-nigeria Fuck them both.
  9. Long CSB Alert- I had a relative who was in senior leadership with the Customs and Border Patrol in Eagle Pass in the 90's. One day, when his boss was off, my relative was in charge of the crossing. One of the trucks trying to cross was ordered to pull off for a thorough secondary inspection. He was walking over to check it out when he saw the agents at the secondary inspection area talk to the driver, then wave the truck through without an inspection. My relative ordered other agents to stop the truck and then gave it a full inspection. Spoiler alert, they found a shitload of drugs. In the process of investigating, he discovered an extensive bribery scheme that implicated at least 3 agents. My relative, being honest and too trusting, immediately went and reported it to his boss, as well as local law enforcement/DA's office. Unfortunately for my relative, the corruption was pervasive and went WAY above his head. There was a token investigation, but some of the evidence disappeared and other evidence was "accidentally" tainted. With the key evidence missing, or tainted, the investigation was dropped without looking into anyone else's involvement. My relative had been with CBP over a decade and had a spotless record to that point, but he suddenly received several bullshit retaliatory allegations in the next few weeks, and was forced out of CBP. He also received multiple, extremely graphic and credible threats against his wife and kids unless he immediately left town, both from the cartel and his fellow agents (he recognized one of the voices). Stuff like how they would be tortured, killed and then buried in the desert where they'd never be found. He finally figured out the whole place was corrupt AF, decided not to push his luck, and moved very far away from the US/Mexico border with a quickness.
  10. Good. Don't let him back in.
  11. Alina is more silicon than woman now and it's still not close. Here they are without all the plastic surgery and it's a landslide. Taylor's in makeup and Alina is dressed for her parking garage lawyer gig, so it's not 1 to 1, but it's one of only a few pre-surgery pics of Habba and the first image result for Swift. Regardless of any extraneous factors, there's no amount of silicon and lipstick you can put on a pig to make Alina Habba hotter than Taylor Swift.
  12. Don't risk it, go Middle School. Tubas are heavy, so you'll want a big advantage. They are also very difficult to carry, so the thinking man knows to grab a sousaphone instead.
  13. Get a grip dude. This shit is a training exercise compared to how the US fights actual wars against countries with a real military. Gulf War 1, we bombed Iraq from January 17 - Feb 23, over 100,000 sorties and 88,500 tons worth of bombs. Gulf War 2, we dropped 54.6 tons of bombs in September, before Congress even authorized hostilities. We pounded them in the meantime and didn't invade until towards the end of March. You now how aggy always screamed Texas was buying players, and we always said everyone would know if we were, and now everyone can see the truth of that due to NIL? Everyone will know if we actually decide to go to war with Iran.
  14. Speaking of Nebraska... did George stroke out when the officials put 1 second back on the clock against Washington?
  15. FYI, on the McDonald's app, look under deals/rewards, every day there will be a 20% off the order coupon/deal. You can use it daily and it resets for the next day. There are other coupons too, but if you're ordering for multiple people, the 20% off is usually the best one. You can't order the Big Mac with quarter pounder patties on the app, that I've seen, but you can order it with 4 patties.
  16. Fuck yes. Cachapas >>>>>>>>> Arepas. If you've never had one, get one. That one above is "con queso de mano".
  17. Pods

    The Supremes

    This game lends itself to certain abuses.
  18. Ron announcing the news to his supporter.
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