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  1. No. They’re not stupid. But this wait for the schedule is going to end up being very anticlimactic
  2. I see some fuckery &a night game in Provo in November
  3. The dude has 6k followers I doubt he is breaking that story
  4. Gidnik


    how good would we have been with Cam Rising the last 2 years?
  5. so if we stay for the final 2 years we can put the whammy on the little 8? i like that.
  6. the chances are zero. first fox would throw a fit and second it would likely be a breach of the contract witht he big 12 making it ok for us to leave with cause with no penalty
  7. I’m not black so I’m just gonna sit this one out
  8. i bet theyre haggling money for 2024 exit. if fox wants a bunch of texas or oklahoma games against the big 12 to be "made whole" i say fuckem and not leave until 2025. i want a clean break.
  9. so basically what this is saying is that they want us to leave to pay them back for them giving the 4 new schools any money at all because the networks werent going to give them any? sounds like a them problem to me.
  10. id rather stay till 2025 and have a clean break and let the remaining 8 lose that money than give them an out. no pun intended
  11. uh oh https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/01/20/pac-12-fires-senior-executives-following-investigation-into-failure-to-report-overpayments-from-media-partners/ TLDR pac 12 execs not reporting over payments in the amount of 50 mil
  12. https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/01/18/pac-12-media-rights-kliavkoff-sees-no-need-to-rush-but-the-strategy-carries-risk-this-is-realignment-after-all/
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