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  1. Yes overrated like the 2 time super bowl winner Eli manning…
  2. not sure if legal speak but.... https://www.deseret.com/2022/6/20/23175933/college-football-realignment-espn-chairman-jimmy-pitaro-says-oklahoma-texas-in-big-12-until-2025
  3. and they deleted my post but kept the thread
  4. could you imagine if this happened in todays day and age?
  5. horse shit. everyone says arch wants to help build around himself. if he wants to help recruit and build around himself he is not going to silent commit. he is going to commit and start working on building around himself.
  6. if im the big 10 im blowing kisses at USC, and notre dame. and when notre dame says no id snag oregon, washington, and try and steal north carolina or virginia. those schools are all aau. (i find it interesting that iowa state left aau this year)
  7. the problem with streaming is that most of the streaming services have their customers already. theyre not going to add many customers with college football. at least not for the amount of money they are rumored to spend. 1 billion dollars divided by 9.99 a month is 100 million months of subscriptions. They may add a few games a year but theyre never going to be a major player. at least not in my opinion.
  8. id add in penn state and virginia tech.
  9. the 11.6 is after Texas and oklahoma leave.
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