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  1. worst possible outcome is bama beating georgia
  2. In true duck fashion, Oregon gonna puke down their shirt
  3. Imagine spending 90 million dollars to hire Mike elko
  4. Anyone have the liucci deleted post?
  5. what an absolute clown show
  6. Like the keystone fucking cops
  7. oklahoma state has absolutely no desire to win this game.
  8. literally dozens of fans showed up to support osu trying to make it to the conference championship
  9. I’m rooting for okie lite because I wanna beat all 8 left behind’s
  10. better view of BV almost getting trampled to death
  11. Texas - 42 raider rash - 10 220 rushing 350 passing
  12. i was wrong i dont know where i saw it but it was wrong. i throw myself on the mercy of the court.
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