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  1. Improvements down 17% Appraised up 10% still trying to catch up.
  2. Went to Herbsaint last night and drinks at Jolie. Have reservations at Pêche later today.
  3. I know lots of people that bought UW sidelines close for 1500 and up before fees that can now be had for way less. In terms or more premium seating they might dip down more but so many of these seats already had a high fave value that people won’t want to sell for a loss.
  4. Still available if anyone is still looking. They said willing to be flexible on pricing.
  5. I definitely don't know dick... SMU being my 39th most confident pick. Ugh
  6. Have a friend selling the 2 seats near me in 316. PM me if you want the details and pricing.
  7. Somewhere around 131 - 142
  8. Desert willow? I have a big one that is starting to die but one that started growing but only a foot and a half from the paved alleyway. Is that going to cause problems down the line that I should remove?
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