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  1. Headed to Park City tomorrow for some powder chasing. Hopefully the storm holds together. I need to get some serious vertical feet in.
  2. The damage estimate for my stolen, joyrided M5 was >$100k. So totaled, obviously. Just ordered another in the same spec. May be June before I get it.
  3. TJ Shanahan sucks, and I say that as a Westlake wonk.
  4. Lesson learned. Never leave an extra key fob inside your car. This bad boy got stolen last night from the hotel we were staying at due to the power outage. Long boring story about why the extra fob was in there, related to power outage. Car burglars smashed window on another car too, but I guess when they found my key they went for a joy ride. I found it the next morning off Riverside using a tracker. Car destroyed. [emoji20]
  5. I can watch HS basketball on cable but not this? Fuck the sorry ass Big 12.
  6. If the contract was for more than one year of service, it would’ve had to be in writing. #StatuteOfFrauds
  7. Thinking about a family night at Moody
  8. The market will obviously fall. The question is when. Paying $10-20k over sticker for Tahoes and Escalades can’t last forever. How long until supply increases to bring things back to normal? Wish I knew. The lease on my wife’s X7 is about up and our only options are to 1) order something new at MSRP and wait 4-12 months, 2) go with the very slim pickings on the lot and pay over MSRP for less than ideal or 3) just pay the residual and wait this market out. Looks like we’re going with option 3 at this point. The residual price on the X7, which was leased pre-pandemic, is ~$15k below current market price.
  9. Those are these: https://www.autorimshop.com/media/catalog/product/cache/d04e3d2c625b66f9230fa7e9d73c508d/a/l/aly96593u30.jpg I think you may be seeing the balancing weights inside the rim. Or nice a layer of water spots from the recent rain.
  10. If I was Auburn, I’d already have Traylor signed up.
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