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  1. He's from Ohio, was days away from committing to them, then went to our Junior Day and called his announcement off. It's a remnant of the earlier silent.
  2. Feels like that graphic was supposed to have words on it
  3. A&M has a ton of returning production, which is generally a pretty solid barometer for improvement. Of course, all of their depth transferred, but injuries are so rare in football, it's fine.
  4. Every game will be close. For better or (mostly) worse. Also, everyone will hate his fucking guts after 3 years. Luckily, shouldn't be too much access to coke and parties in the famously laid back Westwood area.
  5. Fleck could be great. Colossal weirdo, but a solid coach who can will programs into being interesting through sheer energy and force of will alone.
  6. It's a real shame this kid doesn't go to Trophy Club Byron Nelson
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