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  1. Yep, and while our run D will likely take a hit (can’t be #1 forever) our pass rush should take a step up and the safety play should improve. I don’t think we take as big a step back next year as I’d originally thought.
  2. “Charlie Stro-I mean Elko came in and immediately started cleaning house, he’s building a lasting culture from the ground up.” - Emergency Looch shortly
  3. That’s great, that wasn’t what was being referenced. You brought up scoring from anywhere on the field, not us.
  4. God damn America is in a sorry state when a mass shooter thread casually devolves into restaurant selfies and food discussion by page 2
  5. I also love that they act like he failed and they subsequently fired him when in reality he was hired away to be the head coach of an actual blue blood.
  6. Lolllll. Hell yea let’s play the selective stat game and not the criteria that is referenced by literally anyone that wants to talk about blue bloods. Y’all are a solid program. Don’t use the term incorrectly and then try to move the goal posts.
  7. Plenty of shit on the streets though. Can certainly see how it could find its way in to one’s esophagus.
  8. We’ve gone downhill because we have homosexual posters? Interesting
  9. Sark had no business getting the Texas job and getting us to the playoff in year three. Fraud!
  10. Washington won 1, 2,5,4, and 0 games the seasons before Sark and those Twilight looking motherfuckers think they were too good for Seven win Steve 😂
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