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  1. Seriously though beautiful episode
  2. It takes effort to look like you just ran out of the shower while simultaneously looking like you haven’t showered in weeks.
  3. The got a bennigans? Well shit bruther that’s all you had to say
  4. Was the underground fungal communication a factor in the game at all?
  5. Or like, just use one of the dozens of grenades on the floor
  6. Complaining about this show because zombies have been done before or because TWD fell off a cliff is fucking dumb. All I gotta say.
  7. Kittles schtick is fucking weird. Guess it doesn’t matter when you’re awesome
  8. Our potential is capped by Dak being a retard.
  9. Him and Ewers both posted 70+. Def not Arch
  10. Lmao seems like yesterday when some thought he might be Sarks DC hire
  11. She’s taking the commitment to burnt orange to another level. Props.
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