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  1. We’d kill for David Ash level of play
  2. Flood trying not to pull a Cale Gundy:
  3. To be fair the two orange UTs who have sucked for 10+ years can get a little confusing
  4. He’s more proven at the D1 level than any of the alternatives. Really all that matters.
  5. If Ewers gets paid all that money to just ride the bench ripping heaters in his sick mullet AGAIN he’ll be my hero
  6. Coupla standard fall camp injuries and our recruiting class is already falling apart. Sad.
  7. Now we just have more built in excuses for getting ass pounded by Bama
  8. Well it’s not rhetoric when it’s a direct quote from a player, idiot. But yes we shouldn’t count on Red to be our savior.
  9. $9.95ers don’t know fuck all about medicine/most things. News at 10.
  10. Those OB nerds are going to lose their minds
  11. Fine but my t&a pics are going with me!
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