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  1. Alexi Lalas interview on the latest Austin Anthem podcast. https://austinanthem.org/media/
  2. Austin FC launch anniversary party tonight at Rustic Tap. Pregame at Little Woodrow’s.
  3. Fitlump really taking on the anti-homeless crusade on Twitter. Making me pro-Adler about the whole thing.
  4. Good article from The Daily Mail today about Austin FC, including Austin Anthem. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7864969/Austin-FC-join-MLS-Hollywood-actor-owner.html
  5. Oof. I was on the advisory task force for 2018. Was way more work than I thought it would be. Can’t imagine what you’re going through. Thanks for agreeing to serve.
  6. What happens on Jan 18 or 25? And I do find it baffling that they're so focused on this one housing piece of the puzzle and not everything else we could be doing. The Governor's approach still sucks.
  7. So it was basic police incompetence? https://twitter.com/jamesrambin/status/1214319329656942592?s=21
  8. Honestly, this is the best possible outcome given where the church is right now.
  9. Sure. But that was before last year.
  10. Yep. That was the one. We had a good experience, but It's been quite a while since we lived in that part of town. Never officially became members. Cool to hear. Which makes me think, what would a place like that do if there wasn't a split? Ignore the new rules?
  11. We've stopped going to our local UMC over the last vote and will return when this is through. Individual churches previously had more discretion. We went to one in north Austin that had a rainbow flag and a lady pastor with a rainbow stole for a while.
  12. These are made up names right? Like when sports games used to not have permission to use real player names, so they had reasonably close approximations.
  13. Meet and greet with Reyna on Tuesday at 5:30 at Takoba. Should be interesting to get his perspective.
  14. They did. Back to Soldier Field. How bad is a location when Soldier Field is the better option?
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