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  1. Hopefully he divests himself of the entire operation so I can go to the races, enjoy concerts out there without feeling dirty and maybe attend a Bold match.
  2. I don’t think she’s going to be doing any more fitness model work any time soon.
  3. Let’s not go crazy. These “movers and shakers” are part of the irrelevant Travis County GOP and random ass conspiracy theorists. Not anyone of actual note in Austin.
  4. I’m sure she’s using the most liberal definition of that term.
  5. Not too late to join me for a virtual Flannigan fundraiser on Wednesday evening via Zoom. I'll definitely be asking Jimmy to characterize the political views of his opponents.
  6. The minority chamber alliance is doing one on Friday from 3 - 5. Districts 6, 7, 10. Should be a fun one. I'll be watching on YouTube with a cocktail in hand.
  7. Cohosting a fundraiser for Jimmy next week if anyone wants to throw some cash at not having MK on Council. DM for deets.
  8. Good to see the club and both of the supporters groups on the website as day one supporters.
  9. That’s exciting news. Happy to be part of the inaugural season.
  10. Talked to Chris Bils about Austin getting a team and the Crew being saved this week. https://capitalcitysoccer.com/2020/08/11/2020-08-11-ccss/
  11. Why that's a nuanced opinion that doesn't fit on a bumper sticker. How dare you introduce this kind of discourse into our political discussion?
  12. Welcome to the family!
  13. Yep. Can also pick up for carryout or patio consumption, at least until TABC changes its mind again.
  14. Available Wednesday if you like soccer and beer.
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