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  1. That’s a HUGE deal. Some serious cooks on that list
  2. Their onion rings damned sure were.
  3. Oh I’m still a bitch. Just a bitch who got a job that lets him keep doing what he loves doing.
  4. I have responsibility for the entire operation
  5. I had to turn in my hot/fast card. Oyler only knows low and slow. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat
  6. I’m off social media (except for twitter and this forum), so if someone else could lend an assist with the Jim Leeper dude that would be appreciated. And its very important to maintain the tradition of Dozier’s. Changes will be largely limited to improving the cook process and the quality of the end product. We may offer some new, updated sides at some point. But that’s about it
  7. Thanks. Just a clarification...I didn’t take over anything except assuming the role as GM and pitmaster. There are new owners (as of April 2019), and I’m just a hired gun who was brought in to get them caught up with the rest of the bbq world. I’m looking forward to getting back to old school bbq and letting someone else worry about the ownership stuff
  8. You won’t see me doing more popups. Buck’s is no longer a thing. I had my shot, and came up short.
  9. Yes, out of Galveston. No, did not get to keep the pits. We helped most of the staff get jobs at other spots. And no, not starting another venture. Not sure what the future holds for me but it almost certainly will not be owning another restaurant.
  10. For you Houston folk, this may be relevant to your interests. I'm doing a pop-up at Wooster's Garden on February 9th from 3:00 to 8:00 pm. I'm doing the proteins, my buddy Brandon Silva is doing the sides. The menu will be limited to one meat or two meat plates, each with two sides. We'll also be offering the grilled cheese and brisket sammich that Daniel Vaughn was so fond of. Brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs. I think Brandon is going to have five sides available.
  11. The island is very provincial. And candidly, there are a lot of folks who went out of their way to make things difficult for us (for reasons I’ll never understand). I’m not laying blame for our failing at their feet. We failed because we didn’t have the capital to survive a very unexpected drop in revenue and some significant mechanical issues. But the hostility we were met with on the island was certainly not helpful, nor were the administrative obstacles set in front of us. I would not ever look to open a spot on the island again. That said, I still feel pretty strongly we were on the verge of taking off...despite everything we had to deal with. Feels kinda like running a marathon in really shitty weather and then falling out from exhaustion within sight of the finish line.
  12. Brisket enchiladas AND lasagna!?!?! Who would have ever thought of such things?!
  13. Once or twice. Pro tip: buy the VIP
  14. That’s fair. I’m a bit sensitive at the moment bc there are a lot of experts out there who want to tell me I didn’t do enough marketing, or didn’t secure enough capital, or had the wrong concept, or whatever. I’ll apologize for the meltdown and withdraw from further commentary. Nothing left to say about it.
  15. I been doing this for more than a minute, and I made decisions based on empirical data presented to me. I also made very few changes to what existed before (except improve the quality of the food and level of service). You remind of a lot of the experts on facebook who know all of my missteps and can identify all the things I should have done. Maybe you and all those FB experts talking our their ass should start your own spot, since you know how it should actually be done. I sure as fuck don’t. And I actually spent the better part of a year trying to do it. And btw...far more than just my friends and the shaggy folk like my food. Last count, 15 articles written about our food in the last 28 months. That I know of.
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