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  1. Once or twice. Pro tip: buy the VIP
  2. That’s fair. I’m a bit sensitive at the moment bc there are a lot of experts out there who want to tell me I didn’t do enough marketing, or didn’t secure enough capital, or had the wrong concept, or whatever. I’ll apologize for the meltdown and withdraw from further commentary. Nothing left to say about it.
  3. I been doing this for more than a minute, and I made decisions based on empirical data presented to me. I also made very few changes to what existed before (except improve the quality of the food and level of service). You remind of a lot of the experts on facebook who know all of my missteps and can identify all the things I should have done. Maybe you and all those FB experts talking our their ass should start your own spot, since you know how it should actually be done. I sure as fuck don’t. And I actually spent the better part of a year trying to do it. And btw...far more than just my friends and the shaggy folk like my food. Last count, 15 articles written about our food in the last 28 months. That I know of.
  4. Three years ago there were two “decent” q joints in Katy. Now there are a half dozen “good” joints in Katy. I’m almost certainly out of the bbq game (unless I decide to run the pits for someone else)
  5. Yep. I felt like we were close to the finish line (the busy season) and really starting to build momentum. Just took too long for the locals to embrace us and we didn’t have the resources to survive the rapid drop in revenue. It certainly wasn’t the quality of the food or service. One need only reviews to see that.
  6. Yes. What I learned is not to try to open a restaurant in a seasonal market without lots of cash at your disposal. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Get the brisket fried rice and whatever sausage they’re serving. Pretty sure the thai green chili boudin is Friday only
  8. Thanks for the comments. This was a very difficult decision to make, we felt strongly that we were on the cusp of blowing up over the busy season. A belief that was shared by many other operators on the island. But it takes cash to run a restaurant and when your revenues can’t sustain operations, what do you do? I’d like to thank everyone who encouraged and supported us. There are guys on this board with skin in this game. And it kills me that we can’t make them whole. I gave it everything I had, and came up short.
  9. Walk-in died and we had spoilage. Can’t open the doors when you have nothing to serve. Its been a heck of a day.
  10. One of them cooks in ovens. The other cooks on gas-fired pits in Texas City.
  11. Bryan is very good people. And our collab brunch service is going to be epic.
  12. Its an honor to finish behind two places that don’t even have smokers onsite. Give me a full year down here and let’s see what’s what
  13. I blame shaggy, err, surly. For real though, being 5 months into this thing and placing second behind the most popular/swankiest steak place on the island ain’t too bad. 2019 didn’t suck. Appreciate all the support your assholes have provided. You’re a swell bunch
  14. 2019 has been a pretty good year.... https://www.texasmonthly.com/bbq/the-best-texas-bbq-bites-of-2019/
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