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  1. Here’s how the butterfinger brisket plate looked after my chef got his hands on it. I can cook, but I can’t plate worth a darn.
  2. The rosemary in the mac n cheese was a great idea. It took that mac up a million notches. And I love Grant’s ribs (unglazed). Perfectly cooked.
  3. Thanks man. The event last night was a completely different one. So you have time to do some more of that aggy voting. Pretty sure voting is through 12/31
  4. I always enjoyed Black Lab. But it was never busy. Ever.
  5. Well that’s a pleasant surprise. We did pretty good at Galveston Epicurean Evening last night too.
  6. Well that depends on how many pellets he has programmed to drop every hour
  7. Other than brisket and beef ribs I really don’t use much black pepper. And hardly any at all in my sides
  8. Pinto beans need beer. They require beer. Shiner Bock is the best for these purposes. 1lb pintos 3 cups pico (don't be a pussy, make your own. Roma tomato, white onion, jalapeno pepper, cilantro) 3 cloves garlic, minced 3 tbsp comino 2 tbsp coarse kosher 1 tbsp coarse ground black pepper unsalted beef stock (the unsalted part is important, sodium is not your friend here) water 2 bottles shiner bock 3 cups chopped brisket rinse beans then soak IN WATER overnight. Stock adds sodium content and makes for thick, soggy beans. Contrary to popular opinion here, good pintos (borrachos) should have a thin liquid. At cook time, drain and rinse beans again. Put beans in stock pot with unsalted beef stock (kitchen basics brand is inexpensive and pretty good) and water, 1:1 on the liquid. Liquid should cover beans by 3-4" (depends on dimensions of your pot). Bring beans to quick boil, then reduce to low heat and a slow boil. Cook beans until nearly tender then reduce heat to simmer. Add beer, garlic, and seasoning, continue cooking until beans are tender. Then add prepared pico and brisket and remove from heat. Rest the beans for 15 minutes before plating for judging. Pico should still be moderately al dente and the liquid clear. If you've had my beans before, that's the recipe (except I stopped putting brisket in them about a year ago).
  9. The first thing you should have done was hire someone with a very particular set of skills. But you already missed your window
  10. I actually wouldn’t be mad to win that. Lots of LGBT dollars on this island.
  11. Y’all help a brother out, will ya? Made the final round of voting for Best New Restaurant and for Best Barbeque. Take a minute and throw us a vote, please and thank you. https://www.galveston.com/bestofgalveston/#//
  12. Top 50 Goofyque Joints, for sure!
  13. Russell is a hoot. He had another sign that said “save a plant, eat more meat”
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