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  1. What do you want me to say about a cupcake home game in November? Why did Duke lose to Stephen F Austin? Is it because Coach K sucks? If you wanna sit here and bitch about not winning by enough points then fine, but you show your lack of class by bitching after a W. McNeese State Cowboys came to play. They hit 50% from 3 range. On the bright side, we got some more close-game experience, Matt had 10 assists and 0 turnovers, and we have an actual roster full of good players, competent guards, and shooters. You think it's time to go troll on this basketball team? You're wrong though if so.
  2. Akinjo is listed as pre-season all-Big East 2nd team in Athlon's preseason mag, I'm just reporting what I see. I hope you're right about us having more talent, but I'm just saying it could easily be a tough game and a huge challenge from them. And if we get past Georgetown, we get... Duke. Motherfucking Duke. (That is if Duke beats Cal... wait, why the fuck was Cal invited to this tournament, they are worse than low major teams...)
  3. Vegas had us as 8 pt underdogs in the game. So a 12 pt BTS on the road in a critical non-conference game with national implications means nothing? Cool story bro.
  4. Purdue went to the elite 8 last year, losing only to eventual national champs Virginia in OT. They were ranked in the preseason top 25 in every poll and Pomeroy currently has them as the 9th best team in the nation. We walked in there and handed their ass to them. OK it's not the goddam Houston Rockets but it's one of if not the best win that any team has so far this season.
  5. You're absolutely right and I could be guilty of jumping the gun. But I watched every minute of the Purdue game and I watched us overcome a late game deficit in a proud and hostile nationally ranked program's home gym. That was a gutsy performance and a big win and I believe it corroborates what I've been saying for the past 6 months--that even though we lost Snoop and Dylan, the younger guys coming up behind them are ready to take a big step forward. We haven't even heard from Hepa yet! Remember last year @Baylor when Kemaka came in a started draining 3's in Waco? That was a night when Snoop was suspended and Dylan was injured, and we came out and hung a 20 pt lead at halftime on an awesome Bears team in their house.
  6. We're pretty high right now coming off a huge early season road win @Purdue. We'll be in Madison Square Garden on Thursday playing against a Georgetown team that is chock full of talent. Sure they had a bad game recently and that's great to see but Akinjo, McClung, and Yurtsevin are 3 guys who are all in the running for 1st team all-Big East this year. That's a level of talent that could easily bite us in the ass if we don't come to play.
  7. For 4 long years I supported Shaka and what he's been trying accomplish here in Austin against the wave of populist idiocy that's penalized him for rebuilding a program in a powerful Big 12 conference. Over the last 5 years the Big 12 has been the strongest basketball conference in America top to bottom, hands down. That is not up for debate. When I said it could take up to 5 years to rebuild a program I was roundly abused, but that was the truth of the matter, and after 4 long years of extremely checkered luck here we are in year 5 and we are finally turning the corner. Year after year of strong rercuiting has produced a seasoned and tough roster. We are ready to compete this year, and even though the Big12 remains one of the top conferences in America if not the premier conference, we're going to compete for the title this year. We are a sweet 16 team this year. And next year, we compete for a national title. So I came back here to say to all the Shaka haters "I told you so". And I will laugh as this year unfolds and Derka become the biggest Shaka fan of us all, and as he gives all the credit to Yaklich, even though the credit belongs to Shaka. This is what we planned for and dreamed of when we showed Rick B the door. This is the new horns basketball under Shaka, and we jack the 3 early and often, and we hit those shots, and we play D. Welcome aboard, folks.
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