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  1. You were saying, dumbfuck?
  2. Game, blouses. On that 3 from AJ.
  3. Jamie Dixon looks like he just stepped out of the airlock on the International Space Station.
  4. Lance Blanks is nearly unwatchable and yet is 1 million times more watchable than Fran Fraschilla.
  5. Baker reaches 4 of 30 on the season from deep and tells the crowd to raise up
  6. This looks like women's basketball.
  7. Clearly a jump ball. Idiotic refs every fucking game.
  8. Will Baker is the worst defender I've ever seen.
  9. No, they wouldn't. You're an idiot.
  10. That isn't the case dude, they're all playing chess and someone has to lose. TCU is having the exact same season as we are this year, do you also think Dixon must under no circumstances be kept on another year? He also missed the dance last year and lost to us in New York.
  11. Shaka should definitely get at least one more year. Many of his recruits will finally be upperclassmen by then, and he'll have his best shot of any year he's been here. Fans need to realize 2 major things: 1. UT is not a basketball school where lofty expectations are unquestionably in order, and finding the "right coach" is all that's needed to suddenly change everything. You guys think who the coach is matters way more than it actually does. 2. Shaka's entire performance all the years he's been here have been seen through the lens of the strongest conference in basketball. You could take the exact same Texas teams he's had and put them in C-USA and they would win conference titles. They'd get invites to the NCAA tournament because of it, and they'd get bounced early, but by and large the optics of it all would be decent and there would be much less fan unrest.
  12. Will Baker is fucking terrible in every aspect of basketball. How was this guy touted out of high school??
  13. Woah, I just saw some really terrible defense from Will Baker
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