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  1. Dinner time isn't until April, bitch.
  2. I enjoyed watching us beat Purdue with AJ icing it on the line. I enjoyed watching us beat the fuck out of the pokes in Stillwater. I enjoyed the 1st half vs KU. It's been a season of ups and downs. We just hit a fresh low for this season tonight, but that's college basketball for you. Strap in, the ride lasts through March.
  3. Blowouts happen. Even in the NBA. Wouldn't be a basketball season without 'em. Doesn't mean you fire your coach, especially when it's on the road to #6 in the country.
  4. Lol, changing coaches is NO guarantee of better success for this program. That's a FACT. You can argue it improves the chances if you want but it ain't no guarantee and far from it. Penders was crap, dude. He lucked in to Travis Mays, Blanks, Wright and company and had 1 good year. Barnes got to play in an era of the Big12 when it was full of weak teams. We swept Baylor like 10 years in a row in the 2000's, not because of Barnes's brilliance, because Baylor was absolute crap. People like you wanna rake Shaka over the coals after every Big12 loss but you neglect to comprehend the fact that the Big12 Shaka has played in has been an insanely difficult conference and nothing like the one Rick played in, or the pathetic SWC that Penders played in. West Virginia is the #6 team in the country according to Pomeroy. This shit ain't easy, folks.
  5. I would love for TJ to get a chance. The fact of the matter is though firing Shaka and hiring someone new is no guarantee of greater things for this program. Changing coaches isn't going to suddenly make Baylor suck again, make Texas Tech a cupcake on the schedule, or make the blue-hairs holding all the courtside tickets stand up and be loud, or make our fan base savvy about bball. There are bigger obstacles at work here. You can't really fault Shaka's recruiting, and there is still half a season to go before talk of firing.
  6. I guess the good news is he won't be defecting to the NBA any time soon...
  7. I didn't get to catch the game tonight, but it looks like a fucking travesty. Will Baker going 0-4 from 3 range is just comical at this point. The only thing I can say is at the end of the day it's just 1 game and the season goes on.
  8. I'm sure they're playing the usual brand of Thuggins-ball. Punch you in the nuts and steal your wallet basketball.
  9. Lol. That's not how it works, man. Don't know what else to tell you. You don't "earn the right" to shoot outside. You take what the defense gives you. If they give you an open 3 point look and you can't hit it, then you ride pine, which is mostly what Baker has done.
  10. That's a totally reasonable take, Viny. Some of you seem to think that Baker is making this decision to shoot on his own and needs to be trained not to do it, but that's not exactly the case. He is playing a role in the offense and that role is a stretch big. Against a man-to-man defense, he comes out to the perimeter to draw his man with him, a man who is probably the defense's best rim protector and rebounder, so it's really good to draw him away from the basket. Then the stretch big Baker gets the ball at the 3 pt line with option to shoot or pass inside depending on what the defense is giving him. Since he has presumably drawn his man away from the bucket, there should be more opportunities to score inside with a pass to a cutting guard. If his man sags off him or stays under the bucket, then Baker is supposed to punish the defense with an open 3-pt bucket. Now, the problem is that Baker has failed to execute this role in a big way. Like he's been mostly a liability than anything else. But he's a freshman so before COMPLETELY REWORKING what Baker's role on the team will be, he is being given some minutes each game to grow into the role of the stretch big and get better at executing it. Part of the role is taking the 3 if the defense gives it to you. Now I can totally understand if your argument is the role isn't right for him, but, changing that role is also problematic.
  11. It's not "thanks to the end of the Rick Barnes era"--the fan base has always been apathetic towards basketball. Show me a Texas Longhorn sports fan and I'll show you a guy who is a whiz about the game of college football and knows jack-dick about the sport of college basketball. Look no further than surlyhorns. There are more posts on here about the NBA than about our team, on a LONGHORNS forum.
  12. It isn't "against the coach's wishes." The point is Shaka has agreed to utilize him in a way he wants to be utilized as part of his signing here.
  13. It isn't Shaka's choice. That's how Will Baker wants to be utilized because that's what NBA players do. Will Baker was a highly sought after recruit and you don't land a player like that without promising that he will be trained up in an NBA style offense where everyone shoots 3's. One can only assume that he shoots a higher percentage in practice, but whatever the case he looks a lot like a bewildered freshman out there and he is in no way ready for Big12 play.
  14. Right, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Kansas team is made up of 7 or 8 of the best basketball athletes/players in the country.
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