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Emoji Movie Trivia

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Someone posted this on my discord server.  I thought it was fun.  Thought I would share.


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GUESS THE FILM 1. :coffee: :gem::gem::gem:

2. :no_bell: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

3. :boy: :girl: :closed_umbrella: :handbag: :flag_gb:

4. :man::speech_balloon::horse:

5. :police_officer: :postbox::older_man::pencil:

6. :tomato: :tomato: :eight_spoked_asterisk: :cooking:

7. :thought_balloon::pencil::kimono:

8. :man::man: :tent: :mount_fuji:

9. :police_officer: :oncoming_automobile: :older_woman: :blossom:

10. :mag_right::tropical_fish:

11. :couplekiss: :o: :snowflake:

12. :bird::bird::bird::bird::page_facing_up:

13. :alien::point_up::telephone_receiver::house:

14. :gun::mag::man::tophat:

15. :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunglasses:

16. :eight_spoked_asterisk: :japanese_ogre: :smiley_cat: :horse:

17. :person_wearing_turban: :tv: :dollar: :dollar:

18. :hamburger: :fries: :man: :ambulance:

19. :mouse: :red_car:

20. :moneybag: :person_running::dash:

21. :mortar_board: :lips:

22. :art: :moneybag:

23. :movie_camera: :person_running: :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

24. :clock2: :clock3: :clock4: :clock5:

25. :palm_tree: :monkey: :man:

26. :older_man: :ring::ring:

27. :eyes: :tongue: :ear: :raised_hand: :nose: :six:

28. :balloon::house_with_garden: :older_man: :boy:

29. :envelope_with_arrow: :couple_with_heart:

30. :notes: :flag_fr: :weary: :joy:

31. :couple: :gun: :gun:

32. :bear: :heart: :beers: » :smoking:

33. :bath::knife:

34. :alarm_clock::calendar::alarm_clock::calendar::alarm_clock::calendar::alarm_clock::calendar: 35. :person_walking::person_running::airplane:

36. :smiling_imp::dress::high_heel:

37. :older_man::older_woman::heart:

38. :boy: :open_hands: :scissors: :scissors:

39. :last_quarter_moon: :couple_with_heart: :wolf:

40. :smile::smile::cry::cry:

41. :ring::ring::ring::ring::skull:

42. :ghost: :ghost: :gun:

43. :unlock::eyes:

44. :flag_gb::point_up_2::sunrise_over_mountains::point_down::mount_fuji:

45. :relieved: :angry: :japanese_goblin:

46. :ocean: :point_left:

47. :computer: :pill:

48. :dancer::wolf::wolf:

49. :cloud::cloud::cloud::monkey_face::monkey_face::cloud::cloud::cloud: 50. :bike: :bike: :sunny:

51. :mailbox_with_mail: :door::boom: :fist::fist:

52. :athletic_shoe::mans_shoe::sandal::high_heel::boot:

53. :unlock::dolphin:

54. :poop::dancer:

55. :bird:




Sorry, hopefully this is easier to read, put in "spaces"

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I think these are the answers...


1. :coffee: :gem::gem::gem: Breakfast at Tiffany's 2. :no_bell: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: The Silence of the Lambs. 3. :boy: :girl: :closed_umbrella: :handbag: :flag_gb: Mary Poppins 4. :man::speech_balloon::horse: The Horse Whisperer 5. :police_officer: :postbox::older_man::pencil: Zodiac 6. :tomato: :tomato: :eight_spoked_asterisk: :cooking: Fried Green Tomatoes 7. :thought_balloon::pencil::kimono: Memoirs of a Geisha 8. :man::man: :tent: :mount_fuji: Broke Back Mountain 9. :police_officer: :oncoming_automobile: :older_woman: :blossom: Driving Miss Daisy 10. :mag_right::tropical_fish: Finding Nemo 11. :couplekiss: :o: :snowflake: Frozen 12. :bird::bird::bird::bird::page_facing_up: The Pelican Brief 13. :alien::point_up::telephone_receiver::house: E.T 14. :gun::mag::man::tophat: Sherlock Holmes 15. :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunglasses: Under the Tuscan Sun 16. :eight_spoked_asterisk: :japanese_ogre: :smiley_cat: :horse: Sherk 2  17. :person_wearing_turban: :tv: :dollar: :dollar: Slumdog Millionaire 18. :hamburger: :fries: :man: :ambulance: Supersize Me 19. :mouse: :red_car: Rat Race (and not Stuart Little, that is a more logical answer with those emojis) 20. :moneybag: :person_running::dash: Run for the Money 21. :mortar_board: :lips: The Graduate 22. :art: :moneybag: The Color of Monet 23. :movie_camera: :person_running: :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: The Blair Witch Project 24. :clock2: :clock3: :clock4: :clock5: Three Hours 25. :palm_tree: :monkey: :man: Tarzan 26. :older_man: :ring::ring: The Wedding Planner 27. :eyes: :tongue: :ear: :raised_hand: :nose: :six: Sixth Sense 28. :balloon::house_with_garden: :older_man: :boy: UP 29. :envelope_with_arrow: :couple_with_heart: You've got Mail 30. :notes: :flag_fr: :weary: :joy: Les Miserables 31. :couple: :gun: :gun: Mr and Mrs Smith 32. :bear: :heart: :beers: » :smoking: TED 33. :bath::knife: Psycho 34. :alarm_clock::calendar::alarm_clock::calendar::alarm_clock::calendar::alarm_clock::calendar: 17 Again (Groundhog Day was more logical) 35. :person_walking::person_running::airplane: Catch me if you Can 36. :smiling_imp::dress::high_heel: The Devil Wears Prada 37. :older_man::older_woman::heart: Old love? (not sure of that one) 38. :boy: :open_hands: :scissors: :scissors: Edward Scissorhands 39. :last_quarter_moon: :couple_with_heart: :wolf: The Twilight Saga: New Moon 40. :smile::smile::cry::cry: Crying with Laughter 41. :ring::ring::ring::ring::skull: Four Weddings and a Funeral 42. :ghost: :ghost: :gun: Ghostbusters 43. :unlock::eyes: Eyes Wide Shut 44. :flag_gb::point_up_2::sunrise_over_mountains::point_down::mount_fuji: The Englishmen who Climed up a hill but Came down a Mountain 45. :relieved: :angry: :japanese_goblin: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 46. :ocean: :point_left: Breaking Point 47. :computer: :pill: The Matrix 48. :dancer::wolf::wolf: Dances with Wolves 49. :cloud::cloud::cloud::monkey_face::monkey_face::cloud::cloud::cloud: Gorilla's in the Mist 50. :bike: :bike: :sunny: Breaking away 51. :mailbox_with_mail: :door::boom: :fist::fist: The Postman always rings twice 52. :athletic_shoe::mans_shoe::sandal::high_heel::boot: Footloose 53. :unlock::dolphin: Free Willy  54. :poop::dancer: Dirty Dancing 55. :bird:


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