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  1. Fuck off and go back under your bridge, troll. Let people with real values have a discussion.
  2. I see him floating it as an idea, but it will open the door for court packing which he doesn't want. And that's the other thing. None of these people have real beliefs. It's all about getting elected. If Collins loses, she will never set foot in there again to vote. Same with most of them.
  3. He won't. He doesn't know anything about judges. He just uses the federalist society list. The only question he probably asks them is how they would rule when he is the defendant. Other than that, they are just names on a list to him. He peeks at their Facebook to make sure they are white guys, asks them his one question, and then sends them to Mitch.
  4. I dont think so. He is up 5-4 now. Ramming it through puts him up 6-3 temporarily if the Dems get the Senate. Dems will make it 7-6. If he sits pat with a 5-4 lead, Dems won't even attempt a Judiciary Act. Worse than that though is that, if the GOP keeps the Senate, he will ram it through and he won't confirm a single one of Biden's appointments.
  5. Aiming for the lame duck period is the best strategy for him politically. But he will only ram it through then if he is keeping the Senate and losing the Presidency.
  6. Louis XVI's impact on French history was immense too.
  7. I guess he is also counting on maintaining a Senate majority. This action guarantees a new Judiciary Act next year with a Biden Presidency and 50/50 Senate. If he leaves it alone right now, the Dems won't even try to pack the court.
  8. I dont see how they can enforce either option right now. I wouldn't be surprised for them to try the Great Firewall option though. Blocking Tik Tok would just be getting the camel's nose in the tent as far as government control of traffic. Then, after the election, they can go after the BBC, UN, and others as they consolidate power and clamp down on opposition speech. Also, Oracle buying it is a bad move for Oracle. The only companies who do these types of buyouts that know how to maintain the user base are facebook and Google. And even they fail sometimes. Users will flee OracleTok in droves. There are already growing alternatives.
  9. Trump can only pardon federal crimes. Barr's alleged acts with minors are state and territory crimes. They can't be pardoned.
  10. I respect your opinion and understand it, but I don't think its all that odd. I post on this board because I'm an alumni and a fan of UT sports. But I also paid to attend UT and continued to pay for around 10 years after I attended. Honestly, I'm really not interested in paying for scholarships through donations. Private funds should pay for those. I'm also not interested in paying for upgrades to infrastructure. State funds should pay for those. However, I could be interested in donations that lower overall tuition for everyone. When that starts happening transparently, I may start donating. But honestly, the above paragraph is a pre-covid assessment. Right now, I'm lucky to still be doing well. My charity money used to be split between a variety of things, but it was mostly legal aid. All of it now currently goes to local food banks and homeless outreach. If I had an extra $100 to give to UT right now, I'd instead give $100 more to them. My relatively wealthy urban neighborhood has 3 church based food banks with lines that circle the block every day. It isn't the time for an actually wealthy university to ask for money. I don't really care if the climbing wall at Gregory is getting old.
  11. I guess he finally learned how Texas fared at the Alamo. Do they not teach Texas history in 7th grade anymore?
  12. You son of a bitch. You moved the cemetery, but you left the bodies, didn't you? You son of a bitch, you left the bodies and you only moved the head stones. You only moved the head stones. Why? Why?
  13. I'm a life member. I have gotten close to zero personal value from it except for the license plate frame. I'm glad that money goes/went to students and I don't have a problem at all with it being open sign up. Still, I don't see why anyone that isn't a Texas Ex would want to sign up to be one. There are other/better ways to get money to charity even if your only goal is to get money to current/future UT students. But, I will say my charitable dollars have gone elsewhere for 10 to 15 years now, and with other (to me at least) more pressing needs taking my limited charity dollars, it is unlikely that I'll donate to UT again any time soon. Yet I still get hammered with these emails.
  14. This always happens to average to almost great teams that can't get over the hump and tread playoff water for years around a player while topping out as a conference final loser every now and then. Have to tank next year and get into the lottery. A 96-97 Spurs season where Robinson's injury year ended up being a blessing in disguise.
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