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  1. Everything should be either 18 or 21. Hardship work if you need it before that. If you think someone is not competent enough to drink responsibly, then they certainly aren't competent enough to sign up for the military.
  2. Exactly. That's what happens when you wait too long to pull someone's voting card.
  3. All this is dodging the real issue. There needs to be a maximum voting age. Adding incompetent left leaning voters in early life to balance incompetent right leaning voters in later life is a bad idea. It is true that not every 70+ year old is incompetent, but neither is every 16 or 17 year old. We have been happy with a bright line for one so why not for the other? But its also true that the 16 and 17 year olds have to live in this world that fearful old people try to burn down on their way out the door. When a coach is about to get fired, you don't let him burn the team to the ground. Yo
  4. Stress is a big killer too. Since he doesn't give a fuck about anything, he is never really all that stressed. He will make 90 unless he has an accident or something. Melania may not even be his last wife.
  5. 1. Black Lives Matter was a branding error that made it easy to attack. It should have been called Black Lives Matter Too. Instead, opponents of BLM managed to convince enough low info white voters that it meant Only Black Lives Matter which led to bullshit like All Lives Matter. Not everyone on the cusp of white victimhood sided with the police initially, but eventually they were swayed that way by negative messaging. For the same reason, we see police reform falling apart because of Defund the Police branding. 2. Dems also fucked up pandemic messaging. A pandemic is the perfect time
  6. Parts of industrial Brooklyn and Queens look like RV parks these days. Parking is free in most places. One of the reasons that traffic sucks.
  7. I agree, somewhat. But it has become problematic that red states get to eat from the federal trough in both GOP and Dem administrations. While blue states are told to get fucked when there is a GOP administration. The just solution would be for future GOP admins to treat all states equally, but since that isn't going to happen, some "turnabout is fair play" needs to occur. You are going to keep electing the same types of people and we need to stop turning the other cheek. Texas will be taking in a massive amount of federal money in 2021 while electing people that don't offer aid to cities and
  8. Why kill the mask mandate? There's an economic argument for opening everything, I suppose. But the mask mandate does not cause any economic damage while still working to slow the spread. Personally, I'd like to see us follow the Asian model going forward after this is over. If you're sick and have to be out, wear a mask. But we are going to go instantly back to inconsiderate asshole mode instead. Whenever we catch the flu, we should legally be able to punch the people who had the flu the week before but came to work with it.
  9. Not to mention, the euro was a mandated in-place replacement for legacy currency. It was not a currency exchange. They were pegged so that they would be functionally the same, and the conversion sent the legacy currency to the shredder, both the physical and the virtual shredder. At no point was anyone in danger of total loss. Even if a country decided to opt out late, every single person in that country would have had their euros converted back at the pegged rate. This is simply not what occurs with bitcoin. One doesn't just convert to bitcoin and the dollars magically disappear. The
  10. Okay, start entering into installment contracts where the prices are denominated in bitcoin. Find a vendor that is selling a subscription you want at a monthly rate. Offer to price that in bitcoin instead based on today's exchange rate. And by price in bitcoin, I don't mean the floating exchange rate each month when your bill is due. I mean your bill is for X btc per month and that is what you pay. You can find plenty of vendors willing to accept that deal, but you won't do it. Approximately 0 people are willing to enter a contract with future payment dates denominated in bitcoin. A
  11. Lol. So people currently getting paid in bolivares should just buy bitcoin? You realize that transactions are two sided, right? For these people to buy bitcoin from someone, the second party has to take the bolivares in exchange. Or maybe you think that the baker can just start pricing bread in bitcoin and it will magically appear. How does one enter a market for something when there is no actual entry point for them? As I said before, you are welcome to be the one to do that. There is nothing stopping you from helping Venezuelans move their money into bitcoin by accepting their bolivare
  12. It won't. Not with bitcoin at least. Any primary currency needs to have safeguards against loss or hoarding. Without a government, this would need to be built into a new coin. The value of bitcoin right now is being set by hoarding (artificially reducing the amount of available currency), loss (permanently reducing the amount of available currency), and speculation (artificially increasing the demand). It would be a terrible idea for them to adopt bitcoin because you would be actively working against them. But I do know you actually mean well on this part. These countries export ver
  13. Fair point. Counterpoint: That team in the World Series last year still has their GM, Neander. Click and Bloom were under him the year before, but not in 2020. Bloom GM'd Red Sox last year and they finished last in the AL East. I'm not saying Click was just the coffee boy, even if he does make a fantastic latte, but Neander is the one that makes the Rays work. Neander promoted someone in-house to replace both the Red Sox and Astros GMs and went to the World Series with him. Its becoming a GM factory, but thus far, it has produced a disappointing Red Sox season and a mediocre Astros
  14. I hope not. Gritty can do better than having DeBlasio inside of him. The DeBlasio image rehab aspect of this is interesting though. For the most part, I thought DeBlasio had it right during the covid spats with Cuomo even though he lost almost all of them. But also all the fake right wing complaints about DeBlasio were 180 degrees wrong. My real problem with him is that he was an endgame Bloomberg and exacerbated well meaning but overextended Bloomberg policies when he really needed to shore them up. This includes the glut of luxury apartment buildings, many of which are still b
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