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  1. Dude has been wanting to invade Iran since day 1. Has yet to get the necessary backing for it. This is far from his first test balloon on the matter. They always come when some other real or Trumpmade crisis is going on.
  2. Yeah, I have never seen the appeal either. Seems to be like an all inclusive resort for people that are even lazier and more afraid of the locals than people that go to all inclusive resorts.
  3. Just wait until the general election where we will get to judge candidates against one another by the number and scope of rape allegations. Of course Fox will only report on Biden so the many allegations against Trump don't even matter. Biden - 1 rape. Trump - how could anyone not consent to sex with the second coming of Jesus.
  4. Pretty much zero cruise ships are American even when they are "American." The Bahamas, and a few other countries, let them violate US labor law while employing Americans and avoid US taxes. Personally, I think the Bahamas should be handling all of it. Treating passengers, bailing the companies out, whole thing.
  5. I am kind of with Florida on this. Why should we take in a cruise ship that was scheduled to go from Buenos Aires to Chile? Neither the port of embarkation, port of debarkation, or country of the flag of convenience are taking them. Those three countries need to man the fuck up and open their ports to them. We currently have a bigger outbreak than any other country in the world, and a significantly bigger outbreak than Argentina, Chile, or the Bahamas. Either of the 3 currently have excess medical capacity that we don't have. Argentina can fuck itself on this one in particular. They should have been the first to take them in. That being said, we should take them in anyway, and apply sanctions on Argentina when this is all over for human rights violations. And the Bahamas and cruise lines for skirting US labor law.
  6. As far as Diamond Princess CFR, couldn't early detection have played a role in that? Most of them had care ready at the instant symptom one popped up.
  7. Yeah, I'd guess the mortality rate among current confirmed cases is going to end up very high since it either got bad enough for them to seek care, or they are an asymptomatic infected celebrity. Once normal asymptomatic infected people are counted, if they ever are, the mortality rate will be much lower. I would not be shocked if 10% or more of NYC is already infected since 45,000 are already sick enough to go to seek medical attention. For every one of those, there are probably 10 who think they have a minor cold or don't feel sick at all.
  8. None taken. NY/NJ did act too late. But once again, had we listened to these federal press conferences, we would be looking at twice the amount of cases already. So we acted earlier than these scientists suggested. Thankfully, WA and CA paid the fed suggestions no mind more quickly than NY and NJ did so they also didn't "need" to watch Saddam's science team give them old information. So no, we don't need to listen to muzzled scientists up on stage with a guy who was calling it a hoax a month ago, the flu last week, and urging people to still go to work last week. Furthermore, the feds have been witholding much needed medical equipment from NY/NJ. And why should NY/NJ sit through a 30 minute campaign attack ad against them anyway? After this is over, its time to have a break up talk. The nation isn't functional. If my state isn't going to be included in the "us" by our nation's leader, then its time for my state to actually become the "them." It isn't just tax money being stolen now. People are dying. He can take his "great" economy and shove it up his ass.
  9. The NY and NJ daily press conferences are more informative and have been consistently over 2 weeks ahead of federal guidelines on social distancing, self quarantine, and honesty about infection rates and hospital needs. Fauci and Birx are fine scientists and doctors, but they don't have permission to speak freely. Quite honestly, the daily federal press conference is extremely damaging for NY viewers who may take the federal recommendations over more stringent state recommendations. I suppose its better than nothing for red state viewers who get little to no state advice.
  10. Is it still on? NBC NY already cut away a long time ago.
  11. Its less physically demanding, but it requires a lot more mental work. Have we ever had a justice that had dementia? Other than campaign season, Congress and Senate are a breeze if you are one of the background characters rather than a leader. How hard is Hyde Smith's job? She doesn't even need to campaign really and does almost no work in the average work week.
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