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  1. I still have my suit I got for graduation, and it still fits like a 12 year old trying on his dad's suit. 90s style was the worst.
  2. I just had a meeting to set up two additional meetings. That was the entire purpose of the meeting. And you say meetings are worthless.
  3. Even if they wanted to be, where can you even buy a pair? Have to get them custom made.
  4. What about the pleated pants?
  5. 20 years ago, he would have been a Schwarzenegger type R. Current Republicans love celebrities, but only celebrities who are both B list and assholes. MM is neither one. "Can't we all just get along" is an entirely Dem thing now. Doesn't matter where he stands on economics or any of the old issues. Even libertarian nice people are voting Dem these days. Hes a Dem. The entire new GOP platform is "I want to be an asshole to other people." That's it. It has no other platform planks. There are still a few old stragglers like Romney, but they are going the way of the dodo.
  6. Roll into the office in shorts and flip flops then. Back in the dot com era, I often did. Office dress codes are sexist. Men's business dress code is entirely rigid while women have some flexibility. One shouldn't have to choose to identify as a woman in order to show some leg in the summer. At my old job, I had to sweat my ass off in a damn tie every day. Those summer dresses started to look real comfortable. I'm also not even sure I have a pair of slacks that currently fit. The gym misses me.
  7. Not at ours. Most of our promotions are based on productivity and client relationships. Seniority still happens too. None have been about facetime or being seen sitting at a desk. I suppose if someone was trying to recover from a mistake or client complaint, facetime would help, but that hasn't happened. Along those same lines, there has been something positive that's happened during the pandemic. When people aren't that busy, they now admit to it, so work has been better distributed. This was not the case when just being at the office, with work to do or not, was considered "work."
  8. Ok gramps. But yeah, email should be the only thing used for work. People are also a little too lax with what they say in company chat apps.
  9. Zoom sucks, but Teams is a monstrosity. Sets my laptop on fire when it's running. Nobody asked to have everything in one app. I was fine using Skype for business and SharePoint separately. And since my company uses Teams chat now, we also need it on our phones which shortens the battery life to about 15 minutes. The old Microsoft was better. The customer used to always be right. Now the customer is forced to take updates whether they want to or not.
  10. With the shared office, dont you have to adjust the work area every day to suit your needs after someone else did the same the day before? Sounds like getting in the driver seat after my wife drove the car last. Can never quite get it back exactly how I like it.
  11. The last paragraph isn't your fault though. I have a still open position that can't be filled because I need someone that knows what they're doing and my CEO wants to lowball them. Historically, this position would be a hire up position. But there is nobody to hire up. But at one time, I was that talented new employee. I climbed a ladder that was not even offered half the time. And what I want out of an employee is the same. They should want my job. But they also have to be willing to wait when waiting arises.
  12. That all sounds miserable. What do you do?
  13. I had the opposite thought. As a married person with a child, covid has been irritating but never dark or challenging. Remembering my single self, I know it would have been much harder for me then. But everyone is different.
  14. A 2 hour commute is never worth it. Especially doing a reverse commute. You could live in Bellevue for cheaper. But I get it. You want to live where you want to live. For one of my first jobs post college, I drove from South Austin to Round Rock. Lasted about 6 months and quit with nothing. I could not stand the commute. But I dont expect everyone to be me. I moved to NYC specifically not to have to drive to work, had less than 2000 dollars to my name, no job lined up, but I did have a couch to sleep on. Here I am 20 years later doing quite alright in NYC. Maybe I could have done that in a remote environment. But probably not. So I do get it. Driving commutes do steal your soul. But that is really a problem with your local urban planners. You think you live in cities, but most of you don't.
  15. Are you single or married?
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