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  1. I’ve stumbled across a gold mine. A group of truck drivers that cook meals in their trucks. For my first post I present “Dinner for hubby and me Cut steak mashed potatoes with gravy and salad”
  2. What in the actual fuck? Why would anyone choose to live like this?
  3. Someone else told me that the wood floors were used in factories that had a lot of vibrating machinery. Like South Austin’s moms house.
  4. Really old warehouse in Wheeling WV. Was looking at this cobble stone floor and I realized it was actually wood. Anyone ever seen this before? Now I’m thinking I want to do the floors in the house this way. On a side note if you’re ever driving around Wheeling WV in a long nose Pete with a spread axle trailer make sure to watch the signs and don’t miss your turn.
  5. Best meal I had on the island . https://www.laparrilladejuanholbox.com
  6. Loving End of the fucking world. What a great sound track too.
  7. That’s fucking glorious. Dude should own it. He would be an instant surly legend, well he already is but by bailing he won’t get to enjoy it. I always check links before I hit reply.
  8. Can someone enlighten me on the “Now this”? I missed it.
  9. Honestly I’ve seen maybe 2 in the last 5 years. Neither was hot enough to risk the stds. Back in the day, from what I’ve been told) $20 was the going rate for a hummer.
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