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  1. Yes!!! I’m obsessed with it. All seasons are on History app for free.
  2. Bought a little grill for the truck. Back in the day it was common to have cook outs on the back row of the truck stop.
  3. Some damn fool went and put $1.29 on a jug
  4. I’m never going to watch this show so I went straight to that episode. I watched him meet the first two women and was done. But it’s good to see Crispin Glover still getting work.
  5. If you have a new Pete take the time to pull the spring shackle bushings on the front axle and make sure they were greased before install at the factory. 2 months and 20k miles over the drive train/ suspension warranty cost me around $5k this weekend.
  6. Slim is on my Mount Rushmore of country artist. I’ll never understand why he wasn’t one of the biggest of all time other than real Honky Tonk doesn’t sell any more. I have two framed pics of him on a wall in my house. He had his issues and personal demons but he was the real deal. Also one of the most humble men I’ve ever known in my life and it was genuine. I’ve seen him well up with tears when someone one would tell him how much they loved his music. I am heart broken that he is gone but take comfort in knowing he has finally found peace.
  7. Is this the same prick that couldn’t under stand the whole snow chain issue?
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