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  1. I have a couple of friends that are running their own authority but they pretty much are dedicated to just a couple of customers. They all say they’d starve to death trying to run boards to hustle freight.
  2. Landstar has given their California drivers 3 choices. Move. (Leave California) Haul loads into CA but can’t pick up loads in CA Find another job. I guess no one really knows quite how this will affect contractors.
  3. Anyone smart enough to tell me what California assembly bill 5 is really about? I know it effects contractors. Is it a way for the state to grab more tax dollars from business not operating in state? Here is our company’s solution as of now. “California Assembly Bill 5 Info: As you may have heard, California has enacted changes in determining the status of Independent Contractors as of 1/01/20 pursuant to California AB 5 legislation. We are taking steps to be in compliance with CA AB 5 and to continue to meet the needs of our contractors and customers. Effective 01/01/20, Mercer will be implementing some mileage monitoring programs for ALL Mercer leased contractors and drivers that will alert and eventually limit the amount of miles that a truck can operate in California to less than 15% of the total miles run each month. Mileage is run each month for fuel tax purposes. If a truck operates more than 15% of their total miles in California, then an alert will be sent to the Truck Coordinator and Truck Operations Manager. If the total miles in a running 2 month period exceeds 15% in California, then Mercer reserves the right to no longer offer or to limit California loads until the CA miles drops below 15% of the total. We are also confident that Mercer’s response for AB 5 compliance is consistent with the approach of other motor carriers. We will continue to analyze any changes to the existing law and announce and make adjustments to our processes and procedures as needed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Contractor Relations.”
  4. Looks like it’s official. Celedon is done. That’s approximately 3500 drivers out of work.
  5. Fuel up and get to the house. Let them figure out how to retrieve their truck. In cases like this before the leasing company may pay drivers to return equipment. If he is under a load and wants to deliver the whole industry is aware of the situation and he should be able to hitch a ride toward the house if he needs to.
  6. If there is money on the card he needs to buy fuel NOW!!!! Different companies set up com data different. If it’s his money they put it on there as an advance but charge a fee to do so. Not sure how to transfer to a bank but might want to get cash advance at the fuel desk to make sure he gets it before they lock down the cards again.
  7. I’ve never done LTL but I’ve been thinking about it for the small loads. Problem is most of them are overnight or delivery is set where I don’t have much time to do anything else.
  8. It only works like that for heavy haul now I believe. Seem to me the lighter it is the better it pays. But when I say lighter it’s usually speciality stuff not bulk items like lumber and other building materials. I know sometime they will change the rate on a steel load if it’s light but I try to avoid that.
  9. I believe if I find a load that I really like I can get Mercer to broker it. But I don’t know the process. Also by the time two brokers step on it it’s usually not a good paying load anymore.
  10. We don’t go by weight. Our pay is based on per mile. My goal is $2/ mile but these light loads are worth it for the savings in fuel. My average loaded mile since August is $1.93 right now with approx 13% deadhead.
  11. Another heavy one. Lol Orlando to Richmond VA. 9000#
  12. I can go to Canada (not a felon) but I choose not to. I’m running for Mercer.
  13. I’ve gotta say buying my own truck has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Everyone I talked to said it would be at least a year before we became profitable. And that may be true before I start seeing real money but we are catching up on all the start up cost and that truck account is looking better and better every week. I’m parked in Wildwood FL tonight. It’s a real trip because I used to come through here all the time 20 years ago. Every row in wildwood was the party row but it’s dead quite here tonight. Between the guys wanting to polish your tanks and wheels to the lot lizzards wanting to polish your knob it was hard to get a full nights sleep. The little polish shed across the street is now a legit shop. My how things change. If I don’t get a load tomorrow I might swing through the cafe risqué for old times sake.
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