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  1. Decided to skip the bars today.
  2. Great social distancing on the beach yesterday! Looking for the best fish tacos.
  3. My definition of good quiet bar is cold beer and drinkable whiskey. And where I can hear the game and not some top 40 pop country blasting through the speakers. I’ll look into those recommendations. Headed down today.
  4. Is there a good quiet bar to watch the game Saturday?
  5. I’m am on my way to deliver in Corpus Monday am. And then I’m headed home to grab the camper and the wife to head down to port A Wednesday. How fucked am I?
  6. Roger Moore was my Bond. I always thought of them as silly movies. Later on as I saw other bond films I realized that some took the character seriously. The 911’s chase scene in For Your Eyes Only was the greatest thing I had ever seen at that point.
  7. That’s perfectly cooked medium rare chicken breast.
  8. Crossed the G W bridge into NYC today for the first time in over 15 years. I hope it was the last time ever.
  9. New season of Norsemen is way too short.
  10. I just watched a moth man doc the other day. I’d like to check out the museum. The food at the truck stop isn’t bad. I’ve only ever had breakfast there but it’s better than any of the fast food joints. And there is tons of truck parking there.
  11. I don’t know the totals but 80 was shut down all the way across.
  12. I got offered a load to WY this morning. I didn’t even turn it down, I just hung up.
  13. My octopus teacher was awesome! I have been fascinated by cephalopods for a long time. This guy actually becomes friends with one.
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