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  1. I really want a US/MX final. US needs to prove their mettle. Or lose spectacularly as usual.
  2. That's hilarious. Talk about point blank.
  3. Get up you fucking pussy.
  4. At this point I'm hoping Mexico has to put a lot of energy into the win. Hopefully if the US can beat the Rastafarians, we face a road-worn MX team.
  5. Haiti in the box. They just look lost. Very tentative.
  6. Shite pass back to goal.
  7. Ref had somewhere to be? Dang.
  8. Thanks, seems like a long time for guys with dead legs.
  9. Announcer answered the question. 30 minutes. That means popping one more Flavor Country.
  10. So I'm ignorant as hell. How long is the overtime period or periods?
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