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  1. We lost water around noon. Sec. 1 OF. Had sinks and bathtubs dripping and all of a sudden all stopped. About an hour ago decided to shut off main to house and close all but a few faucets in house. Hopefully I made correct decision when it comes back. Hoping the rumor of water main break is correct and not something else.
  2. Not even a week in and 2021 is definitely telling 2020 to hold its beer.
  3. Corral them all in and let them have it. fuck this is disgusting.
  4. Urban must have called CDC to play Casey.
  5. Getting in on this thread before who knows what happens.
  6. Sorry if already posted, but just flipping through the channels, and none of the foxes or oan's of the tubes, have the vote total's on the screen. They scared to show it to their rubes?
  7. Went with spicy chicken, no lettuce. Sub jalapeno ranch for mayo, add jalapeno, add buffalo sauce. Was good.
  8. What a shit show. Please vote. This nightmare needs to end.
  9. I believe Ella and 610 Exxon is also Taqueria Durango. 2nd Gerardo's.
  10. So Dr. Williams still the guy to go to in Houston?
  11. Damn it. I wonder if they will sell me the wall paper.
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