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  1. Sorry man. FWIW, it's illegal to work when you are on PTO. Your either putting your employer at risk by working, or (if they are forcing you to work) they are putting themselves at risk.
  2. At least yell FREEEEBIIIIIRRRRD as you go.
  3. "The transition will ensure each state has the flexibility and autonomy to manage and operate testing sites within the needs of their specific community and to prioritize resources where they are needed the most," the HHS spokesperson said. Sometimes you need to read past the headlines...
  4. I think this is more of an indication that the Federal Government sees the need for local governments to handle local testing and for the Feds to focus on the country-wide need to get the economy going/save jobs. And I hate the word "defunding".
  5. Keep one thing in mind, the loudest voice is not necessarily the most accurate voice. Social media/News media are always going to pick the worst areas with the worst problems to highlight. I'm not saying it's fake, but it's not indicative of what is going on everywhere.
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