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  1. If you aren't following @bobmenery on Twitter, you are missing out on some great laughs.
  2. @Johnny Sack Please stop posting facts from the case. This case is about how celebrities and soccer moms feel.
  3. And that's their hope. It's either "See! They can't find his DNA on the belt! Ignore all the other evidence!" or "So much DNA is on it! Maybe they all committed the murders!!"
  4. That's why we let juries decide, not twitter celebs.
  5. Wont Get Fooled Again. The change, it had to comeWe knew it all alongWe were liberated from the fold, that's allAnd the world looks just the sameAnd history ain't changed'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war
  6. I understand the concern, but if you are a prosecutor who's already got his conviction, why would you want to? Lack of DNA on the belt would not be exculpatory.
  7. I blame social media. People with shitty opinions were ignored before. Now they have a forum to spread their shitty opinions and present them as facts.
  8. Suffices to say that when celebrities jump on a bandwagon, I'm more likely to support the opposite side.
  9. Lots of Karens demanding to see the manager.
  10. Just leave the dishwasher running. The leaking will put out the fire.
  11. But I was told that if it wasn't for VAR, we'd be relegated.
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