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  1. Go Pokes


    “For pennies on the dollar”
  2. Go Pokes


    I’d like to see Monica embrace her inner Dutton and become a little evil. Evil to the benefit of the Duttons. She’s shown a little bit when she told Kaycee to kill those brothers. Needs to get badder. She’s boring as shit now. But hotter than shit.
  3. I’m surprised they even know this show exists.
  4. Mystery solved. I could not figure out how anyone could think Melanie Hutsell was good in anything. Now I know. They don’t. You’re confusing her with Wendi McLendon-Covey. She was funny in Bridesmaids. She’s pretty good in most things she’s in. Melanie Hutsell is utter garbage in everything she’s every been in. Her Jan Brady wasn’t really that good. They do look kind of similar though.
  5. Has anyone watched Aquarius? Is it worth watching? Dochovney. Manson. 1969.
  6. If you haven't seen Palm Springs yet, might as well skip this. If you don't like bending your brain around time travel theories and shit, might as well skip this. And there will be spoilers.
  7. Go Pokes


    I took it as the 50,000 acres is only part of the ranch.
  8. Go Pokes


    Casey sold 300 horses for $16,000? Isn’t that $55 per horse? Is that how cheap horses are?
  9. RR was an accomplished coach, but that was just an awful fit. I’d say based on what a mismatch it was, he would qualify. Weiss at ND is pretty good. He was pretty “accomplished” (thanks Bill), but a total fraud. This really highlights just how awful the Blake hire was. Those are damn good examples, especially Weiss, and they really don’t even come close to Blake. So far, you can kind of justify the hires (he was a successful HC before, he was a successful coordinator), but there is just nothing I can think of to justify a guy who hadn’t even been a coordinator getting the OU job. I think it can be blamed on hubris by the ou AD. He probably figured “we’re OU. He can recruit. We’ll be great”. With Switzer as your standard bearer, I guess I don’t blame him.
  10. At least Charlie had a track record of success prior to coming here. For me, that's the tie breaker. Blake was a DL coach for 3 years with the Cowboys after being an assistant coach in college for 6 years. Never a coordinator before he got the job and never was a coordinator after getting fired. He had no business getting that job and he lived up to it. So I'm not basing the question on results, though to be in this discussion, the results are going to need to be pretty awful. I'm talking head scratchingly odd hire that went down in flames. That's why Gerry Faust comes to mind, but at least he had an amazing track record as a head coach in high school. Blake had zero track record of success doing anything except recruiting and he was woefully unprepared. Since blue bloods rarely have to think outside the box to hire a head coach, I think we may have to bring college basketball into the mix just to find someone that even comes close to Blake's level of weird hire and terrible performance. This question has been bouncing around in my head for 20 years and I've never actually brought it up to anyone. Just in case anyone is wondering why I seem so interested in the subject. Oh, the cherry on top is that they only hired him because Switzer basically talked them into it. I imagine they stopped taking hiring recs from him after this one.
  11. Has a major blue blood program ever made a worse hire than John Blake? This guy stirred up a racial controversy on his own team when he was with the Cowboys. His practices apparently were a disorganized mess. Won 35% of his games at OU. I'm having a hard time coming up with one worse. Gerry Faust comes to mind. Oh, and RIP.
  12. No kidding on Jenny. I wonder if someone close to her had a little talk with her. She actually looked pretty damn good last night.
  13. Go Pokes


    What’s the deal with the druggie, Jimmy? Why did they pluck him from a crack hours and give him a brand?
  14. Why? This is from April right after her said that complimentary shit about OAN. They heard what he said, asked him if he wanted some free stuff, and he took it. Of course, at the time he had no idea OAN was a network for right wing conspiracy theory nut jobs. Or so he says. Either way, it's old news and until he says the next dumbass thing, it's behind us.
  15. I had no idea Kaycee isn't able to do basic math. She could have easily won this thing if she could
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