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  1. He literally does a segment called “where Colin was wrong”. For example, if he was you, your post would be mentioned in that segment. Ah fuck. I forgot Slorch changed his user name. Disregard. Pointing out when Slorch posts something stupid is a full time job and I don’t have the energy for it.
  2. I thought it was a reference to throwing his life away. It seemed pretty clever. Disappointing finish
  3. Did the doppelgänger thing make any sense to you? How is that possible without falling into some sci-fi/fantasy dimension?
  4. He does, but he's also correct in his assessments.
  5. Nelson is the worst guy currently involved with this show. I can’t think of a close 2nd since Shane is no longer involved in the show. Maybe Paulie, but at least he can back it up.
  6. Watched The Meyerowitz Stories last night. Great cast. Noah Baumbach directed it. Kind of really disliked it. Everybody was pretty unlikeable. Is that kind of his deal? Make movies about characters you're going to dislike?
  7. I watched Dublin Murders on Starz. I don't know if it was a Starz original of if it came from BBC. Either way, I didn't like it much. Confusing as fuck for one thing. If anyone watched it and understood it, please let me know. The doppelganger thing makes no sense to me.
  8. Once Rudi and Matt were gone, I started fast forwarding through a lot of it. They ended up with the 4 most boring people on the show.
  9. My sister agrees with them but my friend couldn't get past the first episode either. I think I'm going to pass or put it way down the list
  10. Somehow I interpreted that as you saying Pixels is good. It's terrifying to think I could have almost watched Pixels.
  11. Technically, yes. He can be immature at 32. It just means the chances of him growing out of it are slimmer.
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