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  1. Jo and Robin are awful, but at this point I’d rather watch new incompetent women than this batch. Paramount + starts with season 11 (Gauntlet II) so I started there. Where can you see the first 10 seasons. Things I’ve relearned so far from the rewatch. Paula was terrible and got so pissed when people wouldn’t drag her all the way to a W in the final. Tori is so immature. I always figured the divorce was Brad’s fault. Not so sure now. It’s really satisfying to watch Bananas get treated like a newbie bitch his first few seasons. Landon was a bad ass. Dunbar is Landon minus str
  2. I've started rewatching some old seasons and there are a ton of players I'd like to see back. Compared to what they actually brought back, I gotta think they asked some of the women. This crop is embarrassing. The problem with these women isn't that they've lost it. It's that, outside of Kendal, they never had it. Kendall played one team season, won one individual challenge, and her team of 8 people won. One of those 8 was Katie, so team wins are pretty weak to begin with. So really, none of them ever had it. Kendal just managed to stay in shape. Ev, Jillian, Laurel, Svetlana, Robin,
  3. I just started The Duel last night. It's the first season for Bananas, so it's weird watching him as the rookie that's completely irrelevant. And he sounds 12 years old. Oh, and guess what. Anneesa completely sucked at every challenge 15 years ago too. Eliminations, I'm sure she'll beast those. But the daily challenges, which tend to show a player's versatility a lot more, she is just fucking awful.
  4. He needs to use his “fame” to try to become the go to barber for all the professional athletes in Houston. Can you imagine the gold mine that could be? Cam could then swoop in and hit up all the WAGS to start buying their wigs from her. They’d be rolling in the dough.
  5. This is confusing on multiple levels. First, both Amber's seem pretty hot, so I'm not sure who you are referring to. I thought Amber B was the one who said everyone lies in the game and Amber M was the one who was butt hurt over being lied to. But then you say "STFU Amber B". Shouldn't it be STFU Amber M?
  6. Go Pokes

    Steely Dan

    Exactly my thoughts. All of it. Kid Charlemagne may be my favorite song of theirs, but I don’t really love the album it’s on either. Maybe that’s why it’s the first track.
  7. And I proved that correct with 38 putts the next day.
  8. Go Pokes

    Steely Dan

    Is it really "waste" and not "waist" deep? I can see how both work, but waist deep seems more logical to me. I don't even remember starting this thread so that must have been a good night.
  9. Go Pokes

    Steely Dan

    Seriously. I searched and could not find. There must be a SD thread. Smoked a bowl and I’m waist deep in some Steely Dan.
  10. I tell you guys this because my friend I played with totally sucked and wouldn’t talk golf at all. So I need someone to give me an atta boy.
  11. I shot an 84 at Mill Creek in Salado today. Had 24 putts on greens that were 85% sand. Best putting day of my life.
  12. This movie was almost “Shoot ‘em Up” comical. Loved it.
  13. Yeah those teams were fucked up. Alton and Mark on the same team. Teck and Yes seem like an even match for them.
  14. Josh. Kaycee if she doesn’t care about people liking her at all. She’s not interesting enough to make a good villain so if she goes that route, I could see her not being consistently cast and slip into Challenge obscurity. Amber needs to forget this stupid BB alliance and make new allies. A Challenge championship should grease those wheels and make it a little easier.
  15. Nothing will please me more than this playing out like it looks it will. Kayce is obviously too injured to finish this, but she isn't going down without a fight. Gobbling up that nasty shit while Fessy just watches her like the bitch he is. Please let the reason they don't win be Fessy pussing out on the food and not Kayce's knee. I feel like Kayce is at a critical junction in her Challenge career. She can either continue to hitch her wagon to Fessy and become someone nobody likes or cut bait and become the hero we all want. I've been team Kayce from her BB days, but this association wi
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