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  1. I wonder if this could be Matt Damon’s Oscar role.
  2. Interesting. I read a few Jack Ryan books before they made the movies. I don’t recall picturing an actor while reading it, but though AB was perfect and HF was miscast. Of course, I also think Jim Halpert is pretty good as Jack Ryan. The Jack I remember from the books wasn’t an badass. He was an analyst.
  3. He was perfectly cast in Modern Family as Mitchell/Cam’s smug, pretentious, eco-warrior asshole neighbor. Hmmmm. Smug, pretentious, asshole. Yep, perfect casting.
  4. It was hilariously painful to read you two torture yourselves. Seriously, as a former sufferer, seek help. Better yourself. Life is too short. Enjoy the games for what they are. We’re not going to blow it every game.
  5. That and he want on a rant complaining about the "woke police". That was probably what did him in.
  6. Man, you’ve actually given me hope that we’ll beat BU.
  7. More good news. It’s not related to the FBI thing, but at least it shows the NCAA is currently willing to correct their mistakes. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/appeals-committee-overturns-georgia-tech-men-s-basketball-scholarship-recruiting-penalties
  8. The way I interpreted this is our punishment will be GREATLY reduced once they announce the decision on our appeal. I don't know if that will happen or not, but it's the only way I can prevent myself from having a meltdown and destroying my office. It actually make sense, which scares me since the NCAA rarely makes sense. Hopefully, whatever argument we presented at the appeal made them realized how ridiculously out of whack our punishment was. So rather than sticking with that stance and having to go through 10 more appeals, they've adjusted their scale and we will have no postseason ba
  9. I assumed someone in Ames had to have figured this out already. I figured it out for free, so I’d hope the guy getting paid to figure it out had as well. I bet it happens this off season.
  10. Why don't you guys call up the Mayor and bring him back? He must be miserable in Nebraska and he has almost no shot of ever winning there (checks ESPN app to confirm they still stuck. Yep, 1-13 in conference). Did he burn some bridges there on his way out or do you think that's what's going to happen in the next few years?
  11. Welcome to the club. BU will probably be joining us.
  12. You missed an extremely negative game thread. I thought you guys were getting blown out when I read it.
  13. It’s a little more than that. Not much though.
  14. 2011 World Series game 6 1990 CWS championship game I guess I should put 2013 Bedlam football since it’s the only time I’ve ever drank “for the wrong reasons”. At least it broke me of ever thinking we’ll win that damn game. I’m over Bedlam football loses within 30 minutes now. Usually before the game is even over. I’m oddly proud of that.
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