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  1. That would be my guess. I thought about teaching English. I have 3 children - 2 teens and a toddler, so I would need to weigh the significant decrease in lifestyle on a teacher's pay while I network with area IT leaders.
  2. I've been online looking through Indeed, LinkedIn, etc., but I want to see if there is a better resource I should be using to find international, English-speaking jobs, particularly in IT Project Management/Executive roles. I appreciate any direction. Focusing on Europe, SE Asia, NZ/Aus. Thank you in advance!
  3. Knife is so dull you could ride it to town. As poor as depression soup. He looks like he was in the outhouse when the lightning struck. So skinny his pajamas only have one stripe.
  4. I know Texas barbecue doesn't need sauce, but I'm curious about what some of the Texas brands of hot sauces and other sauces and rubs are out there to try that I haven't heard of. I admittedly have a cupboard full of sauces, but I'm always looking for things I haven't tried yet. I'm a sucker for obscure brands, but my favorite so far are these guys in Plano called Das Güd and they are solid. They only have a few things, I think, but I bought their Blueberry Habanero, Garlic Habanero, and Chipotle Mustard BBQ Sauce.
  5. I was a patient of an Eastern Medicine gal in San Diego who could work quick magic on a pinched nerve in my back using a combination of heating pad, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture, but I can't find anyone in Dallas who does all three. If anyone has any recommendations, I would be very grateful (Preferably North Dallas).
  6. I'm thinking '89-'90, but regardless, it's fucked and doesn't need to be brought back like the high-waisted shorts these bitches are sporting again.
  7. I tried to understand it, but I couldn't. Sorry. Sounds rough.
  8. Dark subject, yes. Just thought I would start a thread to see if anyone wants to share any personal trauma they've experienced that they want to share. It can be hard to shake, but sharing it may be somewhat cathartic. For me, mine is going to seem pretty lame compared to most, but my mom was a hard person to be around when I was a kid. She would blow things way out of proportion. Any time we would be in public and she perceived herself being slighted in any way she would cause a scene. She would scream and berate the employee she thought was causing her angst and then transfer that to his or her manager. I just wanted to hide and die. She couldn't care less about how it made people around her feel, but whatever - she got her pound of flesh. She would get mad at my little brother and me for running off and "not having her back" - we were 12 and 10. She was also the worst aim with the belt. I came home with a bad progress report in 6th grade. I think I had earned a D in every subject on that progress report and when she read it, she laid me across my bed, took a belt and destroyed my legs and back. My grades did improve, though, so I guess I have her to thank. Confronting her about it as an adult, she says it's the only way she knew how to deal with it.
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