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  1. I dont know that situation and it is sad regardless, however, context is EVERYTHING. Michael Brown didnt have a weapon either and was justly shot and, as a result, look at what BLM did to Ferguson, Mo. Is Ferguson better off now? of course not.
  2. username checks out. apparently even though I'm not wrong, I'm the imbecile... but all people like you do is call names - brilliant
  3. are you talking about someone else (maybe yourself) or... are you assuming I'm white. If so, who is the real racist?
  4. If that makes you feel better, go ahead and convince yourself. But, I'm not angry... not angry at all. I EXPECT objection to common sense on a board mostly of liberals
  5. CHILDREN ?! hahaha If you are saying he is a child, then that is part of the problem.
  6. yes, we need to coddle athlete MORE. THEY put themselves out there and expect people to tell them how wonderful they are, even if they are misguided.
  7. 1. yes, some are but not nearly at the rate of violent crimes committed. 2. yep but not always (and I'm not saying they should be. when you have a fraction of a second to make a decision, a mistake can be lethal) but you dont see it on main stream media 24/7
  8. It's not a "fake graphic" but you would rather aljazeera perspective. hahaha
  9. A lot of assumptions in that poor response. 1. no. blacks killing blacks are not going to jail. that's a huge problem in places like chicago. 2. yes. if bad cops are passed on (not unlike bad teachers are passed to other school districts), then that is a bad situation but that rarely happens. If cops are shown to be bad and passed on, then I challenge you to find more than a couple of examples. Bad decisions are a different matter altogether and, unless you are racially motivated, you have to admit that black cops make bad decisions as well. 3. If injecting sanity is part of
  10. That's not going to happen but... hypothetically, if players were to quit over outside influences they are unlikely to ultimately be successful anyway The army has a good system (arguably the best in the world) but we also had to deal with incoming extremist (and most were not white) that would work their way through the system but, ultimately they were found out because they would eventually make a bad decision based on their beliefs.
  11. You dont think "Tom" and all the other coaches arent pandering to the athletes? esp, black athletes? He would be a better mentor and leader if he told them to grow up, grow a thick skin and dont be distracted from your ultimate goals. Success is the best form of revenge. We had to deal with this day in and day out in the military
  12. I dont think so. It's an entitled athlete who wants people to tell him how wonderful he is for taking a politically correct stance.
  13. If that is the case, then he is misguided and poorly indoctrinated. While people can be bad and make mistakes, the "system" is NOT bad. I heard on a dallas radio station the other day that two black police officers killed an unarmed WHITE guy; why doesnt that make all the news on main street media 24/7? because it doesnt fit the narrative
  14. agree... It sounds great and wonderfully politically correct to support BLM. BLM has been taken over by terrorist, Marxist, and anarchist such as the black panthers.
  15. A lot of pandering to black athletes How many black people were killed by police in 2019? around 10 out of millions of interactions? and, of that 5 were killed by black police officers. yeah, huge problem! smh. Does that justify at least 6 deaths by protesters in just the past couple of weeks, including several police officers.
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