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  1. krevo

    Airsoft thread

    After looking at the prices on these things, I usually just go and buy an actual gun. Always wanted all of my buddies to get one so we could go shoot each other at the ranch but the upfront cost to even get started for me would put me around the price of another AR build. Oh well.
  2. 6.5 Rem Mag shouldn't be too difficult to reload. Looks like he has a portion of the recipe on that box right there.
  3. I had a chance to pick one up in 22-250 from a old coworker of mine. Still kick myself every time I see a picture of one. I will own one some day. Just has to be the right caliber.
  4. Finally got to get my Keltec CMR30 out to the ranch last weekend to sight in the red dot optic. Shot 30gr, 40gr, 45g, and 50gr. It seemed to be most accurate with the 45 and 50gr and feed completely problem free with everything but the 30gr. Their manual says that 30gr isn't enough to really cycle the action. For being a cheaply made, semi auto 22 magnum, the thing is almost laser gun accurate. Many of the groups I shot at 25 yards were cloverleafs and at 50 - they were less than 1" (shooting in a benchrest)
  5. 243 is one of my all time favorite cartridges. Flat shooting and fast. Then again, I love anything 6mm or 6.5.
  6. Blocking a road is basically acknowledging the fact that you're ready to start some shit with someone trying to use it. When they try to use the road you're illegally blocking, you swarm their car and start being on it and screaming at them. It's a recipe for creating violence from either side. These morons know when they obstruct a roadway, someone is going to try and use it as they should. I didn't say anything about the government not being terroristic. They absolutely are. At least we agree on something.
  7. While I'm on the topic - NOT participating in a protest against police brutality, for BLM, or for any anti-government / police defunding campaign does not automatically mean you subscribe to or support police brutality/are racist/are pro-police. I keep hearing this same 'silence is violence' bullshit about how you can't just be silently against something, you have to be actively fighting against it. What if I can't do that? What if I actively support it financially or politically without screaming at people and blocking highways? That is whole concept is complete horseshit and you all know it. These people are hurting their own cause cause they keep letting their marxist bullshit philosophy show through.
  8. Beth Altobellie should be publicly shamed for not wearing a mask. Also - she'd benefit, from wearing one in general.
  9. I still can't believe some dipshit tried to compare driving away from the stadium after a home game to marxists mobs surrounding vehicles who are trying to drive down a road. I just want to go down the road freely. I dont want to participate. Don't block my vehicle and then get mad when I try to move around you. Don't arm yourselves to shoot at me if I try to go around you. That is not protesting. That is 100% the definition of terrorism. Look up the fuckin definition, please. Actually fuck that - I'll do it for you. Also - if the purpose of blocking roadways and inciting violence or verbal intimidation is supposed to be the way to get people to notice whats being protested (as some other fuckin retard here suggested) that's not going to work out very well lol. If you have to surround my car and yell obscenities at me to get me to notice what you're protesting - you're 100% assuring I don't side with you.
  10. So what is the old guy driving down the road supposed to do when his car is swarmed by protesters (now carrying guns?) Keep driving and run people over? Stop, get out and start protesting with them? Serious question though. I'm trying not to get shot for trying to drive somewhere. If I start driving in order to get to my destination with my car surrounded by protesters - should be I shot for it? I'm guessing most people would just try to keep driving (and now get shot for it because there are "pedestrians" banging on their car.)
  11. What zone and what grass type do you have? I follow my own schedule but there are general calendars for different zones/grass types you can follow for your insect treatment, fert, pre-em, etc. I use prodiamine and i usually put mine down right when it starts to cool off (Octoberish) Usually the same time I put down a bag of Winterizer. Then again in early spring and early summer. I'm in centex w/ tifway bermuda
  12. From those three options - I honestly think the 365 is the best. Way smaller than the P2000, good capacity, accurate even with the short barrel, and definitely lighter to carry. I carry my 365XL and hardly notice it sometimes, compared to a G19
  13. Good on you. I agree with you on not using MSMA. One other option might be to contact a professional turf company to have them solve the problem for both you and your neighbor - and ask the neighbor if he'd split the cost of the 2-3 treatments for just that area. Shouldn't be too expensive and it may get it under control enough for you to prevent it in the future, regardless of what your neighbor chooses to do. I had some new sod installed on the sideyard over my fence between the fence and sidewalk by the builder, and it was filled with dallisgrass when they installed it. I opted to glypho it very gently, fertilized the shit out of the patches that were browned, and then hit them with iron and humic acid to get the turf to start coming back after the glypho had done its job. Worked really well but I was spot treating patches - not nuking an entire sideyard.
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